The script


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The script

  1. 1. The Script<br />Scene 1 when the pharaoh advises the guards to make the pyramid<br />N: One day King Khufu the pharaoh of Egypt thought ‘if I died how everyone would remember me?’ so he thought of making a pyramid so everyone would remember him by.<br />G: ‘Almighty Pharaoh’ <br />P: ‘My slaves I want to be remember forever that is why I want you to make me a pyramid’<br />G: ‘but your majesty from what material are we supposed to make the pyramid out of’<br />P: ‘make it out of plastacine’<br />G: ‘but your majesty it won’t be strong’ <br />P: ‘you’re right my slave then made it out of straw’ <br />Scene 2 when they tell the pharaoh that it won’t work (straw)<br />N: ‘So the slaves tried to make the pyramid out of straw but it would not work so they had to tell the pharaoh the bad news.’<br />G: ‘Almighty Pharaoh’ <br />P: ‘what brings you here?’ <br />G: ‘your highness the idea of making the pyramid out of straw was highly impossible’ <br />P: ‘Oh this is terrible news I will think of something then.’<br />Scene 3 when he’s thinking <br />N: The pharaoh thought that this was a bad idea of making the pyramid out of mud. So he was thinking what would make the pyramid stick together then he knew the answer. <br />Scene 4 when the pharaoh tells the slaves to make it out of mud<br /> P: ‘My Slaves I have change my mind about building the pyramid out of straw. Build it out of mud instead.’<br />G: ‘But my lord we just started building it.’<br />P: ‘To bad build it again this time out of mud understand’<br />G: ‘As you wish my almighty pharaoh’ <br />Scene 5 when they tell the pharaoh it won’t work (mud) <br />N: Once again the slaves could not build the pyramid so they needed something else to build the pyramid. So they need to tell the pharaoh about this.<br /> G: ‘Almighty Pharaoh’ <br />P:’ what brings you here?’ <br />G: ‘you highness the idea of making the pyramid out of mud was highly impossible as well’<br />N: ‘And then the pharaoh thought of a brilliant idea.’ <br />P: ‘then make it out of limestone rocks’ <br />G: ‘That is a good idea your majesty it will make the pyramid strong’ <br />P: ‘yes it will so get to work’ <br />Scene 6 The Slave our building the pyramid out of limestone rocks <br />N: ‘Finally the limestone bricks work. So the slaves started building the pyramid and were making excellent progress.’ <br />P: ‘How is the pyramid going Slaves?’<br />G: ‘It is going great my pharaoh’<br />P: ‘Excellent now get back to work slaves!’<br />G: ‘yes almighty pharaoh’<br />Scene 7 the deth of the pharaoh <br />N: ‘23 years later the pyramid was finish and the pharaoh was pleased.’ <br />P: ‘Slaves come to me at once’<br />G: ‘yes almighty pharaoh’<br />P: ‘How long for you to finish my pyramid?’<br />G: ‘it is done my almighty pharaoh’<br />P: ‘Thank you my slaves because you done this you are all set free.’<br />G: ‘my almighty pharaoh thank you’<br />N: ‘A few days later the pharaoh dies form a fatal heart attack and got buried inside his pyramid’ <br /> <br /> <br />