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Facebook is unifying and simplifying the way people interact online with Facebook FanPages which launched in September 2008.

Here is our step-by-step guide to creating a Facebook fan page. So that you can create your fanpage today or modify the one you already own.

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Facebook FanPage Manual (Pages Manual)

  1. 1. socialsmidge.com Fanpage Manual Facebook Pages Facebook Pages are a free product for organizations, public figures, businesses, and brands to communicate and build relationships with people on Facebook. Thanks to social media, businesses are able to foster relationships easily and quickly which can lead to a stronger following and increased awareness of your company, product, or services. A fanpage is unique in that you don’t have to request a friendship, rather anyone can see your page and updates by “liking” your page. Fanpages are also public facing - meaning they can be picked up in search engines! The following provides step-by-step instructions to create a basic Facebook Page. Before you get started, make sure you already have a personal profile (www.facebook.com). Get Started: Build a Page1 If You Already Have a Profile Go to www.facebook.com/page to choose your Page category and get started.2 If You Do Not Have a Profile Click the “Create a Page” link on www.facebook.com to create a Profile and Page together. You must have an authentic Facebook profile to manage a Page. www.facebook.com/pages
  2. 2. socialsmidge.com Fanpage Manual Build a Page: Adding Content 1 Add a Page Photo and adjust the thumbnail. Wave over the top right corner of the profile picture box and select “Change Picture”. 2 Add a summary that tells users a little information about your organization, public figure, or business. 3 You can also click “Edit Page” to change your profile picture and Page information. 31 2 Build a Page: The Wall 1 The Wall is the place where your updates and posts are displayed 2 This is the space where all posts from admins and fans can appear. 3 Click “Edit Page” and go to the “Manage Permissions” section to adjust who can post on your wall and moderation filters. 3 21
  3. 3. socialsmidge.com Fanpage Manual Edit Page: Admins, Applications, and More 1 Your Settings: This is the place where you can adjust how you receive notifcations from your page. You can request an email be sent to you if someone posts on your wall. 2 Manage Permissions: This is the place to control who you want to be able to see your page, set up a profanity blocker and customize what new user will see when they first come to your page. 3 Basic Information: This is the place where you edit your contact information, description of your company, hours of operation, and other general information. 4 Profile Picture: This is where Admins can change the profile picture that appears on the fanpage. 5 Featured: You can feature “Page Owners” and link to their personal profiles from your Page. 6 Marketing: You can advertise on facebook, upload your e-mail contacts (using CSV file), create a badge and add a like box for your website or blog. 7 Manage Admins: If your company or organization has several employees that will use your social media you can add them here. Type a friend’s name or email address in the text box to invite someone to manage a Page. When you send an invite to a friend, a Page Admin notification will be sent to him/her. 8 Apps: Applications are designed to enhance your experience on the site with engaging games and useful features like Events, Photos, Polls, Tweets, and more. Apps can be downloaded and removed at any time. 9 Mobile: If you have email on your mobile device (e.g., Blackberry, Android, etc.), use email to upload photos or status updates:10 Insights: Insights give Admins and overview of the activity on your page such as interactions, number of fans, location of fans, impressions, etc. They are also sent to the Admin via email on Monday’s each week. 11 Help: This is the place to get help with facebook fanpages. 12 You can click on “View Page” to the changes that were made. 121 11 www.facebook.com/pages
  4. 4. socialsmidge.com Fanpage Manual Understanding your Page: To access your page, login to FB, then search your page name (i.e. socialsmidge) in the search box at the top. Once you find your page name click on it to be directed to your FB fanpage. You are now in the “admin” view of your fanpage. You are not in the “use facebook as page” view - we will touch on this later.1 The Like button is how users connect to your Page. When a person “likes” your page, a News Feed story is shared with his/her friends (i.e. “Kelly likes Your Page”). They will now be able to view the messages that you post on the wall.2 These are your navigation links and applications. Click “Edit” to move and delete links. This is also where you will set up events, discussions, or notes.3 This is the Photostrip. The most recent photos that you tag your Page in or post to your Wall will appear here. To hide a photo, roll over it and click the X in the top right corner.4 Use the Publisher to post an update, poll, photo, link, or video. Type the text in the box and click Share. The content will appear on the Wall and in the News Feeds of people who like your Page. 3 1 Quick Tips! You can reference an article from another website such as msn.com by copying (control C) and then pasting 4 (control V) into the status bar. When you reference an outside website, FB will try to pull a photo off that site. Add an image - find an image you like online and right click on the image, save as “photo” to your desktop. Attach it to your FB page by clicking Photo on the publisher. You can delete the photo once you posted it. Share your facebook posts with your2 friends. You can only share URL’s or photos. Tag your own company, a friend, or another company from your business page. Type @person’s name (i.e. @Kelly Lohman).