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Honesty is still in style


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Published in: Spiritual, Education, Business
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Honesty is still in style

  1. 1. Thomas Jefferson
  2. 2. Honesty is arare quality
  3. 3. Daily newspapers are filledwith stories of dishonesty
  4. 4. “An honest man’s thenoblest work of God.” Alexander Pope
  5. 5. Why Be Honest? Because…. 4. Dishonesty1. God demands begets it dishonesty2. Conscience requires it 5. Dishonesty picks your pocket3. Basis for all human 6. Change begins relationships with self
  6. 6. I gave it back to showthat there are stillhonest people.One person standing fast for what is right can bea beacon for others to do the same.
  7. 7. St. Matthew
  8. 8. A 20-year old part time student was fired… refusing to go along with the unethical practice.As Christians, we have to speak outagainst things like this...We have tomake some waves and show that weare really obeying God.
  9. 9. If she had kept the money …I’d be out of a job. If more of us stopped to think of the harm that dishonesty causes others, perhaps we would less likely to cut corners.
  10. 10. St. Matthew
  11. 11. When one cheats,we are all hurt.
  12. 12. Job
  13. 13. I had certain rules which I followed…I refuse to handle any political money in any way whatever.. I refused presents, hotel accommodations or tripswhich were paid for by private parties. Harry TrumanI lived on the salary I was legally entitled toand considered that I was employed by the taxpayers..I made no speeches for money or expenses..I would much rather be an honorable publicservant and known as such than to be the richestman in the world.
  14. 14. Honesty doesn’t make headlines becauseit is truly the rule rather than the exception.Without being gullible, avoid cynicism when dealingwith people.Sometimes to expect the best is the surest way toobtain it.
  15. 15. A store clerk made a mistake of giving them Grandfather &more than they were entitled to. GranddaughterHer grandfather told her they would return the items.The granddaughter protested that the store wouldn’tknow. And her grandfather replied:“Yes. But we would.”
  16. 16. If you would sleep soundly, take a clear conscience to bed with you. Benjamin Franklin
  17. 17. Why Be Honest? Because…. 4. Consult your1. Be aware of conscience the need2. Watch the small things 5. Don’t be too proud to ask for help.3. Remember the power of example
  18. 18. Honesty, like all virtues,requires vigilance.As a youngster once, he talked to a local storekeeper into lettinghim have a watch which he would pay for a little at a time.His mother was indignant after hearing of the agreement. Shepaid for the watch and told Walter that there was no outrightdishonesty involved, he was flirting with it. His mother continued:It’s one of those gray areas.Be careful of gray – it might be grime.
  19. 19. Honesty is the practice of doing what is right, even when it works to be our own disadvantage.
  20. 20. It involves being truthful to ourselves andrecognizing our obligation to Godand to all humanity.
  21. 21. Honesty is closely linked to truthfulness, justice, faithfulness andcourage.It is the enemy of self-deception, slippery words, divided loyaltiesand the desire for gain at any cost.
  22. 22. Ask yourselfthe following questions and get an idea of how honest you really are.
  23. 23. Did I practice “petty theft” by unauthorized use of the office telephone, or copying machine or taking suppliesreserved for business purposes?
  24. 24. Do I exhort my children to avoid cheating on exams, while I “pad” my expense account or overstate losses on tax returns or insurance bills?
  25. 25. Am I willing to purchase expensive watches orelectronic equipment at suspiciously low prices without inquiring into their true origin?
  26. 26. Am I honest only whensomebody may be looking ?
  27. 27. Do I tolerate small lapses in myself or my associates,without facing up to the fact that repeated actions quickly become habits?
  28. 28. Do I adopt a “buyer beware”attitude toward my customersor clients, putting the burdenon them to discover any flaws in my products or services?
  29. 29. Do I misuse language, describing a deception as a “white lie”,stealing as “appropriating” or double-dealing as “good business”?
  30. 30. Do I habitually excuse my failures to live upto high moral standardsas being “only human”?
  31. 31. Have I failed to make restitution for past infractions of justice?
  32. 32. If you answered “YES” to one or more of the questions, you have some work to do.
  33. 33. Teach me how to live, O LORD. Lead me along the path of honesty, for my enemies are waiting for me to fall. Psalms 27:11 (NLT)
  34. 34. CAN WE BE
  35. 35. Fr. Larry Tan, SDBInspirational Series