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Publication ( i lofen) 2012

  1. 1. Selected Publications 代表著作目錄 I, Lo-fen 衣若芬 Associate Professor Division of Chinese School of Humanities and Social SciencesI. Books1. I, Lo-fen (衣若芬).2011. Intextuality and Citationality in Chinese Literature and Art ( 遊 《 目騁懷:文學與美術的互文與再生》). Taipei: Li Ren Publishing Co.. (In Chinese)2. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬). 2009. The Poetry, Paintings and Calligraphy of Zhen Bangqiao( 《三 絕之美鄭板橋》 Taipei: Hua Mu Lan Publishing Co.. (In Chinese) ).3. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬). 2004. Observation, Description, Appreciation: Studies of Tang-Song Writings on Painting ( 《觀看.敘述.審美──唐宋題畫文學論集》 Taipei: Academia ). Sinica Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy. (In Chinese)4. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬). 2001. Wandering Under the Red Cliffs and Elegant Gathering in the Western Garden: Studies on Su Shi 《赤壁漫游與西園雅集──蘇軾研究論集》 . Beijing: ( ) Xian Zhuang Publishers. (In Chinese)5. I, Lo-fen , Ceng Zaozhuang eds.(衣若芬、曾棗莊等合著). 2001. A History of Su Shi 《蘇軾研究史》 Nanjing: Jiangsu Jiaoyu Publishing. (In Chinese) Studies( ). (Excellent Academic Work Award of Sichuan Provincial Government, 2003). (榮獲 2003 年四川省政 府優良學術著作獎)6. I, Lo-fen and Liu Yuan-Ju eds.(衣若芬、劉苑如主編).2000. Historical Transitions and 《世變與創 Creativity: Literature and Art in the Han-Tang and Tang-Song Transitions( 化:漢唐、唐宋轉換期之文藝現象》 . Taipei: Academia Sinica Institute of Chinese ) Literature and Philosophy Preparatory Office. (In Chinese)7. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).1999.Su Shi’s Literary Works on Paintings 《蘇軾題畫文學研究》 . ( ) Taipei: Wenjin Publishing Co.. (In Chinese)II. Papers in Refereed Journals 1. I, Lo-fen (衣若芬).Jan. 2012. “Landscape and Culture in the Wu-yi Zhao Ge (Wu-yi Boat Song) of Song Dynasty”(宋代「武夷棹歌」中的地景空間與文化意蘊). Dong Hwa Journal of Humanities (《東華人文學報》)20: 33-58. (In Chinese) (THCI, 台 1
  2. 2. 灣核心期刊)2. I, Lo-fen (衣若芬) Jan. 2012. “The Collected Poems of Eighteen Songs of a Nomad . Flute in Southern Song”(〈南宋〈胡笳十八拍〉集句詩之書寫及其歷史意義〉). Journal of Zhejian University 《浙江大學學報》 42:1:128-138. (In Chinese) (CSSCI, ( ) 中國大陸核心期刊)3. ★I, Lo-fen (衣若芬) Nov., 2011. “ The`Emperor Hsüan-tsung's Flight to Shu' . Painting (National Palace Museum Taipei) and Bai JuYi's poem `A Song of Everlasting Regret'(Chang Hen Ge)"(〈台北故宮博物院本“明皇幸蜀圖”與白 居易《長恨歌》〉). Journal of Sun Yatsen University (Social Science Edition)((廣 州)《中山大學學報》)2011:6:40-46. (CSSCI, 中國大陸核心期刊)4. I, Lo-fen 衣若芬) July 2011. “ New Interpretation of Colophon by Huang Ting-jian ( . for Su Shih’s ‘The Cold Food Observance Festival’ Manuscript”,(〈蘇軾「黃州寒食 詩卷」山谷題跋新解〉).Calligraphy of Chinese Studies (《書法漢學研)究》) 9:1-9.(Translated by Ohno Shusaku)(大野修作譯) (In Japanese)5. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬). June 2011. “Yu Jian’s Painting Eight Views of Xiao-Xiang and the Inscription”(無邊剎境入毫端──玉澗及其「瀟湘八景圖」詩畫). Dong Hwa Journal of Chinese Studies(《東華漢學》) 13:79-114. (In Chinese) (THCI, 台灣核 心期刊)6. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬). June 2011.“Su Shih’s Calligraphy ‘Poems by Li Bai’”(〈蘇軾 「李白仙詩卷」探研〉). Song Dai Wen Zhe Yan Jiu Ji Kan(《宋代文哲研究集 刊》)1:153-196. (In Chinese)7. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).May 2011 .“ Travel to Bali Island as Paul Gauguin”(〈追隨高 更去峇里〉). Nanyang Arts(《南洋藝術》)33:36-43. (In Chinese)8. I, Lo-fen (衣若芬).Jan. 2011 .