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Complete B2B Digital Marketing Management Service by

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An all-inclusive consulting service for attracting and converting new international customers online, aimed at experienced B2B companies. The service includes: 1) creating digital marketing strategy, 2) producing websites, content, and other digital assets, 3) communicating and promoting that content online, and 4) continuous improvement and optimization.

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Complete B2B Digital Marketing Management Service by

  1. 1. Complete Digital Marketing Management An all-inclusive service for getting new B2B customers online
  2. 2. Do You Want New International Customers for Your B2B Products and Services?
  3. 3. Your Customers Are Online. To Capture Them, You Need Digital Marketing.
  4. 4. ...are too busy to handle digital marketing in-house? ...don't have your own (digital) marketing team? …don't have all the expertise in digital marketing? ... don’t have the time to learn digital marketing? ? But What if You...
  5. 5. In that case, consider hiring professionals with experience in using digital marketing to achieve the results you desire. 1. actionable digital strategy creation, 2. production of influential digital content, 3. effective promotion of your content online, and 4. continuous improvement of your wholesome digital presence. Consider hiring Logit for carrying out the following activities vital to online success:
  6. 6. 1. Strategy “Strategy explains how an organization, faced with competition, will achieve superior performance.” ~ Michael Porter Products / Services Business Goals Ideal Customers Competitors Market Situation Buying / Selling Cycles Marketing Funnels Marketing Channels Content Processes Timelines Competitive Advantage When we work on creating your digital marketing strategy, we analyze and define all essential aspects of your business:
  7. 7. What’s Included in Creating Your Digital Marketing Strategy? 1. We'll analyze your business to get to know your products and services, customers, competitors, the market, and your differentiating position on it. 2. We’ll define your goals so that they’re specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound. 3. We’ll deliver a strategic yet actionable digital marketing plan which will drive all future marketing decisions. It defines why, how, and what you should do differently online to achieve your goals. In it we define ideal buyer profiles, buying / selling cycles, marketing funnels, channels, processes, timelines. 4. Special attention goes to deciding what kind of content to produce, how much of it, and how often. Deliverables: a strategy document, clearly defining all of the above in writing.
  8. 8. 2. Digital Assets Production Websites & Landing Pages Ads E-Brochures Presentations Articles To produce influential digital content, various skills and activities are required: Your content will look great on your customers’ mobile devices. architecture programming design (copy)writing translation proofreading
  9. 9. What’s Included in Producing Digital Assets and Content? People buy from people in companies they know and trust. You can achieve recognition and trust fast by producing and publishing the content your customers need for making purchase decisions. Content does not become influential by chance. An entire team of professionals must work hard to make your digital assets and content play a successful role in your new digital marketing strategy. We produce new content by a) interviewing the experts in your company or by b) reimagining existing content. Deliverable assets: websites, web landing pages, brochures, marketing and sales literature, articles, social posts, ads, presentations, videos…
  10. 10. 3. Promotion We’ll strategically communicate your content in places where your target customers will see it and interact with it. Search Email Social
  11. 11. What’s Included in the Promotion? We usually run your digital marketing campaigns on search, social, email channels for at least 3 months. We use the parameters set in the strategy, on channels set by the strategy. Every month there will be more content articles published and promoted, more search and social ads displayed, more email newsletters sent. Deliverables: digital marketing foundations setup + your ads shown online + continuous production of digital assets + monthly campaign status report
  12. 12. 4. Continuous Improvement Continuous improvement is a learning process necessary for achieving profitability with digital marketing. Decisions are made based on the data that we collect every step of the way.
  13. 13. Everything That Can Be Improved, Should Be Improved. Every month we improve some of the following aspects of your business to make them perform better: Monthly deliverables: consulting + document containing the guidelines for changing your website and other digital assets used in your digital marketing activities. ● website architecture ● landing pages ● applications ● web design elements ● website content ● email content ● social content ● sales/marketing literature ● search engine visibility ● advertising campaigns ● marketing funnels ● customer experience
  14. 14. Certain prospective customers will contact you on their own, saving you the time and the effort needed to contact them. Result: New Source of B2B Customers Other prospects will respond positively to your emails and phone calls when you proactively reach out to them. They’ll want to talk to your sales because the sum of your digital marketing efforts made them remember you and trust your company.
  15. 15. Contact Logit to Get a Quote for Your Digital Project. Logit internet services Ltd. Phone: +385 1 3773 062 Email: Web: Read more about this service:
  16. 16. Featured Client Projects AluK Tim d.o.o. We manage the entire digital marketing for AluK, the Croatian authorized distributor and reseller of high-quality Italian aluminum systems for windows, doors, and curtain walls: ● we created AluK's digital marketing strategy ● we architected and developed their website ● we run monthly marketing activities such as Google AdWords, email marketing and content marketing ● we're always one call away for instant help and advice “After launching digital marketing campaigns and our new website, it didn’t take long before we started getting inquiries and closing sales. We didn’t expect such good results.” Mrs. Monika Hrvatin, Director of Marketing and Sales, AluK Intelligent Technologies And Design d.o.o. Agrokor d.d. For ITD, a design and engineering studio in Croatia, we created marketing literature required for a trade show in the USA: ● we developed a responsive website ● we created their digital marketing strategy ● we designed and wrote content for the print brochure and the presentation for the trade show ● we organized their email marketing “The brochure and the presentation you made for us raised our awareness about our own success and empowered us with increased self-confidence in our work. At the trade show we achieved what we came for: we demonstrated our unique advantages, made positive impressions on the people we talked to, and returned home with new business opportunities.” Goran Tesic, project manager at ITD Before Agrokor, the biggest corporation in Croatia, established their own in-house digital marketing team in 2015, for five years we had been their exclusive partner for managing advertising campaigns on Google platforms: ● Google search engine ads ● Google Display Network (GDN) ● YouTube advertising ● mobile advertising ● remarketing / retargeting ● digital marketing consulting We're satisfied with what we've accomplished together and with the results of the campaigns so far. Now that AdWords introduced additional capabilities, there's even more room for collaboration. Mr. Ivan Kovacevic, Digital Marketing Director, Agrokor Read the Case Study Read the Case StudyRead the Case Study
  17. 17. About Logit Logit internet services Ltd. ( is an EU-based digital marketing consultancy established in 2002. We help B2B companies get new international customers online by providing three main types of services: 1. B2B Website Improvement Reports ( - we analyze websites and write reports about improving sales and marketing capabilities of websites. 2. Consulting ( - we solve specific marketing issues, help marketing managers make important decisions fast, and provide continuous guidance to marketing teams. 3. Complete Digital Marketing Management ( - we create digital marketing strategies, develop websites, and run digital campaigns using content, social, email, and search. Visnja Zeljeznjak Senior Digital Marketer Sasha Matijasic Senior Software Developer Marko Radelic Senior Digital Marketer Daniel Maratovic Senior Digital Marketer Hrvoje Krpan Junior Digital Marketer Monika Kucic Junior Digital Marketer Ivan Jurisic Junior Software Developer
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An all-inclusive consulting service for attracting and converting new international customers online, aimed at experienced B2B companies. The service includes: 1) creating digital marketing strategy, 2) producing websites, content, and other digital assets, 3) communicating and promoting that content online, and 4) continuous improvement and optimization.


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