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Micro market v2

  1. 1. Mastering Opportunity - Micro-Market Analysis<br />Seeking Opportunities<br />A report on Micro-Market Analysis through observation of two establishments in the same market segment<br />The Researchers studied two brands in the Frozen Yogurt Industry namely Red Mango and White Hat. The researchers believed that through these brands, it will be easier to determine who is ahead in terms of quality, facility and the variety of choices to choose from. For the researchers to be able to identify this, the researchers first looked for a branch, which is competitive in terms of sales. Then, the researchers used the branch to determine the objectives why are customers buying from the said brand. Now the researchers made a comparison between White Hat and Red Mango.<br />White Hat is 100% Filipino owned brand in the Philippines. White Hat first opened its first branch in SM Mall of Asia back in July 2008. What is interesting is that they managed to came up with their own unique recipe from nothing. But with the help of an an Italian Gelato expert;, they managed to come up with a perfectly smooth and creamy YOGURT with a slight tangy sourness. White Hat offers 21 toppings for their 98% fat free yogurt to appeal to health conscious, urban young adults.Red Mango on the other hand, is a top Fro-Yo brand which started in South Korea. Their Head Qurters can be found in Dallas, Texas in the United States. They have expanded in the Philippines and opened it’s first branch in Trinoma on January 2009. <br />The Tanmantiong Sisters were the one who brought Red Mango here in the Philippines. The Tanmantiong Sisters is also the Daughter of Jollibee President Ernesto Tanmantiong. What Red Mango envisions to it self is that, Red Mango should be able to position it self as the Star Bucks of the Fro-Yo (Frozen Yogurt) Arena. It also positions itself as a brand, which pushes for a “Coffeehouse Environment.” A Coffeehouse Environment where it is a place where meetings could be held, Customers could chill and relax in the Yogurt Shop.<br /> Red Mango also offers a variety of Menus to Choose from. “Red Mango offers all-natural, probiotic-packed frozen yogurt, smoothies and iced teas (Bozell and Jacobs Case Study).”<br />0781050<br />Red Mango is also dependent on flavors and recipes provided by the parent company. However, Red Mango Philippines has the flexibility to choose which ones to carry locally. White hat on the other hand, being wholly Filipino owned, developed it’s own “perfect” flavor and has more flexibility in terms of flavors, recipe and product offering. <br />Customers<br />The researchers made a study where there will be a direct communication from the consumers to the study. The Method that the Researchers used was the Survey Descriptive Method of Study. The researchers, through the use of Survey Form used a a Survey Form which was directly answered by the Customers entering and buying from the store. The Survey Form asked a series of questions, which concerns the demographics, psychographic, and brand awareness of the customers. <br />Survey Results<br />The survey results reveal that Red Mango and White Hat both caters to the same target market consumers: The Target Market Consumers are the urban professionals ranging from 21 to 30 years old having high brand recall and loyalty. This simply shows that White Hat and Red Mango had been able to provide to needs of the customers in terms of selling Frozen Yogurt. It also satisfies the tastes of these consumers making them happy and contented with Fro- Yo. The results of the survey in terms of its secondary target market also revealed that there are more students going to White Hat rather than Red Mango. Red Mango on the other hand caters to 31-50 age groups as its secondary target market.<br />Location<br />Red mango Currently has 7 branches in the Philippines: 6 in Metro Manila and one in Cebu. The Branch that the researchers used for their study was in Red Mango and White Hat in Trinoma. Red Mango is located at the 3rd Floor of Trinoma’s Wellness Zone where establishments like Fitness First, Belo Medical Group, Healthy Options, Powerbooks and Toys R’ Us can also be found. Please see picture below for reference purposes<br />White hat on the other hand is located at the 2nd Floor of Trinoma Mall’s Sport Zone fronting the Escalators in plain view of people coming from the 1st and 3rd floors of the mall. It has 15 branches in Metro Manila and 5 branches in the provinces.<br />Location is an imperative aspect in this study because this is one way or another showing the capability of both stores to cater to its target markets. <br />The Wellness Zone in Trinoma is so dense by health conscious, sports minded, and family oriented Individuals, which makes it appealing to White Hat and Red Mango. In General, People usually go to this area with a specific purpose: Either that would be to take care of their skin, buy a book, purchase an appliance, or buy a toy. Usually what happens when individuals goes to the mall, they usually have a companion with them, and what usually happen is that when they see the kiosk of Red Mango, they will sit in and eat Frozen Yogurt. Accessibility to the public has been one of the perennial factors why Customers buy to them. Even persons going to the bookshop, when they see the Red Mango kiosk, they would drop by and buy some and eat it either in the kiosk (Dine in) or for to go. So basically, Red Mango positioned itself quite perfectly. <br />The People in Sports Zone in Trinoma usually look for Sports equipment, apparels