“Wang Anshi's Rewriting of the Work `Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute'"(〈嚴謹的遊戲:王安石〈胡笳十八拍〉詩論析〉). Journal of Language and Literature Studies(《國立臺北教育大學語文集刊》) 19:133-167. (In Chinese) (THCI, 台灣核心期刊)9. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Dec. 2010.“The`Emperor Hsüan-tsung's Flight to Shu' Painting (National Palace Museum Taipei) and Bai JuYi's poem `A Song of Everlasting Regret'(Chang Hen Ge)"(〈台北故宮博物院本「明皇幸蜀圖」と 白居易「長恨歌」〉). Studies of Bai Juyi( Tokyo)((日本)《白居易研究年報》) 11:161-179. (Translated by Morioka Yukari). (森岡ゆかり譯注)(In Japanese)10. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Dec.2010 . “Painting, Drama and the Actress: ‘Put down Your Whip' Painted by Xu Beihong"(〈畫中戲,戲中人──徐悲鴻「放下你的鞭 子」〉).Chung Cheng University Journal of Chinese Studies(《中正大學中文學 術年刊》)16:117-140. (In Chinese) (THCI, 台灣核心期刊) 2
  3. 3. 11. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Dec. 2010.“A Study of Yeh Chi-wei's Painting and Poem of `Untitled (Two Figures)'"(〈葉之威無題詩試解〉) .Nanyang Arts(《南洋 藝術》)32:38-43. (In Chinese)12. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Aug. 2010.“Georgette Chen's Painting `Scene from Peking'"(〈張荔英的故國心影〉). Nanyang Arts(《南洋藝術》)31:30-33. (In Chinese)13. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).May 2010.“Lu Bi-Cheng's Calligraphy and Books in Singapore"(〈香光莊嚴─呂碧城星洲書蹟與書緣〉). Nanyang Arts(《南洋 藝術》)30:28-31. (In Chinese)14. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).May 2010.“The `Reject Female Musician' Poems by Embassies of Ming Dynasty and the Influence in Korea"(〈禮樂與女色:明代文 臣出使朝鮮的「卻妓詩」及其影響〉).Journal of Oversea Chinese Classics(《域 外漢籍研究集刊》)6:91-113. (In Chinese) (CSSCI, 中國大陸核心期刊)15. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).March 2010.“A consideration of the Aesthetics of Antiquarianism"(〈好古思想之審美文化心態試論〉).Journal of Sun Yatsen University (Social Science Edition) (廣州) 中山大學學報》 2:25-32. (In Chinese) ( 《 ) (CSSCI, 中國大陸核心期刊)16. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Dec. 2009.“Tsui Ta Tee's Art in Oracle Bone Script Calligraphy"(〈大地之書─崔大地的甲骨文書法藝術〉).Nanyang Arts(《南 洋藝術》)29:28-31. (In Chinese)17. I, Lo-fen (衣若芬).Dec. 2009.“Study of Su Shih's Calligraphy `Poems by Li Bai'"(〈詩仙與坡仙的交會:蘇軾《李白仙詩卷》〉).Research on Li Bai in China(《中國李白研究》)410-438. (In Chinese)18. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬). 2009.“Reading Xu Zhimo's Writing in Singapore under the Vision of Globalization"(〈在全球化視野下閱讀徐志摩的南國書寫〉).Journal of Tsinghua University ((北京) 清華大學學報》 6:75-84. (In Chinese) (CSSCI, 中 《 ) 國大陸核心期刊)19. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Oct. 2009.“Parables and an Aesthetic Sense: the Pictorial Depiction of Dufu's Poem `Li Ren Xing'"(〈美感與諷喻:杜甫〈麗人行〉 詩的圖像演繹〉).Research Journal((香港)《研訊學刊》)15:26-40. (In Chinese)20. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Sep. 2009.“Smoking and Patriotism: A Study of the Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company's Advertisements on Lat Pau during the May Fourth Movement period"(〈吸煙與愛國:「五四運動」前後南洋兄弟煙草公司在新 加坡《叻報》的廣告〉).Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Linguistics & Literature (臺灣) 師大學報》 ( 《 (語言與文學類))54:2:65-106. (In Chinese) (THCI, 台灣核心期刊) 3
