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CG engineering company (Sales and Distribution)


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Sales and Distribution Case Study

Published in: Sales
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CG engineering company (Sales and Distribution)

  1. 1. CG Engineering Company BY :- LOKESH CHANDRA (0131PG006)
  2. 2. Summary Ashok Desai was sales manager in western region. He was transferred to Eastern region as regional marketing manager, where as sales & profits were low. Ashok Desai’s new responsibilities:  Managing effectively 11 sales engineers  Industry customers
  3. 3. Eastern Region & New challenges Territory consistent of West Bengal, Bihar, Assam and Orissa. Working with new environment and people. Time consistency in understanding the market and new customers. Elevation of Sales volumes and contribution (profits) quotas. Handling 11 Sales engineers & Industry customers.
  4. 4. Problems with Sales Engineers No incentive Scheme. Not covering the market adequately. Not following system of routing and scheduling. More time in traveling & less time in selling activates.
  5. 5. Q. If you were Ashok, what would you do to achieve the sales volume and contribution quotas?
  6. 6. Solution Motiving them by allotting a better allowance and schemes.
  7. 7. Cont . . . Changing their compensation plans :- From straight salary to combination of salary, commission and/or bonus. Allotting the territory according to work load method i.e., allotting each territory to at most 3 sales engineers depending upon the coverage area.
  8. 8. S