Prototype and Test - Lokesh Sahal


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Take ideas you generated as solutions for the challenge out of your head (or the assignment page) and make them tangible to get feedback from stakeholders.

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Prototype and Test - Lokesh Sahal

  1. 1. Developed as a Project Submission for: Design Thinking Action Lab By Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, Stanford University Prototype and Test
  2. 2. Problem Statement  A goal and task oriented, highly energetic, dedicated, keen and observing graduate student who is very focused on meeting deadlines needs assistance and roadmap on planning her career, enhancing creativity, and being field ready with minimal dependence on the internship that may or may not add to her field skills.
  3. 3. Stakeholder Profile  Fashion Designing student  Age: 20  Female  Energetic and keen to do well in fashion designing  Task oriented
  4. 4. Two Solutions being Tested in the Prototypes
  5. 5. Prototype 1 – Personal Coaching Training Map Topic Medium Strategy Overview of current environment • Conversation over coffee • Internet articles and books • Giving an overview of options over coffee and then emailing some good resources, such as videos, articles that can enable the stakeholder Walks and Talks • Conversations • Accompany the stakeholder during casual site visits to various boutiques and fashion shows Demo • Conversation and computer demo • Show an overview of the technology landscape that can be leveraged Weekly Touch base • Conversations and demo • Meet the stakeholder on a weekly basis to help her keep up-to-date with the latest trend
  6. 6. Feedback Capture on Prototype 1 What Worked • Availability of a personal trainer just like my gym will be excellent • Will get more field expertise, much earlier • Will get to learn more insights What Could Be Improved • The solution may not be practical • It will be good to mention that an alumni can be a personal coach Questions • Who will help in arranging this setup? • Just wondering if my teachers will help with this setup? Ideas • Can use the alumni forum to make this work • Can randomly approach fashion designers for mentoring
  7. 7. Prototype 2 – Technological Solution (Sketches)
  8. 8. Prototype 2 –Technological Solution •Featured content and live Hangout feed that will enable students to hop into live hangout sessions and collaborate Home Page •A forum to discuss and share ideas Forum •Feeds from social networks platforms like Facebook and twitter •The feeds will only share content from pages related to Fashion Designing Social •Ability to create new online Hangouts on listed topics or something entirely new Events •Feature work of only student fashion designers Showcase or Gallery •Any content that teachers from different colleges want to share Teacher’s Corner An integrated platform that encourages collaboration through Forums, Social Media Integration, Games and Contests, Showcase or Gallery of Students’ works, and Blogs
  9. 9. Feedback Capture on Prototype 2 What Worked • Solution will be an awesome product • The solution will be an one-stop shop for all my online needs • Will certainly use this solution extensively • Works better than the earlier one What Could Be Improved • Not sure if all will be able to use it • Seems too complex for non-tech savvy people • Could cost a lot to implement such a platform Questions • Who will develop this? • Will you develop this? • What’s the timeline? • Will you build an accompanying app for my phone? Ideas • Develop an app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
  10. 10. What you learned by testing your prototypes  Gave the context of the entire story  Stakeholder didn’t understand the prototypes and solution as much as I did  New ideas can be generated through discussions with the stakeholders  Explained a lot to make the stakeholder understand the purpose and objective of the solutions  Had to be very patient
  11. 11. were to continue working on the project  Choose one prototype  Enhance designs and prototype  Have another discussion with the stakeholder  I may be able to execute some parts of the prototypes and make them live  However, complete execution will be a challenge due to a dearth of time, programming skills, and resources