10 Website Design Tips for Your Local Business


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Since you only get once chance to make a good first impression, it is critical that some thought is put into the design of your business website. Today, more and more people will visit your website prior to stepping foot into your storefront or before they pick up the phone and call you.

If your website is poorly designed, chances are that you have lost a few potential customers - forever. So what constitutes a “good” design when it comes to a website?

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10 Website Design Tips for Your Local Business

  1. 1. LOGO 10 Website Tips for Your Local Business Presented by: Logan Wenger logan@loganwenger.com logan@loganwenger.com 917-677-9937 www.loganwenger.com www.loganwenger.com
  2. 2. Tip #1Make Sure Your Site is Easy to Navigate Make sure your site is easy to get around and that your visitors can find what they need Don’t make them have to “figure out” your website
  3. 3. Tip #2Use Professional and Clean Color Schemes Keep the colors easy on the eyes Loud clashing colors and distracting objects can distract or irritate some website visitors
  4. 4. Tip #3Avoid Loud, Hard-to-Read Fonts Choose professional, easy to read fonts Being able to read the content on your website is crucial – traditional fonts are better.
  5. 5. Tip #4Make Your Site Easy for Visitors to Use Visitors want to know how your business can help them… and they want to find out fast Make the sure the important information is visible and easy to find
  6. 6. Tip #5Place a Strong Call-to-Action on Every Page Place a call-to-action above the fold on every page Tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do – be specific
  7. 7. Tip #6Integrate Social Media Icons Your social media profiles should be accessible from your website Add the icons, link them up, and encourage visitors to follow you on these platforms
  8. 8. Tip #7Make Sure Your Site Doesn’t Have Hang-ups Make sure you have a reliable hosting company Avoid an over-abundance of photos and videos
  9. 9. Tip #8Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly Millions of people surf the web on their mobile devices Could be losing potential customers due to frustration Avoid Flash
  10. 10. Tip #9Provide Informative/Quality Content Your website content must be valuable, helpful and entertaining to visitors Focus on providing content that shows how your business can help your target audience
  11. 11. Tip #10Perform On-going SEO Keep SEO in mind when designing your website and make sure it is implemented on your site Helps your site gain better rankings in the search engine for local search terms
  12. 12. LOGO If you would like more information about Website Design, contact me at 917-677-9937 For a FREE Consultation Logan Wenger 917-677-9937 logan@loganwenger.com www.loganwenger.com