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Hoja de vida para el trabajo de ingles técnico

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John fernando mesa_alarcon ingles

  1. 1. JOHN FERNANDO MESA ALARCONBogota - 4 April 1977Marital status: MarriedCitizenship identification No. 79.960.346Military book no. 79.960.346 Dtr. 55Street 181 not 15 04 B - BogotaPhone House: 6 78 58 89 Cellular 310 310 11 06Johnmeza19@gmail.comJOB PROFILEProfessional technician in designs of logistic systems and processing data withexcellent capacity for field work, adequate interaction between the used head andexcellent management of interpersonal relations. Attitude of service with characteristicsof sociability and empathy. Great commercial, administrative management capacity.Decision making. Leadership. Continuous learning. Persistence and guidance basedon the achievement of results with permanent disposition to assume challenges andwork on computer.With the background and knowledge to:Coordinate, control and maintain the daily operations of distribution centers bymonitoring the activities of reception, storage, recruitment and clearance, supported inthe information system WMS, BPCS, and under the regulations of the BASC, to ensurethat the companies products are delivered under the conditions and at the time agreedwith customers, through the integration and coordination of flows of materials andinformationobtaining synergies and responding individually to the needs of each client,based on effective, clear, secure operational processes.Manage and assess the human capital as a coordinator or supervisor of call center withsmall and large business management groups. Not losing, losing and punishedportfolio and information of products among others.Management of operational processes related to logistics, planning and coordinatingthe movement and storage of raw materials, semi-processed or finished products. Inaddition to seeking the reduction and improvement of both internal and external costs.Internal and external customer service. Portfolio recovery. Handling in telephonesystems. Application of methods of inventories. Urban and rural real estate appraisals.Visits field inside and outside of the city for improvement of portfolio or to qualify aconsumer as well as the valuation of inventoriesDevelop, maintain, update and implement logistics of L & T to provide stability to thecompany complying with the policies and strategies of my activities to improveoperations internally as well as satisfaction and idealization of customers, based onknowledge themselves and others seeking reducing costs and improving internal andexternal .Manage and assess human capital management process giving optimal operating,maintaining inventories valued, reliable, further develop applications for theimprovement of warehouses.
  2. 2. EDUCATION INFORMATIONHIGH SCHOOLCOLEGIO SALESIANO JUAN DEL RIZZOTechnical Bachelor Academic - 1995COLLEGEUNIVERSIDAD LA GRAN COLOMBIACIVIL ENGINEERINGIII SEMESTER (Postponed) - 1998SENAPROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL DATA PROCESSINGVII LEVEL - 2003SENAPROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL LOGISTICS SYSTEM DESIGN2006UNIVERSIDAD MANUELA BELTRANTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL IN LAND TRANSPORTSecond Semester – presentKNOWLEDGE IN: Windows System, Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Internet). CobraSystem, Adci, Disc fixer, WMS, BPCSSUPPLEMENTARY EDUCATION INFORMATIONModern logistics practices in international International Congress on Logistics andconflicts MarketingUniversidad Manuela Beltran - 2012 Sena - 2007International Symposium on Logistics Computing Basic Fundamentals Internet .Strategy Word. Excel .Power PointUnitec - 2012 Sena – 2007English 1 y 2 English Nivel Let´´s StartSena – 2012 Sena - 2007Opportunities working internationally forlogistics professionals Marketing and Sales BasicsUnitec - 2011 Sena-Covinoc – 2004Logistics Events and SoundSena – 2008 Customer Service Sena-Covinoc - 2004The Logistics Management Objects Receiptand Dispatch Sena – 2008 Sales and Customer Service Sena-Covinoc – 2004Management of office tools Microsoft ExcelSena - 2008 Etiquette and Protocol Sena-Covinoc- 2003Computing: Microsoft Word E InternetSena - 2008 Professional Ethics Sena-Covinoc - 2003Computing: Microsoft Word y ExcelSena - 2008 Computer Basics Sena - 2002
