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Erp Presentation by Vision Raval


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Integration among different functional areas to ensure proper communication, productivity and efficiency
Design engineering (how to best make the product)
Order tracking, from acceptance through fulfillment
The revenue cycle, from invoice through cash receipt
Managing inter-dependencies of complex processes bill of materials
Tracking the three-way match between purchase orders (what was ordered), inventory receipts (what arrived), and costing (what the vendor invoiced)
The accounting for all of these tasks: tracking the revenue, cost and profit at a granular level.
ERP Systems centralize the data in one place preventing loss of sensitive data.

ERP facilitates company-wide Integrated Information System covering all functional areas like Manufacturing, Selling and distribution, Payables, Receivables, Inventory, Accounts, Human resources, Purchases etc.,
ERP performs core corporate activities and increases customer service and thereby augmenting the Corporate Image.
ERP bridges the information gap across the organization.
ERP provides for complete integration of Systems not only across the departments in a company but also across the companies under the same management.
ERP is the only solution for better Project Management.
ERP allows automatic introduction of latest technologies like Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Internet, Intranet, Video conferencing, E-Commerce etc.
ERP eliminates the most of the business problems like Material shortages, Productivity enhancements, Customer service, Cash Management, Inventory problems, Quality problems, Prompt delivery etc.
ERP not only addresses the current requirements of the company but also provides the opportunity of continually improving and refining business processes.
ERP provides business intelligence tools like Decision Support Systems (DSS), Executive Information System (EIS), Reporting, Data Mining and Early Warning Systems (Robots) for enabling people to make better decisions and thus improve their business processes

An ERP system is capable of providing large amount of information and data regarding various items at relatively high speed and accuracy. The system also provides with exceptionally high levels security. The system is capable of working in a highly diverse environment and can perform tasks across various companies, is multi lingual and can handle transactions in various currencies.

ERPs are cross-functional and enterprise wide. All functional departments that are involved in operations or production are integrated in one system. In addition to manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and Information Technology, this would include accounting, human resources, marketing, and strategic management.

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Erp Presentation by Vision Raval

