The Slynx, Tatyana Tolstaya


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The Slynx, Tatyana Tolstaya

  1. 1. Leshii Nadezhda Antipova, 1996
  2. 2. Leshii Boris Zabirokhin, 1995
  3. 3. The Start of a Very Nice Summer Day (A Symphony) Daniil Kharms, 1930s No sooner had the cock crowed than Timofei jumped out of his window onto the roof and frightened everyone who was passing by on the street. Khariton the peasant stopped, picked up a stone, and threw it at Timofei. Timofei disappeared. "What a dodger!" cried the human herd, and a certain Zubov took a run and rammed his head into a wall. "Oo!" exclaimed a peasant woman with a swollen cheek. But Komarov gave the woman a swift left-right and she ran off howling. Fetelyushin walked past and laughed. Komarov went up to him and said: "As for you, you fat lump!" and punched Fetelyushin in the stomach. Fetelyushin supported himself against the wall and started to hiccup. Romashkin spat out of his window from above, trying to hit Fetelyushin. Meanwhile, nearby, a bignosed woman was beating her child with a trough. And a young, plump mother was rubbing her pretty little girl's face against a brick wall. A small dog with a broken hind leg lay sprawled on the pavement. A small boy was eating something revolting from a spittoon. There was a long line for sugar at the grocery shop. Women were swearing loudly and shoving each other with their bags. Khariton the peasant, who had just drunk some methylated alcohol, was standing in front of the women with his trousers undone and uttering obscenities. Thus began a very nice summer day.
  4. 4. Birchbark Letter Novgorod, 13th Century
  5. 5. Text of Birchbark Letter
  6. 6. Birchbark Letter Novgorod, 14th Century
  7. 7. They Didn’t Expect Him Ilya Repin, 1888
  8. 8. An Aristocrat’s Breakfast Pavel Fedotov, 1850
  9. 9. The Seated Demon Mikhail Vrubel, 1890
  10. 10. Pushkin Monument, Moscow
  11. 11. From Ruslan and Liudmila Alexander Pushkin, 1820 There’s a green oak by the shores Of the blue bay; on a golden chain, A cat, learned in fairy stories, Walks round the tree in ceaseless strain: Moves to the right – a song it groans, Moves to the left – it tells a tale. There’re marvels there: the wood-sprite roams, Midst branches shines a mermaid’s tail; There are the strangest creatures’ traces On mysterious paths and moors; There stands a hut on hen’s legs, hairless, With no windows and no doors [..]
  12. 12. Illustration for Ruslan and Liudmila by 15-year-old Sasha Kushakov
  13. 13. Chernomor and Ruslan
  14. 14. From “Exegi Monumentum” Alexander Pushkin, 1836 I have erected a monument to myself Not built by hands; the path to it, though trodden By the people, shall not become overgrown, And it stands higher than Alexander's column.
  15. 15. From “The Prophet” Alexander Pushkin, 1827 "Arise, prophet, and see, and hear, Carry out my will, And passing by sea and land, Burn the hearts of people with the word."
  16. 16. Sirin, Liubok, 19th Century
  17. 17. Sirin, Liubok, 19th Century
  18. 18. Sirin and Alkonost: Songs of Sorrow and Joy Viktor Vasnetsov, 1896