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SAPEffEctivE mAnAgEmEnt of cuStomEr collEctionAnd diSPutE rESolution  Make IT count for your businessKey benefits         ...
the four phases of collections management are supported, these are broken down into the                          following...
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Effective management of customer collection and dispute resolution


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Effective management of customer collection and dispute resolution

  1. 1. SAPEffEctivE mAnAgEmEnt of cuStomEr collEctionAnd diSPutE rESolution Make IT count for your businessKey benefits The ChAllengeSAP Collection Every organisation in today’s demanding economic times seeks to get the best out its business. truemanagement enables value for your organisation can only be attained once you deal with outstanding debts in a smart andyou to: efficient way. to do this you need a proactive approach in dealing with your customers. By handling receivables effectively, your organisation could experience a positive shift in the:• proactively collect the • number of invoice disputes outstanding receivables • days Sales outstanding (dSo) figures• improve customer • working capital relationship • cash flow.• identify and prioritise Our AnSwer your customer accounts We offer ‘SAP collections management’ and ‘dispute management’ as the key tools for debt• reduce dSo recovery and managing payment issues. We work with you to ensure a positive impact is experienced by your customers and at the same time, you enjoy the benefits from an improved cash• improve cash flow flow. We implement this solution with the aim of making:• integrate SAP dispute • receivables management more proactive management • employees become more productive• conduct an audit trail. • your customer relationship become stronger. SAP collection management allows you to: • proactively collect the outstanding receivables • improve your customer relationships • identify and prioritise your customer accounts • reduce dSo • improve cash flow • integrate SAP dispute management • conduct an audit trail.
  2. 2. the four phases of collections management are supported, these are broken down into the following : Phase one – Phase two – Phase three – Phase four – selecting customers prioritising customers preparing customer’s contact processing of receivables Organisations certify the At this stage, the Data flows are created, The employee authorises optimal receivables outstanding receivables empowering your the status of the collection structure and debt is prioritised. It is employees with the right costumer’s receivables employees are assigned then assigned to the information for the and generates the to the customer s that appropriate employee (or customer contact. appropriate follow-up they will support. collection agent) based Employees can now documentation such as on the appropriate review their work-lists, ‘Promises to Pay’, collections strategy navigate to the customer ‘Resubmissions’ or configured for your accounts and enable ‘Dispute Cases’. organisation. investigation of all available documentation. Disputes disputes may arise due to: • incomplete supply/service • deficient delivery/service • a mismatch between price and service • failure to meet delivery date. managing disputes is critical in any line of the business. We believe that dealing with the issues needs a structured approach. By integrating dispute management with other SAP financial management applications, we allow you to: • track and process short payments • streamline the accounts receivables process • open a dispute the moment any change to the payment is identified • notify an employee about a dispute case by e-mail • process the dispute directly in the application or through work-flow • inform a customer about their cases either automatically or manually • involve supervisors in critical dispute cases via the internal escalation functionality • support the finance department to accelerate customer collections • resolve late payment issues without the use of other tools (spreadsheet, fax machines). Effective dispute resolution will reduce your dSo, improve your cash flow and enhance the strong relationships between you and your customers why lOgiCA? We help a wide range of organisations to proactively manage their customer collections. our business consulting led approach, specifically tailored to you, will deliver the innovative service models you need. By doing this effectively, we help you build better customer relations and improve customer satisfaction. You benefit from an improved dSo, a more predictable cash flow position and better use of your employee’s time. We invest time in understanding your aspirations and help protect your knowledge, your profits and future.logicat: +44 (0) 207 637 9111 logica is a business and technology service company, employing 41,000 people. it provides business consulting, systems integration andE: outsourcing to clients around the world, including many of Europe’s largest businesses. logica creates value for clients by successfully integrating people, business and technology. it is committed to long term collaboration, applying insight to create innovative answers to clients’ business needs. logica is listed on both the london Stock Exchange and Euronext (Amsterdam) (lSE: log; Euronext: log). more information is available at the company is a public company incorporated and domiciled in the uK. the address of its registered office is 250 Brook drive, green Park, reading rg2 6uA, united Kingdom.codE 3198 0811