Query Management System- overview


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Query Management System- overview

  1. 1. Query Management System Description: QMS compliments query solving mechanism of an organisation which persudes in the service industry. A typical use case may be an electronic company involves in selling and service of spares items can adopt this system for handling queries from its customers.
  2. 2. When a customer raises a complaint/query which lands in a common email box named as [email_address] , QMS mandates certain formating of subject line which can be used for Routing this mail to the concern department/team. The query is then replied back by the support executives, the conversation happens to and forth and the complaint is resolved. Working Procedure:
  3. 3. Project Modules The Project has been splitted in to five modules. They are, 1.An Organogram 2.Knowledge Building Mechanism 3.SLA adherence 4.People to Team Mapping 5.Escalation Machanism of Queries
  4. 4. An Organogram 1.The Organgram module is describe the hierachical structure of the organization management. 2.The module help the application to track higher officals in step by step, during the time of query evaluation. 3.The structure also shows the authentication and seniority level of an employee.
  5. 5. Knowledge Building Mechanism 1.The accepting queries from the customer is splitted into eight categories in this process. 2.The query is tagging based on the content in it. 3.The tagged queries are forwarding to the corresponding team to evaluate it. 4.The lap time has been start, during at the level of tagging the query.
  6. 6. SLA Adherence 1.A SLA(Service Level Agreement) is a contract between the customer and the service provider. 2.The SLA may specify the levels of availability, serviceability, performance, operation, or other attributes of the service, such as billing etc., 3.Note that the "agreement" relates to the services the customer receives, and not how the service provider delivers that service. 4.The QMS project prefered to provide the three level of services to the customers.
  7. 7. People to Team Mapping 1.The People to Team Mapping module describe the person's name,posting and which team he belongs to?. 2.The individual person and his full details are identify in all level of the organization. 3.The customer identify, the complete details about who handling his queries? By this process. 4.The organization monitors their employees indiviaual performance easily.
  8. 8. Escalation Mechinasim of Queries 1.Escalation Mechanism requires when the project team and the customer representative cannot agree on a resolution, either may wish to escalate the issue to a higher authority. 2.The name of the person with contact details for first level of escalation – this person is concerned about the project and is one level above the interacting parties. 3.The name of the person / persons with contact details for second and further levels of escalation, if desired. This person is normally a senior management level person but is also concerned about the project. 4.The customer can easily monitor where and by whome their query is processing currently.
  9. 9. Project Scope: 1.The QMS project is suitable for all kind of companies which all are handling the customer's queries. 2.The performance of the project is an efficient one because of the technologies used in it. 3.The automatic update on the customer queries from current level to his senior level staff of the company is a key of the project. 4.The project is developing under open source, so it's cost is very less when compare to other projects.
  10. 10. System Componants Software Requirements Operating System : LINUX - UBUNTU10.04 Scripting Language : RUBY 1.8.7 Framework : RAILS 3.0.3 Database : Mysql Web Browser : Firefox, Chromium and etc., Hardware Requirements Ram Capacity : 1GB Hard disk : 80GB Processor : P4 processor User-Interface : Built on Jquery 1.4.2.
  11. 11. Thanking You! With Regards, Logeshprabu.s