  3. 3. WORK EXPERIENCEORGANIZACIÓN CORONA DESPACHADORA INTERNACIONAL DECOLOMBIA L & TBogotá D.C. – Colombia. June 1 - 2010 – July 11 - 2012Position Held: Logistics Operations CoordinatorFunctions Performed: Coordinate, monitor and maintain the daily operations of the distributioncenters of the Organization by overseeing the receiving, storage, and enlistment office,supported by the WMS information system, BPCS and under the regulations of the BASC, toensure that companies products are delivered to the conditions and time agreed withcustomers, by integrating and coordinating the flow of materials and information, obtainingsynergies and responding individually to the needs of each customer, based effectiveoperational processes, clear, safe. Managing and evaluating human capital managementprocess giving optimal operating, maintaining inventories valued, reliable, further developapplications for the improvement of warehouses.ALLUS - CODENSABogotá D.C. – Colombia. May 16 - 2009 - May 26 – 2010Position Held: Customer Service Representative.Functions performed: Executive Home Codensa trading portfolio due and to overcome andrecover it. Advisory personalized customer service. Care suggestions, complaints and claimsrelated to the company.COMERCIALIZADORA WILFRUTBogotá D.C. – Colombia. July 2 - 2008 – May 16 - 2009Position Held: Chief Administrative and LogisticsFunctions performed: management and control of personnel. Control storage of goods atvarious stages of receiving, handling and shipping. Inventory management of fruits, vegetables,groceries. Warehouse Assistant. To provision making purchase orders and invoicing.Organization of physical space. Conduct of health and safety regulations. Control the process ofdistribution, transport and storage of orders. Perform management and supervision of thepackaging of the goods to ensure their perfect condition during transport. Manage merchandisereturns. Stock management. Inventory of materials and company stationeryHIERROS Y ACEROS ATLAS E.U.Bogotá D.C. – Colombia. August 1 - 2008 – September 30 - 2008Position Held: Assistant logistical and administrativeFunctions performed: Delivery of materials and steel pipe. Inventory of materials andstationery. Warehouse Assistant. To provision making purchase orders and billing from supplierto end customer. Organization of physical space and the operation of the store. Conduct ofhealth and safety regulations. Control the distribution process orders. Perform management andsupervision of the packaging of the goods to ensure their perfect condition during transport.Manage merchandise returns. Control storage of goods at various stages of receiving, handlingand shipping. Stock management and inventory carryingCOVINOC S.A.Bogotá D.C. – Colombia. September 16 - 1999 – June 6 - 2008Positions held: Executive negotiation. Advisory pre-judicial. Mosaix call center coordinator.Call center agent mosaix. Collections Advisor. Assistant administrative services.Functions performed: Executive portfolio trading Andean Society. Advisory pre-judicialMovistar portfolio. Coordinator call center collections. Mosaix predictive dialer management.Management and monitoring of call center agents. Portfolio management and control of pre-juridical due and to overcome and recover it. Telephone customer service and personalized.Customer suggestions and complaints. Writing reports in Excel. Control and management ofstaff. Assistant messaging and inventories. Securities Management, consignments, documents,bids. Advisory visitor.
  4. 4. SAESA - COVINOC S.A.Bogotá D.C. – Colombia. April 19 - 1999 – September 15 - 1999Position Held: Assistant administrative servicesFunctions performed: Assistant messaging. Advisory visitor. Management of securities.Appropriations. Submission of reports. tenders. Photocopying and other management for thedepartment as stationery and other inventories.CONSULTORES NACIONALES ASOCIADOS – CIDES SANTANABogotá D.C. – Colombia. March 29 - 1998 – March 31 - 1999Position Held: Assistant OfficeFunctions performed: Delivery of certificates. diplomas. international postgraduate degrees.Assistant messaging. Submission of reports. tenders. Photocopying Management. Change andrecord checks. Receiving calls and customer service. Inventory management books andstationery..PROVEQUIPOS LTDA.Bogotá D.C. – Colombia. February 5 - 1997 – February 23 – 1998Position Held: Assistant OfficeFunctions performed: Assistant messaging. Report Delivery. Contracts with Ecopetrol.Photocopying Management. Change and record checks. Delivery of building materials in andout of town. Inventory of materials and stationery. Assistant store. WORK REFERENCESWILLIAM FREDY BETANCOURT Head of Operations Bogotá Organización Corona Office Phone: 8 78 90 00 - 313 887 1220LINNEY ADRIANA ROJAS Director of Service Center Allus - Codensa Office Phone: 2 53 12 55 - 320 471 05 88WILSON ALFREDO RUIZ Manager Comercializadora Wilfrut Office Phone: 6 71 68 31 -OLGA MARINA RODRIGUEZ Manager Hierros y Aceros Atlas E.U. Office Phone: 7 10 67 22MARTHA LUCIA MEZA RAMIREZ Manager National Collections COVINOC S.A. Office Phone: 3 42 00 11CAMILO ROJAS LEON Manager CONSULTORES NACIONALES ASOCIADOS – CIDES SANTANA Office Phone: 6 18 02 24 – 6 18 01 98
  5. 5. SANDRA ZEA SANCHEZ Gerente PROVEQUIPOS LTDA. (Empresa Liquidada por concordato – Cambio de Razón Social) PERSONAL REFERENCES SADE WULLVOR RAMOS ACEVEDO Two of the Technical Colombian Air Force Phone: 3 15 61 89 – 313 430 79 24 YEIMI PULIDO Business Administrator Phone: 375 99 99 ext. 127 – 313 418 07 48 OSCAR ROCHA Civil Engineer Phone: 311 226 06 56 ALBERTO ALARCÓN Sound Engineer Phone: 6 69 44 62JOHN FERNANDO MESA ALARCÓNC.C. No. 79.960.346 of BogotáFor all legal purposes, certify that the information contained herein is true andverifiable.