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Richard Oskam

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  1. 1. This is us.
  2. 2. A giant leap forward in consumer electronics retail .
  3. 3. Our mission. Making great Apple productsaccessible to more people,for less. & reducing our customers’ and suppliers’ ecological footprint.
  4. 4. Refurbished Apple. Revised,technically checked, upgraded and re-packaged. refurbished
  5. 5. Belgium and Germany as stepping stones into foreign markets. First steps abroad.
  6. 6. leapp & logistics
  7. 7. Omnichannel strategy. Physical stores act as an extension of our website and provide our customers a convenient and trusted shopping experience. Affiliate networks Shop-in-Shops leapp Webstore leapp stores
  8. 8. Our webshop. Where it all started,and still the main pillar of our business.
  9. 9. Our shops. Physical extension of our website in order to provide our customers a convenient and trustedshopping experience.
  10. 10. Supply chain. Central warehouse in Amsterdam supported by the stock at stores. Integrated ERP system bringsall parts together. Store 1 Store 2 Store 3 Store 4 Store 5
  11. 11. What makes us special? - Variable procurement - Heavy dependence on supply - Further growth is up to us - Changing productconditions
  12. 12. Challenges
  13. 13. Sourcing. • Buy the right products with the right margin • Quality grade • Get close to the “former” users ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++
  14. 14. Where to locate which (number) of stock? Optimizing the stock level at the stores and in the central warehouse is challenging. That includes optimising stock levels in the foreign distribution centres.
  15. 15. Organisation • Controlled expansion • ERP and KPI’s • Efficiency
  16. 16. Trends
  17. 17. Omnichannel trend. Increasing amount of webshop-only businesses open up their physical stores. Mutual synergy and increased convenience & customer trust as advantages.
  18. 18. Sustainability & circular economy. Using things longer and sharing instead of owing.
  19. 19. Changing consumer roles Consumers become suppliers and the clear roles become more vague
  20. 20. Thank you. Richard Oskam Supply chain manager leapp Group International BV