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Logan power point

  1. 1. By: Logan March 1, 2013Orcutt Academy high school Frosh Core
  2. 2.  Sick video7-9
  3. 3. Downhill skating has worked its way up the chart tobeing one of the most extream sports.
  4. 4.  Downhill skating is when you take a board about 8 inches longer than a normal skateboard put soft and thick wheels on the board and then fly down hills (really fast).
  5. 5.  downhill skating should not be banned. The only reason that the sport is on its way to being banned is because people only see it from one side.
  6. 6.  When people see young teens and adults skating down hills they instantly concentrate on how dangerous it is. Downhill skating is a dangerous sport but skaters take the necessary precautions for safety.
  7. 7. John Barnet a professional downhill skater says“if I am not completely confident on the road I seeI won’t bomb it”
  8. 8. how safe are you when you are skating. I am very safe when skating I pass a few cars every once in a while I skate bussy roads I take as many risks as I can 10% 10% 10% 70% Data obtained from self generated survey. Click here to take it now!
  9. 9. what is yout oppinoin As you can see many on the recent banning of people don’t agree with downhill skateing? this unfortunate event. 6 5 what is 4 yout 3 oppinoin 2 on the 1 recent 0 banning of downhill skateing? Data obtained from self generated survey. Click here to take it now!
  10. 10.  downhill skating is a very active sport
  11. 11.  This sport does come with the scrapes and bruises but, it builds character. It challenges you to push harder and go faster than before.
  12. 12.  This sport helps kids stay active and in shape. Mischo Earban another professional skater says“since I have started this sport I have been gettingmore and more active and healthy”
  13. 13.  Downhill skating is progressing in popularity but, there are haters for everything. We as skaters know how extreme our sport can get and know that the people against us will never be able to experience the adrenaline running through your body. So what can we do?
  14. 14. “200 years of progression have unwittingly produced aconcrete playground. All it took were the minds of 12year olds to realize it. ” -anonymous
  15. 15.  Lovett, Ian. "Bringing Skateboarders Doing 60 to a Halt." 30 1 2013. new york times. 1 4 2011 <http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/02/us/02skateb oard.html?_r=0>. Nichols, Dana. "Banning Downhill Skateboarding in Laguna Beach." 30 1 2013. laguna beach magazine. 3 7 2012 <http://lagunabeachmagazine.com/banning- downhill-skateboarding-in-laguna- beach/?doing_wp_cron=1359571645.9991710186004638 671875>. Shyong, Frank. "Los Angeles to restrict skateboard bombing,." 30 1 2013. LA times. 8 7 2012 <http://articles.latimes.com/2012/aug/08/local/la- me-skateboard-bombers-20120808>.
  16. 16. LoganFrosh coreOrcutt Academy