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Kazan tourist brand

  1. 1. KAZANThe capital of Tatarstan
  2. 2. Kazan is the third capital of Russia International conference III International Islamic with Islamic Development Business and Finance Bank (2008) Summit (2010)
  3. 3. Three Capitals of Russia new travel itinerary Available tours: Kazan – Moscow – St. Petersburg Kazan – St. Petersburg – Moscow Kazan – Moscow Kazan – St. Petersburg
  4. 4. Kazan is hostingThe Universiade 2013(The International Student Summer Olympics)This event will give a powerful impetustowards the development of the city’stourism infrastructure.
  5. 5. Football in Kazan FC Rubin (Kazan)Russia’s football champions 2008 and 2009 bronze medal winners 2010
  6. 6. Rich cultural heritage Tatarstan is one of Russia’s culturally and historically significant regions with 1000 years old capital city of Kazan
  7. 7. Interest in the Tatar nation The origin of the "Tatar" people is well known across the world and goes back to the legends of the Golden Horde and the great Genghis Khan
  8. 8. Tatar Culture and Heritage • Tatars have their own language, culture, old traditions, religion and national celebration days. • The national heritage, traditions, customs, costumes and cuisine are well represented in many Tatar villages
  9. 9. Meeting of Religions and Cultures Tatarstan Temple of all religions is a wonderful example of tolerance, peaceful and harmonious coexistence between all religions and cultures.
  10. 10. Tatar cuisine • Our restaurants and cafés offer Tatar cuisine (chak-chak, echpochmak, horsemeat sausages, gubadiya, kistibiy, zur belish, etc.) – good opportunities for gastronomic tourism
  11. 11. Ideal river location The Volga River is one of the largest rivers in the world (the width of the river near the city is 4.5 km.) Regular 2, 3-day cruises run along the Volga River, whichcan be combined with your visit to Kazan.
  12. 12. Good transport links Distance: Kuwait city– Kazan – 2940 km Moscow – Kazan – 780 km Kuwait – Istanbul – Kazan Regular flights 4 times a week by Tatarstan airlines and Turkish airlines Kuwait – Dubai – Kazan 2 times a week by Tatarstan airlines and Ural airlines Kuwait – Frankfurt – Kazan Regular flights 4 times a week by Lufthansa Kuwait – Moscow – Kazan7 daily flights (1 hour 15 minutes) and 9 trains (overnight)
  13. 13. You are always welcome here! www.GOKAZAN.com