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LoginRadius Product Tour

Quick tour of LoginRadius dashboard.

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LoginRadius Product Tour

  1. 1. a quick product tour
  2. 2. Dashboard The first page you’ll see after signing up is this.
  3. 3. Register a Site Click here to register a new site
  4. 4. My Sites All of your registered site will go here.
  5. 5. Info Button This will show the Getting Started guide Notification Shows LoginRadius’ updates
  6. 6. Account Name You will see a dropdown menu once you click this. Account: This is where you’ll see and edit your profile information and billing. Users & Settings: You can add/invite a team member here or delete/resore a site.
  7. 7. Engagement Analytics LoginRadius also provides a very detailed user data analytics It has been broken up into different sub-categories
  8. 8. Date Picker Select the date range for the analytics
  9. 9. Analysis Type This filters your charts based on different selection
  10. 10. Charts This area is for the analytics chart
  11. 11. User Profiling You can view user profiles and social activity(events) here.
  12. 12. Data Fields Filter This helps you filter the data that you see for easier segmentation
  13. 13. Export Button This button will generate a downloadable excel sheet.
  14. 14. User List The list of your registered users.
  15. 15. API Configuration This is where you configure the settings for your LoginRadius API.
  16. 16. Steps Some configurations, like social login, needs to be broken up into steps for easier management.
  17. 17. Configureable Fields You’ll see this box a lot inside LoginRadius Dashboard. Anything with a blue header needs to be properly configured.
  18. 18. Helpful Information This can be a “How to” information, a list of documentations, or things you need for implementation.
  19. 19. Support Browse our API and Support Documents from here. Open a Support Ticket: You can always send us the questions from here.
  20. 20. Submit a Ticket If you encounter a problem with LoginRadius and needs an assistance. Our 24/7 support is here for you.
  21. 21. Thanks! There you have it. A quick overview of LoginRadius dashboard. If you still have any questions, please contact us at