  4. 4. 21. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).2009.“Ling Shuhua in Singapore Nanyang University and Her Argument about Chinese Poetry Ling Shuhua (1900-1990)"(〈南洋大學時期的凌 叔華與新舊體詩之爭〉). Xinwenxue shiliao (Historical Documents of New Literature)(《新文學史料》)1:48-57. (In Chinese) (CSSCI, 中國大陸核心期刊)22. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Oct. 2008.“The Image of Li Bai in Song Dynasty Colophon" (〈宋代題畫詩詞中的李白形象〉).Research on Li Bai in China (《中國李白 研究》)105-122. (In Chinese)23. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Sep. 2008.“Replication, Rearrangement and Recollection: A Cultural Analysis of Ouyang Xiu's Record of Collecting Antiquities (Jigu lu)" (〈複製.重整.回憶:歐陽脩《集古錄》的文化考察〉).Journal of Sun Yatsen University ( Social Science Edition)(《(廣州)中山大學學報》 5:30-40. (In Chinese) ) (CSSCI, 中國大陸核心期刊)24. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).June 2008.“The Cry of Cai-Yan, Laugh of Medusa: Rethinking Cai-Yan Studies" 〈蔡琰的號啕,美杜莎的笑──蔡琰研究的性別反思〉 .Xin ( ) Guo Xie(《新國學》)7:57-80. (In Chinese) (CSSCI, 中國大陸核心期刊)25. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).May 2008.“A study on Li Bang-Yis Poetry `Piao Hai Songs'"(〈漂流到澎湖:朝鮮人李邦翼的意外之旅及其相關書寫〉).Journal of Oversea Chinese Classics《域外漢籍研究集刊》4:131-156. (In Chinese) (CSSCI, ( ) 中國大陸核心期刊)26. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).March 2008.“Yu Jian's Painting Eight Views of Xiao-Xiang Prior to Being Brought to Japan:A Study of the `Sanjiao Dizi' Seal" 〈玉澗 ( 「瀟 湘八景圖」東渡日本之前—─「三教弟子」印考〉).Taida Journal of Art History, Taiwan University 《台灣大學美術史研究集刊》 24:147-174. (In Chinese) (THCI, ( ) 台灣核心期刊)27. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Nov. 2007.“The Poems on Portrait and Mirror of Bai Juyi" (〈自我的凝視──白居易的寫真詩與對鏡詩〉).Journal of Sun Yatsen University(Social Science Edition) 《(廣州)中山大學學報》 6:51-57. (In Chinese) ( ) (CSSCI, 中國大陸核心期刊)28. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Sep. 2007 “The Untied Boat: Wu Zhen and the Colophon of Fishman Painting (Yu-Fu Tu)"(〈不繫之舟:吳鎮及其「漁父圖卷」題詞〉).Si Yu Yan(《思與言》)45:2:117-186. (In Chinese) (THCI, 台灣核心期刊)29. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).March 2007. “The Banquet of Emperor: Song Hui Zongs ‘Literary Gathering’ Painting (Wen-Hui Tu)”(〈天子の盛宴──徽宗「文會圖」 とその周邊〉).Gan Lan (《橄欖》)14:144-164. (Translated by Murakoshi Kiyomi)(村越貴代美譯) (In Japanese)30. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).2006.“Not So Long Ago: Colophons of `Purification at Lanting Pavilion' Paintings"(〈俯仰之間:《蘭亭修禊圖》及其題跋初 4
  5. 5. 探〉).Zhongguo Xueshu(《中國學術》)24:69-106. (In Chinese) (CSSCI, 中國 大陸核心期刊)31. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Oct. 2006.“Gaze to Oneself: the Poems on Portrait and Mirror of Bai Juyi”(〈自己へのまなざし──白居易の寫真詩と對鏡詩〉).Studies of Bai Juyi( Tokyo) 《白居易研究年報》 7:109-136. (Translated by Morioka Yukari) (森 ( ) 岡緣譯) (In Japanese)32. I, Lo-fen (衣若芬).Sep. 2006.“The Pictorial and Historical Meaning of Nine Songs Paintings" 「 ( 〈九歌〉 〈湘君〉 〈湘夫人〉 、 之圖象表現及其歷史意義」 .Studies ) of Han and Pre-Qin(《先秦兩漢學術》)6:45-88. (In Chinese)33. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).July 2006.“Eight Views of Xiao-Xiang: Local Experience, Culture Memory and Wonderland"(〈瀟湘八景──地方經驗.文化記憶.無何 有之鄉〉).Dong Hwa Journal of Humanities(《東華人文學報》)9:111-134. (In Chinese) (THCI, 台灣核心期刊)34. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).June 2006.“Dialogue Between the `Fatuous Emperor' and the `Treacherous Minister': Song Hui Zong's `Literary Gathering' Painting (Wen-Hui Tu) and its Poetic Inscriptions"(〈「昏君」與「奸臣」的對話──談 宋徽宗「文會圖」題詩〉).Literature and Philosophy(《文與哲》)8:253-278. (In Chinese) (THCI, 台灣核心期刊)35. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Dec. 2005.“The Creation of Song Dynasty Poems on Paintings: Su Che's Poem `Three Horses of Han Gan' and the Poems Modeled on it by Su Shi and Others"(〈宋代題畫詩的創作現象與書寫特質──以蘇轍〈韓幹三 馬〉及東坡等人之次韻詩為例〉). Journal of Su Shi Yan Jiu(蘇軾研究)3:21-24. (In Chinese)36. