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Lead user innovation e marketing


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Published in: Marketing
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Lead user innovation e marketing

  1. 1. Lohit Tripuraneni | Priyam Mukharya
  2. 2. Agenda  About Lead User Innovation  Why What Where and How of Lead User Innovation  Present and Future of LUI  What is in it for Marketers
  3. 3. What is Lead User Innovation?  The Lead User Innovation is a market research tool that may be used by companies and / or individuals seeking to develop breakthrough products.
  4. 4. Why Do Users Innovate?  Heterogeneous needs  Companies looks at the common needs and cannot cater to each customer  Look for cheaper alternatives/ cost effective hence
  5. 5. Who are the lead users?  They face the needs that will be general in the marketplace but face them months or year before the bulk of that marketplace encounters them.
  6. 6. Why study Lead Users?   With their real-world experience with a need can provide the most accurate data regarding it. With rapid evolving needs, only users at the front of the trend will have experience with the tomorrow’s needs today.
  7. 7. Lead User Method Start the lead user process •Building a team •Defining the target market •Defining the goals of the lead user involvement Identification of needs &Trends •Interviews with experts •Scanning of literature, Databanks, Internet •Selection of most attractive trends Identification of lead users •Networking based search for lead users •Screening of first ideas & solutions generated by lead users Concept Design •Workshop with lead users to improve the product concept •Evaluation & documentation of the concept
  8. 8. A Few Examples  Gary Fisher – inventor of the mountain bike  Process Machinery  Software Applications
  9. 9. The Present and Future of LUI With the rise and spread of web 2.0 users across the world are able to co-create and innovate.  Crowd Souring  Forums  Open Source
  10. 10. How Can e-Marketers leverage lui  ‘Go to market’ can be done sitting in the office.  Interact with lead users to improve CRM
  11. 11. THANK YOU