  1. 1. <ul><li>Mr . Vision Raval
  2. 2. Neesa Technologies Pvt Ltd
  3. 3.
  4. 4. USA: 909 440 6909
  5. 5. India : 9898330717 / 9909953922
  6. 6. IMS: Yahoo/Gtalk/Skype: lovizta</li></li></ul><li>Modern Explanation for Emergent Venture<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  7. 7. Salient Features of ERP+<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  8. 8. Integrated chart of ERP+ <br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  9. 9. What is ERP+<br />Features<br />ERP+ has been specifically designed to help businesses improve their performances. Its<br />functional coverage expands to all kinds of different areas. You will get information with <br />some of the most relevant related characteristics by clicking in the features below.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  10. 10. KEY POINTS<br />Optimize and homogenize the functioning of your company<br />Manage your sales, purchases and stocks very easily<br />A global view of all your projects and work realized by your employees, with reports on <br />timesheet and analytic accounting Manage your production and your stock in an optimal <br />way.<br />Save each operation in your own accounting database<br />Deal with your customers strategically<br />Create your own dashboards Edit and print documents: invoices, purchase and sale <br />orders, customer follow-up, level of stock,…<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  11. 11. Modules included<br />Financial Accounting <br />Material Management <br />Manufacturing <br />Warehouse Management <br />CRM<br />Mail Gateway<br />Document Management<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  12. 12. Services<br />Set up On demand: Hosting & maintenance Technical support<br />Training<br />Consulting<br />Project mode support<br />Specific demand<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  13. 13. Technologies<br />ERP+ is a modern ERP, which is evolved conceptually as well as technologically.<br />Here are some of its characteristics<br />Client/server (distributed server)‏<br />Editable workflows<br />Object database<br />An editable interface<br />Personalized reporting<br />A communication interface XML-RPC<br /> The language used to program ERP+ is Python, an object oriented programming Language (under an open source license). The Python programs run on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. The programming model of ERP+ is entirely object oriented even though the database is relational. The database that is used by ERP+ is PostgreSQL.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  14. 14. Financial Accounting System<br />OVERVIEW & FUNCTIONALITY OF ERP-FAS:<br />Financial And Accounting ERP Solution incorporates and automates financial<br />management tasks. This system generates financial statements and analyzes them.<br />System provides easy and comprehensive solution.<br />This Financial and Accounting ERP Solution will help to organize accounting and book<br />keeping as well as assist in running other aspects of your business including Customer<br />management, Vendor management. This Software organizes all your need of<br />accounting, so everything can be found very quickly, Accounting entries are, in most<br />cases made automatically as inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable and<br />other tasks are performed.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  15. 15. Financial Accounting<br />Key points:<br />Multi-company, multi-currencies, multi analytic axes.<br />Real-time consolidation of multiple charts of accounts.<br />Very good agronomy for fast encoding of entries and invoices.<br />An integrated analytic/cost accounting.<br />Lots of customizable reports.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  16. 16. Features IT Covers<br />Indian Account Chart<br />New Invoice - (Local, Retail)‏<br />Invoice Report<br />Tax structure<br />Journals<br />VAT Declaration report<br />Accounting Periods<br />Maintain Different Kind of master /transaction details<br />User creation and rights<br />Management of general, analytic and auxiliary accounts.<br />Management of virtual accounts<br />Automation of counterparts and taxes: by account, or by products.<br />Automatic reconciliation by accounts or in real time<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  17. 17. Features IT Covers<br />Automatic description, VAT computation, automatically due dates computation,<br />automatic counterparts, third party payments management, balance and<br />creation of accounts while imputing entries.<br />Import Data from Excel sheet<br />Cash & Bank Records, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable<br />Tax, cost and Depreciation management<br />Multilevel analytic plans and unlimited journals<br />Mass mailing, mass SMS send.<br />Unlimited budgets on products, charges, stock or treasuries.<br />Multiple general and analytic charts.<br />Different kind of search facility<br />Generate different type of customized reports<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  18. 18. Material Management System<br />Material management System Basically Provides user to manage stock at different locations and manage purchase information, Issue of a particular Item , Return of any item information<br />It basically Satisfy the needs of Purchase Management, Stock Management, Procurement management<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  19. 19. Material Management System: Over View<br />ERP Plus sets a new concept of material management. Stocks are not created in stock locations, but are just moved from one location to another.<br />Consequently, when you order goods to a supplier, the supplier location receives automatically the corresponding batch. Then, when you receive the goods from the supplier, the batch simply moves from the supplier's location to your location.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  20. 20. Features: Material Management System<br />Minimum and Maximum stock rules can be apply to the item. <br />Multi-warehouses.<br />Delivery to the warehouse.<br />Zoom on future stock, details of cost and supplier's events.<br />Location wise stock maintenance.<br />Supplier’s priority can be defined per item.<br />Management of suppliers Delivery contract, price list and conditions of payment and delivery.