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Dec. 2005 .“An Analysis of Colophons in the Dream Journey Over Xiao Xiang (Xiao Xiang wo you tu) "(〈浮生一看──南宋李生「瀟湘臥 遊圖」及其歷代題跋〉 .Chinese Studies 《漢學研究》 23:2:99-132. (In Chinese) ) ( ) (THCI, 台灣核心期刊)37. I, Lo-fen 衣若芬) ( .July 2005.“Su Shi’s ‘Wandering under the Red Cliffs’ as Material for Playwrights”(〈劇作家筆下的東坡赤壁之遊〉).Zhongguo Sushi Yan Jiu No.2(Beijing)(《中國蘇軾研究》)385-398. (In Chinese)38. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).May 2005.“Analysis of Li Rong and his `Eight views of Xiao-Xiang'poems"(〈朝鮮安平大君李瑢及「匪懈堂瀟湘八景詩卷」析 論〉 .Journal of Oversea Chinese Classics 《域外漢籍研究集刊》 1:113-139. (In ) ( ) Chinese) (CSSCI, 中國大陸核心期刊)39. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬). April 2005.“Iconological Study in Pictures of Wang Zhaojun and Cai Yan" 〈 ( 「出塞」 「歸漢」 或 --王昭君與蔡文姬圖像的重疊與交錯〉 .Forum ) in Womens and Gender Studies(《婦研縱橫》)74:1-16. (In Chinese) (THCI, 台 5
  6. 6. 灣核心期刊)40. I, Lo-fen 衣若芬) ( .March 2005.“Skeleton Puppet Show: The Consciousness of Life in Chinese Literature and Iconography"(〈骷髏幻戲──中國文學與圖象中的生 命意識〉).Bulletin of the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy(《中國文 哲研究集刊》)26:73-125. (In Chinese) (THCI, 台灣核心期刊)41. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Sep. 2004.“Melancholy Longings of the Boudoir‫ ׃‬A Reading of Mou Yis Painting ‘Pounding Cloth’”(〈閨怨與相思:牟益「擣衣圖」的解 讀〉).Bulletin of the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy(《中國文哲研 究集刊》)25:25-59. (In Chinese) (THCI, 台灣核心期刊)42. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).June 2004.“The Influence of Su Shi on Gao Ryeo Dynasty `Eight Views of Xiaoxiang' Poetry – Yi Kwei-po's `Eight Views of Qian Zhou' as an Example" 〈蘇軾對高麗 ( 「瀟湘八景」詩之影響──以李奎報〈虔 州八景詩〉為例〉).Songdai Wenxue Yanjiu Congkan(《宋代文學研究叢刊》) 10:205-229. (In Chinese)43. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬). May 2004.“The Poetry of Yi Zae-hyun and the Creation of Korean Local `Eight Views'"(〈李齊賢八景詩詞與韓國地方八景之開 創〉).Zhongguo Shixue(《中國詩學》)9:147-162. (In Chinese)44. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬). Winter 2003.“The Go Ryeo Dynasty Literati Lee Yin-Ro and Jin Hwa and the Transmission of the Poems and Paintings of the `Eight Views of Xiaoxiang'"(〈高麗文人李仁老、陳澕與中國瀟湘八景詩畫之東 傳〉).Zhongguo Xueshu(《中國學術》)16:158-176. (In Chinese) (CSSCI, 中 國大陸核心期刊)45. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬). Dec.2003.“Observation, Description, Appreciation --Towards Constructing a Methodology for the Study of Chinese Colophons" 〈觀看、敘述、 ( 審美──建構中國題畫文學研究方法論之我見〉 .Journal of International Chinese ) Studies(Korea)(《(韓國)國際中國學研究》)6:3-21. (In Chinese)46. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Nov. 2003.“An Analysis of the Dongtian Qingluji by Zhao Xihu"(〈趙希鵠《洞天清祿集》探析〉).Xin Songxue(《新宋學》)2:410-419. (In Chinese)47. I, Lo-fen (衣若芬).Sep. 2003.“`Landscape Like a Picture' and `Landscape in the Picture': On the Song and Yuan Poems on the `Xiaoxiang' Landscape Paintings"(〈「江山如畫」與「畫裡江山」:宋元題「瀟湘」山水畫詩之比 較〉).Bulletin of the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy(《中國文哲研 究集刊》)23:33-70. (In Chinese) (THCI, 台灣核心期刊)48. I, Lo-fen(衣若芬).Sep. 2002.“Liu Zong-yuan in the Xiao-Xiang literature works and paintings" 〈瀟湘文學與圖繪中的柳宗元〉 .Journal of Ling Ling University ( ) (《零陵學院學報》)23:1:6-10. (In Chinese) 6
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