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How Good is your LinkedIn Social Selling Index


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LinkedIn Social Selling Index helps you measure and improve your social selling efforts

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How Good is your LinkedIn Social Selling Index

  1. 1. How Good is your LinkedIn Social Selling INDEX? Presented by Logan Nathan Social Selling INDEX
  2. 2. Social Selling INDEX Note: solomoIT is an independent company based in not associated in anyway with LinkedIn. Training & Coaching we provide are based on our own independent research and ‘hands-on’ use of this platform for business and individual use. Read the full article Here
  3. 3. Read the full article Here With as many as 75% of B2B buyers embracing social media to make purchase decisions, sales professionals can no longer afford to ignore the importance of Social Selling to meet their quotas. Thanks to LinkedIn Social Selling Index, your life is about to become a lot easier when it comes to measuring and improving your Social Selling skills! Social Selling INDEX
  4. 4. Social Selling INDEX Read the full article Here So why do I think LINKEDIN can be a beneficial tool for Sales Pro? Lets have a look at what I think the INDEX stands for: Read the full article Here
  5. 5. Creating a Professional Brand Read the full article Here Building a strong brand identity on LinkedIn starts with completing your profile to an all-star status
  6. 6. Finding the Right People • View potential prospects in your 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections. • Frequently check who’s viewed your profile • Use LinkedIn Lead Builder and Lead Recommendations Read the full article Here
  7. 7. • Turn connections into long-term relationships • Connecting with decision makers at your prospect’s company • Pave way for warm introductions between your employees and employees at prospects’ company Read the full article Here Building Strong Relationships
  8. 8. Engage with Insights • Relevancy of product or service is the key to engagement on social media • Join relevant groups, listen to target audience needs and out through messages or InMails • Provide answers to a problem or share ways to boost performance Read the full article Here
  9. 9. • Monitor how well you performed on each of the above metrics throughout the day • Determine how much better you are doing compared to your peers Read the full article Here Becoming a Social Selling Leader
  10. 10. Read the full article Here Take a look at my Social Selling Index (SSI): Social Selling INDEX
  11. 11. Read the full article Here LinkedIn’s Social Selling INDEX has become the new measuring rod to compare sales super stars to average performers. Conclusion
  12. 12. What’s your Social Selling INDEX? Logan Nathan Digital Transformation Strategist, Social Selling Specialist, LinkedIn Trainer Connect with me via To attend my FREE LinkedIn Webinar – Click here to register!