Speaking of sex


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Speaking of sex

  1. 1. EverybodyEverybody at school was always talking like they knew everything about sex. I found out … most of the kids who were doing all the talking hadn’t had sex after all. Monica, 14
  2. 2. At my school the attitude among guys was that if you were notif you were not having sex,having sex, you were a wimp.you were a wimp. But having sex did notdid not make me more popular, and it did notdid not make me feel any better about myself. Being on the debate team and improving my running time did a lot more. Patrick, 14
  3. 3. SexualitySexuality Is more than the ability to have children or the physical need for another person. The physical actphysical act of sex is certainly oneone aspect of sexuality
  4. 4. SexualitySexuality A part of who you are what you are A deep desire for friendship & intimacy, a basic human need body & soul heart & feelings
  5. 5. Sexuality A great gift from God --- for love and life --- needs to be handled by care Decisions made today affect a lifetime
  6. 6. If you love someone, it’s OK to have sex. Love is important So MANY different KINDS of LOVE X The “LOVE”-the feeling – is almost the same, the difference is the commitment
  7. 7. Having sex makes us closer No denying that sexual activity gives a feeling of closeness to your partner Yet, it often leads to a BREAK-UP X “Sex became a part of every relationship I had, and it would ruin every relationship. It would just get to the point where I wouldn’t want to see that person anymore”
  8. 8. Sex is no different before or after marriage, so what’s the big deal ? The “big deal” is that ROMANCE is NOT a COMMITMENT ROMANTIC FEELINGS that lead to SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE are just that, FLEETING EMOTIONS. X
  9. 9. GENESIS “ a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one flesh”
  10. 10. In MARRIAGE, love takes root It is not just the physical act of becoming one flesh. It’s the spiritual unity between two people that develops over time when they love each other and include God in that love.
  11. 11. I can be committed to my partner without being married. Marriage is a public statement of your love and unity. X
  12. 12. The people at your wedding recognize your commitment, rights and responsibilities on behalf of the community.
  13. 13. He shared his love, trust & secrets with his GF She ended the relationship Hewashurt& afraid So this is what hell must be like.
  14. 14. How many do you know whose sexually active relationship ended up in misunderstanding, pain, anger and even hate ? Do you think people who say, “Idon’tevenwanttoseethatjerk!” also feel “I’m awfully glad we had sex”?
  15. 15. There are a lot of risks. You are putting everything on the line emotionally. Itendsupnotbeingfulfilling. The lack of fulfillment outlasts the momentary pleasure. Kelley
  16. 16. PREGNANCY Unplanned pregnancies top the list of troubles for teens who choose to have sex before marriage. Most boys admitted that they would DUMP the girl Thegirlsresignedthemselvesto “WALKALONE” throughthesituation.
  17. 17. I thought I was making love, not just having sex. I didn t think I could get pregnant so young, especially doing it once. Tammy, 13
  18. 18. Susan Please think before you act; look before you leap. I loved the father of my child, but I know now that he didn t love me. Iwastooneedytosay“no”.
  19. 19. DISEASE One (1) teen gets a sexually transmitted disease every 13 seconds Some kill. Some cause sterility. Othersarejustplainpainful.
  20. 20. Impairs the body’s immune system. Incurable AIDScaseshaverisen40%inthe past2yearsamongteens. Passed from one person to another through an exchange of bodily fluids- during intercourse. AACQUIRED IIMMUNE DDEFICIENCY SSYNDROME
  21. 21. You can’t tell if a person is carrying the AIDS virus by his or her physical appearance. People who are HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) positive don t always show physical symptoms. AACQUIRED IIMMUNE DDEFICIENCY SSYNDROME
  22. 22. Seven years after she had sexual intercourse, just once, on a romantic, moonlit night, with a man infected with AIDS virus. For all that time she had been silently infected, never suspecting that she was anything but healthy, neversuspectingthat AIDScouldhappen tosomeonelikeher. Alison, 23
  23. 23. 17 year old pregnant teen and HIV positive How could I have got it? I never did anything wrong. Ithoughtyou’donlygetitifyou wereadruguser. I knew you could get it by sex, but I didn’t think. Oh wow, it could happen to me.
  24. 24. The only sure way to avoid getting the disease through sex is to ABSTAIN FROM SEX.
  25. 25. TRUETRUE or FALSEFALSE: Most teenagers usually go further physically than they thought they would. RESPONSES indicated THAT FEW HAVE CONTROL
  26. 26. “ It’s true. Faced with a situation of being alone with someone special, things just seem to happen. ” A boy admits:
  27. 27. “ A lot of people say, ‘I’llonlygothisfar’, but then you realize you’vegonefurther. It’s hard to stop once you start. ” A girl agreed:
  28. 28. Even with the knowledge of risks, many young people still find they can be swept away by the power of their own sexuality.
  29. 29. SMART young people today are choosing … dating but waiting.
  30. 30. Julie, now married in her 20’s Sex before marriage complicates relationship. You may temporarily feel closer to a person but when the relationship becomes bad and rocky, you feel physically tied to the person and find it hard to end it.
  31. 31. Paul whose been dating Bridgette for 3 years & is engaged to marry her If you’re going to get married and you really love each other you have the rest of your lives to have sex. Abstaining from sex says a lot.
  32. 32. High School student’s motto “You can go farther when you don’t go all the way”
  33. 33. Kevin Ruff, 15 “No one yelled at us, but they talked to us in such a way about pregnancy that we thought about it when we got home. I don’t want anything holding me back. There’s no need for me to have kids now. I want to be a pilot in the Air Force one day.” Pregnancies in his school dropped by75% within 1 year.
  34. 34. Know the other person. Keep the conversation flowing to develop intimacy that …. helps you respect and know one another. DEVELOP THE FRIENDSHIP
  35. 35. Let gestures, like hand- holding and hugs, express feelings of expression. I realized that there were lots of ways to express your feelings other than sexual intercourse. 17-year old man Make innocent expressions special
  36. 36. Be certain that you both understand and respect limits before you get into a tempting situation. If being physically close becomes “too hot to handle”, say so. Open talk is essential Set limits on the physical
  37. 37. Plan your date carefully. You can go to a rink where there are people skating. You’re sitting on the benches alone but there are people skating by. If you are going to be alone, be alone in a public place. Avoid tough situations
  38. 38. Locker room talk .. A guy who thinks he is cool. Many girls were attracted to him and brags about the sex he had. …found out that he was going to be a father. No one envied this guy now. He had to tell his folks. A few months after that… a fellow had a sexually transmitted disease. We took a long look at sex outside of marriage and the risks. Suddenly our talk turned to …. Tune out opposite messages How cool it would be to be the first for your wife and for her to be your first .
  39. 39. Help you get in touch with the Giver of your sexuality. Attend church and related activities together pray
  40. 40. Thanks to you, O Lord my God. You have gifted my parents to share love and life, and behold: here I am! Youhavegiftedafaith communitytoparentmein grace,andbehold: I am your son or daughter!
  41. 41. You have endowed me with sexuality and I cherish this uniqueness. You have called me to parent others, perhaps physically, perhaps spiritually, perhaps both. AndforthiscallIamgrateful. Thanks be to you, O Lord my God.
  42. 42. 1. Parents were once your age 2. Open lines of communication 3. Write a letter if you can’t express your feelings out loud 5. Stay open and communicate 6. Tell your parents you love them 4. Ask questions
  43. 43. Fr. Larry Tan, SDB Youth Series