Research of blogs


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Research of blogs

  1. 1. Research/ Analysis of blogsWeblogs, or „blogs‟, are websites that allowauthors to maintain ongoing, reverse-chronologicalentries for an audience, link to other webpages andinteract with readers via comments. There are awide variety of blog genres, ranging fromindividual online diaries to corporate blogs, butthey tend to be associated with more personal andspontaneous forms of writing. In this talk, I use theterm “Blog Analysis” to refer to a wide range ofapproaches. Social researchers have used blogs asa source of data in a variety of ways, fromconducting a content analysis of gender andlanguage use to ethnographic participation inblogging communities. Moreover, while socialscientists may be interested in the practice ofblogging itself, this new documentary resourcealso lends itself to innovative ways of askingquestions about „offline‟ life.