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Birding In The Central Park


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Some photos of birds in the Central Park Jaipur,rajasthan,India.

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Birding In The Central Park

  1. 1. Birding In The Central Park Jaipur,Rajasthan,India
  2. 2. Recently a cousin of mine, Madhav Rathore, an experienced, enthusiastic birder, bought a Canon EOS7D with a huge telephoto lens. When I kidded him about buying such an expensive camera he insistedon taking me birding in the Central Park one evening. That is when the use of the camera becameapparent to me. He was shooting birds perched at the top of tallest of trees where as I was limited toshooting squirrels and birds sitting in front of me in the grass. Purple Sunbird
  3. 3. But I got hooked to birding that day. I am no expert birder but by my own experience it is far easier towatch birds today. I take a picture of the which ever feathered friend which dares to cross my path andlater on I put an ID to it with the help of a couple of Books. Where the books fail The Net comes tohelp. This method helps to engrave the names of the birds in the mind too. So the next time I comeacross the same bird I say smugly,” That is Brahminy Mayna you know !” and so on… Purple Sunbird
  4. 4. One thing you will notice is the exotic names of the birds. I can bet you powers that be who gavenames to the birds put more thought in naming the birds than in naming their newborn sons. They havenames like Starling, Black Drongo, Grebe, Darter etc. And each bird has its own charm. Ownuniqueness which will hold you in thrall. Indian Robin
  5. 5. Black DrongoI had been to the Central Park many times before the day we went birding but I did not notice the birdsbefore that day. Oh I could see the pigeons and the doves but the other beauties were hidden behind amuslin curtain as it were. Somebody had to point the birds out to me. Do you know usually we seetwo types of Doves in Jaipur one is Laughing Dove and the other is the Eurasian Collared Dove. Andthat the house sparrow may be endangered soon enough! Who would have thought of it!
  6. 6. Red Wattled Lapwig
  7. 7. Red Vented BulbulI have been posting photos I take around Jaipur to for some time now. If you see thestats on the photos you will realize that people like photos of flowers and plants more than photos ofbirds. I do not know why that is so but we have to be more aware of the beauty surrounding us in theform of birds more. Birds forage in the early morning but people go for their morning walk just thentoo. So the birds perch themselves on the highest branches of the trees. I suppose they come down later.There are some birds which do not mind people at all and are all over the grass in the Park.
  8. 8. A Couple Of Starlings Settling An ArgumentNow a days in every home there is a computer and a digital camera. All you have to do is to buy abeginners guide to birding. Be sure to buy one which has photos of the birds & not sketches. You cangraduate to more scholarly books with sketches later.
  9. 9. House Crow
  10. 10. Now find some time for yourself and the birds and go for a walk in the nearest Park or garden. HappyBirding. Included here are photos of some of the birds you will find there.
  11. 11. Koel
  12. 12. Rose Ringed Parakeet
  13. 13. An Evening In The Central Park
  14. 14. Green Bee Eater
  15. 15. Common Hoopoe
  16. 16. Asian Pied Starling (Pied Myna) - Adult
  17. 17. Eurasian Collared Dove
  18. 18. Common Babbler
  19. 19. Laughing dove
  20. 20. Brahminy Mayna
  21. 21. Bank Mayna
  22. 22. The 13 sculptures in the Central Park, Jaipur represent the constellations of Capricorn and the wintersolstice and the 2 at Man Sagar Lake, Jaipur represent sun & moon-night & day.The work of a French sculptor Christian Lapie & local stone carvers. The 15 sculptures are sculpted instone, a basic element of our planet, found in Rajasthan namely Bhainslana, Bijolia and Karoli-Bhainslana (a variety of marble).Lapie’s work is also on display in France, Switzerland, Africa, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany,Brazil and Belgium.
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