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Shorten time to market and extend IT capabilities and business flexibility with Logica's Future IT and Cloud Computing Services.

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  • Future IT & Cloud

    1. 1. The sky’s no longer the limit <br />
    2. 2. The cloud is here….<br />Large enterprises are embracing cloud services to:<br /><ul><li>Reduce costs
    3. 3. Launch products in days rather than months
    4. 4. Enrich the customer experience </li></ul>But they are concerned about:<br /><ul><li>Security, regulation, complexity and reliability</li></ul>…and the sky’s no longer the limit<br />
    5. 5. Logica<br />Cloud service providers<br />Our position <br />We help clients build the right Future IT environment, using the right cloud elements, with the right partners, where security is a given and complexity managed<br />And we are the service integrator, integrating new services with the existing systems, managed as a unified service, with one platform, one point of contact and one bill<br />We manage the multiple cloud service providers, including Logica Private Cloud and our own industry SaaS solutions<br />Helping clients to grow and transform their business and show how using the cloud to share and connect strengthens their customer and citizen relationships and creates better business for all. <br />Clients <br />Consumers customers citizens<br />No. 3<br />
    6. 6. Cloud service providers<br />Logica<br />Our position in the cloud <br />Clients <br />Future IT strategy<br />Public cloud 1<br />Private cloud<br />Broker, Integrator, Service Manager<br />Consumers, businesscustomers, citizens<br />SaaS A<br />Legacy systems<br />SaaS B<br />Public cloud 2<br />No. 4<br />Logica BPO/SaaS<br />Logica Private Cloud<br />
    7. 7. Helping clients get most from the cloud and Future IT<br />Fennia selected Logica’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in the Cloud solution providing an electronic communication channel that streamlines the business processes between Fennia and their brokers, resulting in the most advanced service today in Finland.<br />Skandia, one of the world’s leading providers of quality long-term savings solutions chose Logica to provide a private cloud based Infrastructure Management (IM) solution for Skandia’s business critical financial systems and applications. <br />Chronopost can now react quicker to customer needs through having one central SaaS solution from Salesforce.com for sales and marketing to share information. And it doesn’t end there. This is just the first stage in a programme to transform the company’s IT so that Chronopost can give their customers the innovative solutions they want, when they want them <br />
    8. 8. Logica working with Microsoft across all clouds <br />Focus of this plan<br />Unified Service Management<br />No. 6<br />
    9. 9. Future IT and Cloud - steps on the client journey<br />Navigate the future<br /><ul><li>Guide organisations on their strategic move to the cloud
    10. 10. Understand and analyse business benefit versus IT impact
    11. 11. Develop the roadmap to deliver business value from IT
    12. 12. Define the right governance model for using cloud services</li></ul> Build and validate business case<br /> Assess Future IT opportunities<br />Navigate the <br />future<br />Build roadmap and govern transformation<br />Design target architecture and solutions<br />
    13. 13. Future IT and Cloud - steps on the client journey<br />Transform the business with cloud services<br /><ul><li>Deliver the financial benefits and flexibility of using the cloud
    14. 14. Empower clients to transform their business and ecosystems
    15. 15. Ensure new levels of collaboration and innovation </li></ul>Collaboration<br />Communication Content<br />Transform <br />your <br />business<br />Integrate cloud & enterprise assets<br />Provide my business apps on demand<br />Build and run my cloud services<br />
    16. 16. Future IT and Cloud - steps on the client journey<br />Manage IT as a service <br /><ul><li>A unified service across multiple partners, in both public and private clouds
    17. 17. Seamless integration of legacy systems</li></ul>Manage as a unified service<br />Build my private cloud<br />Manage IT <br />as a service<br />
    18. 18. Business opportunities for Logica <br />No. 10<br />Moving to hybrid cloud environment<br />Cloud market will still remain a small percentage of the overall IT market<br />It will be key for clients to ensure all new cloud services are integrated with existing systems<br />Systems integration progressing towards service integration<br />Helping clients with the concerns<br />Security and regulation<br />Complexity and reliability<br />Evolving infrastructure management<br />Our service offers will evolve from unit cost driven production to value based service management with the shift in client demand. <br />Future IT – it’s not just cloud<br />With our Future IT offering, we look at the overall business drivers and then look at the right Future IT environment for the client. <br />Cloud is likely to be part of the answer but not necessarily all. <br />
    19. 19. Questions?<br />