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Logiseek, one stop for Auto CAD Services


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Logiseek is the leading auto cad design services company that has launched mind blowing services at affordable cost. Starting from cad drawings, 3d rendering to autocad drawings, 2d drafting and 3d drawings everything is available for you. Thus it has turned out to be the ultimate destination for those who want exclusive cad drawing service in minimum time span. So what are you waiting for? Chuck aside the existing auto cad drawing providers and pick your choicest service right now. For More info-

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Logiseek, one stop for Auto CAD Services

  1. 1. CAD Outsourcing Company
  2. 2. Agenda• About us• CAD Services• Benefits• Our Team• Technology• Infrastructure• Process & Methodology• Quality Control• Examples
  3. 3. About Us “Logiseek Inc. offers scalable, stable, cross-border outsourcing solutions. We offer design, development and fulfillment of your CAD needs through our network companies in a ecosystem connected by our business continuity and real time data transfer technologies “Business focus – Leverage offshore capabilities – Provide optimal, cost effective, quality solutions meeting & exceeding customer expectations – Operation centers in India and Mexico
  4. 4. CAD Services2D & 3D Drafting:  Engineering, Architectural, Building M/E/P, Process / P&ID, Electrical, Instrumentation  3D modeling  Engineering detailing  Architectural detailing  Digital clean-up and restoration of old drawings  Indexing and Archiving  Drawing Management Solutions  Data conversion (Raster to Vector conversion)  Digital map preparation meeting specified standards  2D / 3D designingFacility Management:  Outside Plant cable / pipeline mapping  Inside Plant facility mapping  CAD Software Development
  5. 5. CAD ServicesGeographic Information System ( GIS ) :  Digital Map Service  Digital Terrain Model ( DTM ) generationDigital Photogrammetry:  Orthophoto  3D feature captureConversion and GIS database development :  Topographical Maps  Land Use / Land cover Maps  Cadastral Maps  Utility Maps  Hydrological Maps  Geological Maps  Environmental and Zoning Maps
  6. 6. Benefits Highly skilled Engineers and Draftsman to handle the CAD services Rapid ramp up to support your on time delivery requirement Support line available 24 X 7 X 365 Indexing and Archiving CAD drawings Shorten the rework time Company based of Fremont, CA Based on customer needs, can get work done in Mexico or India
  7. 7. Our Team• Over 1,000 man years of experience in various disciplines like Mechanical, Civil, Architecture, Marine, Electrical, Chemical, GIS etc.• AIA certified engineers and CAD operators• Management Team consists of senior engineers from various disciplines.• Support and development by a 80 member programming team with expertise in Java, C++, AutoLisp, ARX, Open Inventor, ACIS, Oracle.• Stress on Quality from the first level.• Continuous improvement through in-house training.
  8. 8. TechnologyCAD Platforms:  IntelliCad  Microstation  Chief Architect  DataCad  ArchiCad  AutoCad  Architectural Desktop  Mechanical Desktop  AutoCad  Catia  Tribon  ProEngineer
  9. 9. Infrastructure• Wide variety of scanners & plotters• Trained operations personnel – 80 persons working around the clock – Focus on Process Control & Quality outputs• 60+ software group to support database and portal development• 2 X 1LL connections (1MBPS)• 36,000 sq ft of office space for rapid ramp up
  10. 10. Process & MethodologyAs a part of our engagement with our clients we willprovide:- CAD services handbook SLA document Specification capture sheet Collaborate with Clients to define the proposal Quality control KPI Dedicated in-house contact for any issues or concerns Training to your staff to get up to speed on CAD services
  11. 11. Quality Control A clear understanding of the Customer’s requirements by the full team. Maintains a high ratio between QC and production staff. Normally, a quality supervisor will be responsible for the quality of a maximum of 6 production staff. Intensive Database checking before delivery Multi-level quality checks to ensure 100% compliance with customer’s specification. Selection of the right hardware/software & human resources. On time SLA maintenance and timely turn-arounds.
  12. 12. Examples
  13. 13. T nk you ha Logiseek Inc Phone: 510 927 3030 Fax: 510 742 5417Email:- info@logiseek.comWeb:-