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MsNetwork2011 -How to build extensible silverlight application using MEF


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Published in: Technology
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MsNetwork2011 -How to build extensible silverlight application using MEF

  1. 1. How to build extensible Silverlight application using MEF Radenko Zec – Software Development Consultant at Lanaco d.o.o
  2. 2. Evergreen Question How to build .NET applications from components that can be discovered, reused and composed dynamically? Many working solutions, but none specifically targeted to general third-party extensibility
  3. 3. What’s MEF, Anyway? MEF Component ExportImport MEF Component ExportImport Composition
  4. 4. The key elements
  5. 5. How MEF works
  6. 6. Simple MEF - MVVM demo
  7. 7. MEF VS IOC container
  8. 8. When to use MEF ?
  9. 9. Catalogs – Type, Aggregate, Directory, Deployment Lazy load component's Import many Metadata tagging Creation policies ExportFactory Custom attributes ImportingContructor CompositionContainer Recomposition Allow default demo