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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Mobility as a service Platform Copyright: OPAC Labs Author: Lokendra Lodha
  2. 2.  Social CRM  Enterprise apps  B2B apps  Social apps – updates, statues, real time notifications  Event informational apps  Monitoring & communication apps
  3. 3.  Individual Custom software development and maintenance is costlier  Customer requires apps:  Services / not just apps  Outsourcing of technical support  Faster changes and server centric configuration/customizations  for specific durations
  4. 4.  Common multi-tenant based content repository  Common API and server side components  Customer gets services instead of apps and software's  Custom branding and white labeling  Configurations and customizations are server side – to minimize app software upgrades
  5. 5. Mobile App Angularjs JSON Phonegap Themes API Layer JSON YII LAMP REST API Data Layer 3rd Party API Scale-out Data Sharding MongoDB Tenant Data Mobile App packagers Automation Tools: Tenant Provisioning
  6. 6.  Enquiry:  