or what have you. When these individuals happens to pass by White Hat, sometimes it is irresistible for them not o drop by since the Below the Line promotions of White hat is something that you wont impossible to see. <br />Since the price is not too high for them (customers) to buy one, people occasionally stop by to get something. The dining area of White Hat compared to Red Mango is also bigger and the seating capacity it offers is more than that of Red mango, which could accommodate at least 30 persons. The Position where White Hat is near the escalator gives an plus for them since people would be able to see White Hat easily. Red Mango is also is positioned right at the back of the escalators, which also has its own advantage. The Location of White hat also happens to be a key why it has high sales<br />Price and Offering<br />The Pricing for Both establishments is basically the same. The Price of Yogurt for Red mango is at Php90.00 for 40oz while White Hat priced their Yogurt at Php85.00. The Price of the Toppings for both White Hat and Red Mango is basically the same. What makes Red Mango ahead of White Hat is that it offers more selection like Waffles, Coffee, and Tea. White Hat has a limited variety of choices to choose from aside from Frozen Yogurt.<br />Process and Technology<br />The employees of Red mango seem to have more expertise and more knowledgeable in relation with their products. They seem to have more knowledge because they have been able to process other offerings in their menu aside from FRO YO such as making waffles, blended juices, and brewed coffee. The employees of White Hat have sufficient knowledge in terms of the services it offers. They have the basic tools needed to make a Frozen Yogurt. That's it. Although the order of process for White Hat is much Quicker compared to Red Mango. White Hat and Red Mango has Yogurt Maker and Mixer.<br />Conclusion<br />The Result of the Survey reveals that customers tend to have high brand loyalty (Brand Recall, Repeat of Purchase) with Red Mango slightly having advantage on Product, Packaging, Price, and staffing. White Hat has an advantage in terms of promotion, placement, and facilities. To sum, they directly compete with each other. They are aiming for one goal, which is to provide quality Frozen Yogurt in the Industry. Both of them have their own set of loyal patrons and both capture their target market very well.<br />CUSTOMER SURVEY FORMCUSTOMER BEHAVIOUR WHITE HAT = 34RED MANGO = 20 YESNOYESNODid you know what to order already?1915147Did you take time to check choices before ordering?Yogurt (Plain) - 13; Toppings - 10; Monkey's Hat - 3; Make Your Own - 1; Baker's Hat - 3; Cooky Hat - 1; Chocolate - 1; Healthy Hat - 3; Peanut Butterball Waffle - 1; Waffle - 1; Cobbler's Hat - 1; No Reply - 681010What did you order?Yogurt (Plain) - 13; Toppings - 10; Monkey's Hat - 3; Make Your Own - 1; Baker's Hat - 3; Cooky Hat - 1; Chocolate - 1; Healthy Hat - 3; Peanut Butterball Waffle - 1; Waffle - 1; Cobbler's Hat - 1; No Reply - 6Yogurt with toppings - 9; Waffles - 2; Greentea with toppings - 4; Plain - 1; Tropical Crush -1; CAT - 1; No Reply - 2Did you stay to finish your order?34 20 How long did you stay in or near the kiosk?1 hour - 4; 30 to 45 min - 8; 15 min - 4; 1 to 5 min - 7; after we finished - 2; no replies - 92 hrs - 1; 1 hour - 4; 30 min - 4; 15 min - 4; 10 min - 2; 5 min or less - 1; No Reply - 4How often do you buy from this store?2x a week - 2; 1x a week - 4; whenever I see a branch/I can - 2; 2 to 3x a month - 7; 1x a month - 4; sometimes - 3; seldom - 4; first time - 4; no reply - 43x a week - 1; 2x a week - 2; 1x a week - 5; 2-3 x a month - 3; 1x a month - 2; depends on my mood -1; occasionally - 1; often enough - 1; everytime I'm in the mall - 1; first time - 1; seldom -2 YESNOYESNODo you know of other competitors for this product/store?259155Please identify 1 or 2 competitors:Red Mango - 19; Tutti Frutti - 8; Froyo - 6; California Berry - 3; Golden Spoon - 1; No Reply - 9White Hat -11; Golden Spoon - 3; YohFroz - 5; California Berry - 2; Tutti Frutti - 4; Fruity Froyo - 1; TCBY - 1; No Reply - 4Do you buy from them too?2311146From which store do you buy most often?White Hat - 17; Tutti Frutti - 3; Red Mango - 3; Trinoma - 2; Froyo -1; K. Rogers -1; No Reply - 7Red Mango - 9; White Hat - 3; Trinoma -3; California Berry - 1; No Reply - 2ESTABLISHMENT SURVEYHow do you find the price?cheap - 0reasonable - 24cheapreasonable -14 expensive - 6 expensive - 5 How do you find the service?caring - 15un-caringcaring - 11un-caring attentive - 24lousyattentive - 7lousy pleasant - 18unpleasantpleasant - 13unpleasant friendly - 17unfriendlyfriendly - 10unfriendlyHow is the speed of service?fast - 23slowfast - 11slow fast enough - 12a little slow - 1fast enough - 9a little slowIs the place clean?clean - 32dirtyclean - 20dirty not so clean - 2not so dirtynot so cleannot so dirtyCUSTOMER INFOAge0 to 10 - 0; 11 to 20 - 7; 21 to 30 - 20; 31 to 40 - 3; 41 to 50 - 2; 51+ - 20 to 10 - 0; 11 to 20 - 2; 21 to 30 - 6; 31 to 40 - 5; 41 to 50 - 5; 51+ - 2Came singly or with a groupSINGLE - 8GROUP - 26single - 2GROUP - 17Occupationstudent - 12; manager - 3; IT consultant - 3; airline employee - 2; employee - 3; lawyer, housewife, info officer, programmer, PTA, Librarian, Entrepreneur, Banker, Freelance Model, sales executive.Businessperson - 4; Employee - 7; Housewife - 3; Consultant, Chef, Interior Designer, Student - 2, Art DirectorGenderFemale - 20; Male - 14Female - 11Male - 9Educational AttainmentPost-Grad - 3; Masters - 2; College - 24; HS - 5Post Grad - 1; College - 16; HS - 2; No Reply - 1<br />