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What We Learned by Analyzing 189 B2B Websites


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Keynote speech by Logit co-founder Visnja Zeljeznjak at the Web::Strategy 16 conference in Zagreb, Croatia (November 2015). Visnja talked about the research her digital consultancy Logit conducted in 2015, how the research showed that most B2B websites aren't used as an effective sales and marketing tool, and which attitudes help in becoming more competitive and selling more.

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What We Learned by Analyzing 189 B2B Websites

  1. 1. What We Learned by Analyzing Websites of 189 B2B Companies Web::Strategy Conference - Zagreb, Croatia 19. November 2015
  2. 2. Keynote Speech given by Visnja Zeljeznjak B2B Lead Generation Specialist
  3. 3. About the Research
  4. 4. Free PDF download: effectiveness-b2b-exporters/ (Croatian language only; extensive summary of the research available in English at the above address) Title: “Researching the Marketing Effectiveness of Croatian B2B Exporters’ Websites”
  5. 5. Research in the media
  6. 6. 3 insights about the current state of B2B websites
  7. 7. 46-50% websites lacked the foundations of digital marketing.
  8. 8. Up to 17% of websites lacked the basic content.
  9. 9. 45-95% websites lacked the advanced content.
  10. 10. 1 key insight that predicts the future
  11. 11. B2B websites should be, but aren’t used as a sales and marketing tool.
  12. 12. “We don’t use our website for sales”
  13. 13. Sales: more than a Buy button
  14. 14. Awareness Learn Evaluate Buy ALL of this is sales
  15. 15. Use all of website’s functions.
  16. 16. “We have enough customers, we don’t need new ones”
  17. 17. Market disruption: unpredictable Source:, 2013. New Cars Registered in Croatia (000)
  18. 18. Keep your business muscles fit. (proactive) SALES (proactive) MARKETING
  19. 19. “Our website is good enough and does not need improving”
  20. 20. A 300 million dollar button Story source:
  21. 21. Small, continuous improvements KAI = CHANGE ZEN = GOOD
  22. 22. “We educate not for the society of today, but for the one of the future.” Korado Korlevic, Croatian scientist
  23. 23. The Future The changing role of the B2B salesperson (A lot) more data Many more devices More social Customers hungry for (fast) info Globalization More channels (all at once) Automation
  24. 24. There’s always room for improvement. Need more B2B customers? Contact Logit to find out how to get them.