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2010 Logistics Expo & Summit


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Our logistics & supply chain expo & summit will be held in Jun 2010 with more than 500 peoples joined from global, half from China which we do believe a good chance for your business in China Market.

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2010 Logistics Expo & Summit

  1. 1. Bringing Y Closer to China Business Market ou 2010 China Cross-Strait Logistics & Supply Chain and New Technology & New Products Expo INVITATION 18-20th June 2010 Fuzhou China For overseas exhibitor, please contact: Mr. Richard Mobile: 0086-13806034369 E-mail: Mr. Brooke Mobile: 0086-13590412463 E-mail:
  2. 2. C hina Cross-Strait Logistics & Supply Chain New Technology & New Products ExpoWe focus your business here.
  3. 3. Authorized by:Ministry of Commerce of the Peoples Republic of China Schedule Move-in: 14:00-18:00 June 16, 2010Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council 09:00-18:00 June 17, 2010 Opening Ceremony: 9:30-10:00 June 18, 2010 Exhibition Duration: 9:00-16:00 June 18-20, 2010Supporting Organizer: Move-out: 14:00-17:00 June 20, 2010Fuzhou Municipal People’s GovernmentOrganizer:China 21 Century Logistics TimesThe Global Logistics Council of TaiwanTaiwan International Logistics & Supply Chain AssociationCSCMP Taiwan Roundtable Venue Fuzhou ChinaUndertaker:Zhongying (Xiamen) Media Co., Ltd
  4. 4. Sit down here, Set up business.China Cross-Strait Logistics & Supply Chain New Technology & New Products Expo
  5. 5. Exhibition Introduction IN order to promote the development of China modern logistics industry and the communication & cooperation of logistics enterprises from home and abroad, China 21 Century Logistics Times will organize Cross-Strait Logistics & Supply Chain Expo with relative organizations regularly. Enterprises and researching institutes for logistics & supply china, bonded ports & logistics parks, logistics relative products suppliers & service providers, logistics equipment, information technology, relative consulting, education and training from home and abroad are widely invited to the Exposition. The organizer will make all effort to build it to be one of the renowned professional logistics Expo in China. Approved by Ministry of Commerce, 2009 Cross- Strait (Xiamen) Logistics & Supply Chain Expo was successfully held in June in Xiamen. The exhibition area is about 15000 square meters, with 258pcs of international standard booths. About 152 exhibitors attended this exposition. Supported by Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government, 2010 China Cross-Strait Logistics & Supply Chain and New Technology & New Product Expo will be held in Fuzhou. During the Expo, relative activities including the 3rd (2010) China Cross-straits Logistics Cooperation Forum, 2010 Logistics & Supply Chain Symposium, Introducing Meeting of New Technology & New Products for Modern Logistics will be held at the same time.
  6. 6. Exhibition Scope 1. Logistics and Supply Chain Integrated logistics companies, couriers, ports / piers, airports, postal services, freight forwarding, warehousing, shipping / water transport, railway transport, road transport, air transport, pipeline transport, multimodal transport; Third- party logistics, the fourth party logistics, logistics real estate, logistics service, providing management, B2B e-commerce providers, inland transportation management, cargo distribution center management, warehouse for goods distribution, goods distribution center, etc. 2.Bonded Logistics Park Bonded port, free trade zone, logistics park, logistics management, logistics park developers, engineering companies, logistics park equipment, warehouse for goods distribution, goods distribution center, storage facilities and management, logistics and warehouse automation, etc. 3.New Technology Bar code technology, radio frequency identification technology, electronic data interchange technology, global positioning system (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS), remote information processing systems, logistics software and various types of logistics information management systems, logistics e-commerce systems, communications systems, data processing systems, transportation control and data processing systems, intelligent transportation systems, green logistics and related new technologies (including environment protection, dioxide reduce and recycling technology), (logistics, transportation& storage) transportation systems technology, automatic control systems, warehouse construction technology, storage systems, hydraulic and pneumatic drive technology, industrial robot manipulator handling technology, etc. 4.New Products (Including the Logistics Equipment) Forklifts and ancillary equipment, tractor and driven moving cars, trucks, trailers, cranes and lifting equipment, desktop starters, cranes and accessories, lifts and accessories, loading and unloading operation of facilities, automobile tail plate, containers, inter-riding -style handling, high-volume loading and unloading equipment, automated three-dimensional warehouse, parking systems, etc.
  7. 7. 5.Education Training, Media and AssociationsEducation and training institutions, logisticscompanies talents intermediaries, logistics media,throughout the country logistics and relatedindustry associations, etc.6.Port and Marine EquipmentsLarge, heavy port handling equipment, portfacilities, port machinery and equipment, portenvironmental protection technology andequipment, port tires, etc.7.Logistics FinanceBank, risk investment and venture capital,insurance companies, bonding companies, rentalcompanies, etc.
  8. 8. C hina Cross-Strait Logistics & Supply Chain New Technology & New Products Expo Your cost effective logistics marketing solutions in China.
  9. 9. Consideration 1.Booth Charge Note: Standard booth contains one architrave. Two spot lights, one talk table, two chairs, A wastepaper basket, can accommodate 220V/5A a power outlet, exhibitor ordering bare floor should be self-charged all costs for exhibition layout. 2.Promotions on New Products & Technologies (1 hour for each) Release exhibit: $500 for each. Application is available for manufactures and scientific research institutes with themes decided by themselves. 3.Conference Charge
  10. 10. Advertising Project 1.Fair publication advertisement Note: Page specification: 285mm×210mm, imported copperplate paper, 4-color precise print, the exhibitor needing fair publication should post Advertisement content to the organizing committee before June 1st, 2010. 2. Homeochronous China 21 Century Logistics Times advertisement 3.Hall Advertisement (Including costs of release and land rental)
  11. 11. 4.Sponsorship Advertisement5.Other Apply and pay before March 2010, You will enjoy 20% discount.
  12. 12. 2009 Exhibition Analysis Visitors Analysis Exhibitors Analysis
  13. 13. Participating Formalities1.Exhibitors participate are required to fill inthe Participation Contract Form in detail with acommon seal and then send it to the exhibitionoffice by fax or mail.2.After the application, the participants must remitof the rent booth to the designated account of theexhibition office within 7 days.3.The booth will be arranged in the principle of“apply early, pay early, and assign early”.4.The exhibition office will give further notice onaccommodation of exhibitor representatives andtransport of exhibits.5.Notes for exhibitors: According to requirementsby the state departments concerned, theexhibitors should ensure their exhibits, productpackages, flyers or displayed articles at thebooth all should not violate and infringe the rightsand IPRS of any party in all aspects, includingtrademark, copyright, appearance design, nameand paten. In case of infringement complaints atthe exhibition site which have been confirmed tobe true by relevant departments, the exhibitionoffice has the right to ask exhibitors to dismiss andreplace their exhibits to stop their infringement;in serious cases, their participating qualificationwill be cancelled. All aftermaths incurred thereofshould be borne by the infringing party.
  14. 14. 2010China Cross-Strait Logistics & Supply Chain and New Technology & New Products ExpoFor more details, please visit: us in mind, Business worldwide.