The impact of the RealTime web on media and news


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a quick presentation I gave to media professionals

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  • The impact of the RealTime web on media and news

    1. Twitter and the realtime web impact on news and communities Loic Le Meur
    2. Entrepreneur, blogger since 2003. Founded 5 companies.
    3. Currently building one of the most popular Twitter application, Seesmic
    4. and behind the #1 European Internet event,
    5. The printing press
    6. The telegraph and the telephone
    7. Cinema
    8. TV
    9. Conversational media is no good at addressing groups Mass media is no good at conversation (Clay Shirky, How Cellphones Twitter and Facebook can make history)
    10. The Internet
    11. The Internet • Has native support for conversation AND group communication • Becomes the carriage of ALL other medium, mixed • Each time a new consumer enters a new producer joins • The network grows at a square the number of participants
    12. Professional media has become a minority source of information
    13. Chinese Earthquake this year
    14. Protests made China shut down Twitter
    15. Hudson River Plane Crash
    16. Fort Hood Shootings Read Paul Carr’s post
    17. News came from ONE Twitter account Soldier Tearah Moore http://
    18. Watch out for the “Look at me looking at You” (Paul Carr)
    19. Twitter is Microblogging • It is simple • It is mobile, any phone can update by sms • Takes one minute • Feedback comes fast • You can feel your community real time
    20. Anyone should build a community and a brand online • It’s the fastest way to get help • It’s the fastest way to find a job • Feeling connected in real time to your online friends feels like thinking as a group
    21. It does not come for free • Share first, help others before asking • Bring value, don’t keep just advertising your stuff or talking about yourself • Share on a regular basis • Go comment and participate in other communities • Share on multiple platforms, blogging can be your home, but social software is much faster and easier for most
    22. Go start today
    23. Find your niche and be the best at it
    24. Recommended readings: Tribes by Seth Godin Trust Agents by Chris Brogan
    25. Thank you