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Social Media to the Rescue - 8 Uplifting Moments


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Social media has changed the way we communicate around the globe. But has the reach of social media damaged society, or has it come to the rescue?

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Social Media to the Rescue - 8 Uplifting Moments

  1. social media 8 Uplifting Moments TO THE RESCUE:
  2. This just in: social media platforms are perfect breeding grounds for some nasty, rude, and downright mean folks.
  3. @#$%!!
  4. But what about the other side?
  5. What about the good that’s come from the incredible reach of social media?
  7. Tragic natural disasters will always occur, the difference is, we now have a way to respond immediately worldwide.
  8. 1,000,000Nearly one million people are affected by natural disasters each year.
  9. In fact, social networks are replacing 911 to contact emergency responders.
  10. on... TWITTER
  11. 2,300,0002.3 million Tweets were sent within the first 48 hours of the #HaitiEarthquake in 2010
  12. “Survivors took to social media to alert aid agencies of their need…”
  13. FEMA Tweeted during Hurricane Sandy: “Phone lines may be congested during/after #Sandy. Let loved ones know you’re okay by sending a text or updating your social networks”
  14. 1,188/MIN1,188 Tweets per minute were sent during the Japan Tsunami in 2011
  15. on... FACEBOOK
  16. 4,500,0004.5 million status updates contained the words: Japan, Earthquake, or Tsunami on March 11, 2011.
  17. 3,000,000Facebook responded by creating a Disaster Message Board, equipped with a SAFE button, which reached 3 million users by April 2011.
  18. 1,000,000FB mentions for “Hurricane Sandy,” or “Frankenstorm” increased by 1,000,000%
  19. Social Media clearly played a huge role in Japan, Haiti, and the U.S. in recent years... #NepalEarthquake #NepalQuake In fact, you can help right now with emergency relief in Nepal.
  20. The power of social media TO HELP FIND MISSING PEOPLE
  21. Social media networks are the new "milk-cartons" in helping to find missing people.
  22. Loved ones and police now have access to hundreds of thousands of people with a single tweet,update, or photo stream.
  23. 98.5%According to the National Centre for Missing or Exploited Children, social media has helped to resolve and recover 98.5 % of AMBER alerts since 2005.
  24. Tools like SecuraChild, an AMBER alert system powered by social networks, dramatically increases chances of recovery by sending blasts of information to the social platforms.
  25. So, social media isn't ALL BAD,in fact, it has done some good in the world.
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  27. Sources: User Registration Made Simple feature-natural-disasters-277935
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