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Teaching with Mobiles


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Teaching with Mobiles

  1. 1. Teaching with Mobile Devices Judith Logan Reference Librarian, Robarts Library Co-Chair Library Mobile Working Group
  2. 2. What works for you Today’s mantra
  3. 3. Presentation deliveryBackchanne l Classroom response systems
  4. 4. Folder for the class
  6. 6. Delivering presentations SlideShar kDeskto Deskto Mobilep only p with only mobile remote
  7. 7. Android: iOS: open SlideShark
  9. 9. Definition―Backchannel communication is a secondaryelectronic conversation that takes place atthe same time as a conference session,lecture, or instructor-led learning activity‖ (Educause)
  10. 10. Twitter• Micro-blogging platform• Follow and be followed• Special features – @messages – #hashtags – Stars – Direct messages (DMs)
  11. 11. Hashtags• Discoverable• Contextual• Expressive
  12. 12. Twitter adoption matrix In-class Outside of class In-class directed backchannel discussion discussionUses • Ad hoc class • Extend class • Guided questions discussions discussion with student • Real time • Communicate RE: responses commenting readings or collected for later • Recording assignments analysis divergent viewpointsBenefits • Engages less vocal • Community • Engages all students building students in • Archives • Continuity b/w discussions in ephemera class sessions large lecture classes (Reo & Sample)
  13. 13. You will need1. Widespread Twitter use2. Means of visualization • Tweetflow • revisit • Tweetwall Pro $$ • Visible Tweets • Twitter’s search
  14. 14. Would you consider using abackchannel in your class? Why or why not? • Tweet your answer • Hashtag #THE500 Visualiz e
  15. 15. What do faculty think?―I was super-nervous because to me,teaching means a lot of talking—giving alecture or giving a discussion […]I was worried that it would get out of controland either be very much off-topic or nobodywould have anything to say.‖(Azevedo)
  16. 16. What do students think?• "Im not that outspoken in class, so I would never ask a question out loud to the professor.‖ (Young)• ―I am completely overwhelmed by this concept‖ (Azevedo)
  17. 17. Beware Twecklingdanah boyd at Web 2.0 Expo
  19. 19. Clickers 2.0 Universidad de Navarra on Flicker
  20. 20. Uses(1)eliciting student feedback,(2)identifying students preconceptions and assumptions about course material,(3)facilitating opportunities for small- and large-group discussions,(4)improving social cohesion in the learning community, and(5)gathering anonymous data from students to support conceptual application (Hoekstra & Mollborn)
  21. 21. Activity instructions
  22. 22. Activity• Get into groups of four or five.• One group member is the ―designated Tweeter‖ – Capture the group’s discussions with tweets throughout the activity. – #THE500 hashtag• Evaluate your assigned CRS.• Set up a two or three question poll.• Try to take the poll yourselves, too.• We will take it up as a class.
  23. 23. Classroom Response Systems• Poll Everywhere• Socrative Teacher• Google Moderator• Class Pager• Top Hat Monocle• eClicker