<br />Forms and states simplified: all the information in only one screen.<br />Integration with the general accounting.<br />Multiple addresses of the suppliers<br />Control of invoices<br />Integration to the accounting through cost centre.<br />Management of discount and suppliers promotion<br />Condition and Contract Suppliers<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  21. 21. Integration Benefits:<br />Automatic procurement propositions based on different logistics.<br />Perfectly integrated with accounting, stock, manufacturing and project<br />management. <br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  22. 22. Manufacturing<br />The manufacturing modules of ERP+ manage all the best practices concerning<br />manufacturing industries: multi-level BoM and routings, JIT, different costs methods<br />available, phantom BoMs, configurable products, work center operations, integrates <br />Sales forecasts, etc. It supports several methods to automate productions or <br />purchases propositions: MTS/MTO, Master Production Schedule, Minimum Stock <br />Rules.<br />The scheduler will compute the best proposed planning according to the different <br />constraints on products, customers, orders or work centers. The production manager<br />will be able to use our Giant views to organize the different resources or orders.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  23. 23. Manufacturing<br />Key points:<br />Double-entry stock operations for a power full traceability.<br />Support all best-practices and Standards.<br />Control costs and margins on orders, projects, products, partners.<br />Easy to setup and run.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  24. 24. Manufacturing<br />Integration Benefits:<br />Schedule on products, services, sub contracting.<br />Integrated with accounting for automatic transactions.<br />Integrated to HR management to get the availability of resources.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  25. 25. Warehouse Management<br />This module provides functionality to manage multi-warehouses, multi and structured stock <br />locations. For each warehouse, input location, output location and stock location can be <br />defined.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  26. 26. Warehouse Management<br />Key points:<br />Easily create multi-warehouses with locations.<br />Due to double entry management, the inventory controlling is powerful and flexible.<br />Moves history and planning<br />Stock valuation.<br />Robustness faced with Inventory differences.<br />Automatic reordering rules.<br />Bar code supported.<br />Rapid detection of mistakes through double entry system.<br />Traceability.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  27. 27. Warehouse Management<br />Integration Benefits:<br />Keep track of stock moves between warehouses (from where goods are coming in <br />and going out).<br />Integrated with stock module.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  28. 28. Customer Relationship Management<br />The generic ERP+ Customer Relationship Management system enables a group of <br />people to intelligently and efficiently manage leads, opportunities, tasks, issues, requests,<br />bugs, campaign, claims, etc. It manages key tasks such as communication, identification,<br />prioritization, assignment, resolution and notification.<br />ERP+ ensures that all cases are successfully tracked by users, customers and suppliers. It<br />can automatically send reminders, escalate the request, trigger specific methods and<br />lots of others actions based on your enterprise own rules.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  29. 29. Customer Relationship Management<br />Key points:<br />Automatic incoming and outgoing email processing using the mail gateway.<br />A generic and fully customizable system.<br />A configuration wizard to help you setup it as per your requirements. <br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  30. 30. Customer Relationship Management<br />Integration Benefits:<br />Integrated with the enterprise calendars.<br />Integrated with sales, purchases and after-sales services.<br />Get your enterprise processes running through workflows. <br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  31. 31. Mail Gateway<br />E-mail gateways can automatize and update cases in the CRM via e-mails. Users can <br />create, assign or update cases to the CRM simply by sending or receiving e-mails <br />Without going into ERP interface. This module is a very useful tool to manage all from<br />generic e-mails from the company (info, sales, support,...) and is dedicated to allow<br />users to assign cases.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  32. 32. Mail Gateway<br />Key points:<br />Compatible with most of mail clients and servers. <br />Mails are automatically classified by the system.<br />Multi Users.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  33. 33. Mail Gateway<br />Integration Benefits:<br />Totally integrated to the CRM modules.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  34. 34. Document Management System<br />The document management system allows you to store, classify, and search your <br />enterprise’s documents. <br />This module provides an FTP access to all your ERP’s resources. For a dynamic and <br />efficient classification, the folders structure is provided by other objects. It is very use <br />Full to track documents related to projects, products, sales, contracts, etc.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  35. 35. Document Management System<br />Key points:<br />FTP Access for authenticated users.<br />Automatic indexation of PDF, DOC, ODT, SXW, TXT.<br />Virtual files and folders to automate any kind of document generation.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  36. 36. Document Management System<br />Integration Benefits:<br />Stores automatically ERP reports.<br />Automatic classification of resources.<br />Shared access rights for DMS and ERP.<br />Store emails with outlook Plug in.<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
  37. 37. SCREEN SHOTS<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />
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  52. 52. Thank You<br />By : Vision Raval for NTPL<br />