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Mural i like and don’t like


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Mural i like and don’t like

  1. 1. Mural I like and don’t like
  2. 2. This is a mural I like It looks like the people that made this has put a lot of effort into it to make look reallyWhat I like good.about this muralis it has gooduse of colour It also has big clear images.
  3. 3. Another mural I like I also likeI really like thisthis mural muralbecause it because Ilooks really like therealistic and fact thatthat’s what it is quitemakes it 3D andreally real.creative.
  4. 4. Another Mural I likeI like thisbecause thisone is also 3Dwhich makereal and good.
  5. 5. This is a Mural I don’t likeI don’t likethis muralbecause It isnot thatcreative and It dose notlooks boring even show It is to bright you what it is which make it painted on. look horrid.
  6. 6. Another Mural I don’t likeThe reason I donot like this muralis because I donot feel that it is Too muchaimed at my age is goinggroup. on and it confuses me.
  7. 7. This girlshouldnt bein this mural Its toobecause she girly forannoys me me and I am not impressed .