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Ntale Pitch Deck


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A pitch deck for Ntale Artisan Tannery and Manufacturing Centre, a start-up social enterprise based in Southern Zambia. We are currently one of 20 businesses receiving training and mentoring through Startup Generation's Global Fellowship Program.
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Ntale Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Contact: E: T: +260 0972134800 W: A: Siansowa, Sinazongwe District, Zambia Ntale
  2. 2.  We produce beautifully crafted crocodile leather products for the Zambian and international market  Crocodile leather is highly sought after by the world’s major fashion houses for its durability, softness and striking beauty  As far as we know we are the only artisan manufacturing centre in the world that has crocodile farmers, conservationists and experts as shareholders in the company
  3. 3. Changing lives  Half of our profits are annually donated to the School Club Zambia ( for their entrepreneurial programs with vulnerable community schools.  This reflects our mission statement which is to strive to be a world-class producer of luxury crocodile skin products and a working example of pro-poor, sustainable, rural development in Southern Africa.
  4. 4. Business Model  The leather business will have two facets: a tannery for making leather out of crocodile hides, and a manufacturing facility for tailoring finished products. This business will climb, from start to finish, the leather value-chain.  Market research has shown us that 70% of lodges in Zambia would be very likely or likely to stock our products which indicates a big gap in the current market
  5. 5.  6 out of 10 boutique shops in the capital city of Lusaka would also be interested in purchasing our products  We can gain access to the international market through our website and ecommerce platforms like Etsy and Shopify
  6. 6. Quality and Beauty  It takes an average of 6 weeks to develop a raw hide to a finished product. Tanning is an ancient art form with secret recipes often passed lovingly down through the generations.
  7. 7. Marketing  We have three target markets 1) Tourists 2) Residents and Citizens in Lusaka 3) International Retailers/Ecommerce platforms  Our biggest market is Zambia’s tourists, of which close to 1 million visit the country each year, mainly for the awe inspiring Victoria Falls in Livingstone
  8. 8. Competition  Within Zambia we have little to no competition. This is because crocodile hide is such a closed market and half of our shareholders are the Zambian Crocodile Association. We will be the first artisan manufacturers in Zambia dedicated to tanning crocodile skin.
  9. 9.  Within Southern Africa there are a number of crocodile skin tanneries and manufacturing centres. Our biggest competition is based in Zimbabwe but they have no current plans to expand into Zambia and they mainly specialise in other exotic leathers.
  10. 10. Management  Ntale is half owned by the Zambia Crocodile Farmers Association and half owned by the School Club Zambia  The tannery and manufacturing centre have a joint Operations Manager as well as a tannery supervisor and a manufacturing supervisor. There will be an additional 7 support members of staff.
  11. 11. Key Projections  Sales: Generate over 1,400,00 (USD) / 7,000,000 (Kwacha) in sales in first three years of operating  Profitabiltiy: Increase profitability as a percentage of sales to 20% by year 3  Our analysis shows the untapped market size to be well beyond our ability to satisfy. If even just 2% of tourists are interested in a crocodile leather product that gives us 16,000 customers to reach.
  12. 12. Where are we now?  Ntale is due to begin operations in August 2014 pending the construction of the buildings and purchasing of the necessary equipment.  Financing will be obtained through the Zambian Development Agency (ZDA) for the tannery but we require US $60,000 in start-up capital for the manufacturing centre. Detailed finances and return on investment projections are available on request by emailing or or please call us on +260 0964957113