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Overview of Lodestone Logic services including business intelligence, strategic planning, and project execution. This presentation also includes a summary of Lodestone Logic's media channels and web presence.

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Lodestone Logic Overview

  2. 2. 3www.innovationpitstop.com TRANSFORMING HEALTHCARE Looking for opportunities to engage and support the innovators who are improving patient outcomes by transforming healthcare from inside the trenches.
  3. 3. 4www.innovationpitstop.com THE PROBLEM: Healthcare in Crisis • Close to 50 million of Americans lack health insurance. • Some 100,000 Americans now die from preventable hospital-acquired infections. • Inadequate patient care transitions are resulting in medication errors, high hospital readmission rates, increased care costs, and patient distress. • About a third of the U.S. population is obese, contributing to a diabetes epidemic. • The U.S. spends almost 17% of GDP on healthcare, and more per person than any other developed nation in the world.
  4. 4. 5www.innovationpitstop.com THE POTENTIAL: New Tools Offer New Opportunities • Advances in medical informatics are leading to new initiatives in health and patient safety. • Health data released by the HHS facilitates identification and tracking of health trends and service gaps. • Explosion of social media and mobile telecommunications offers unprecedented opportunities to collect, aggregate, reuse and reapply health data. • Healthcare innovators are using new tools to reduce operational costs, identify trends, and improve patient care.
  5. 5. 6www.innovationpitstop.com THE CHALLENGE: This Expertise is Buried • Healthcare innovators lack time and resources to attend distant, lengthy conferences, deliver papers, or write articles and blogs. • Colleagues sharing cubicles often fail to communicate with each other. • Knowledge is hidden in information silos and obscured by proprietary software and stand-alone electronic systems. • Local and regional solutions with nationwide implications are insufficiently disseminated.
  6. 6. 7www.innovationpitstop.com LODESTONE LOGIC GOALS • Find the innovators who are already transforming healthcare. • Surface and tackle specific challenges. • Identify transferable resources. • Eliminate repeat failures and duplication of efforts. • Disseminate lessons and findings to broader audiences via an interactive platform that supports documents, discussion threads and videos. • Create a local groundswell that accelerates the transformation of healthcare.
  8. 8. 10www.innovationpitstop.com LODESTONE LOGIC SOLUTIONS: Business Intelligence • Deep dive assessments and reports of internal and external factors • Stakeholders • Competitors • Resources • Trends • Regulations and Policies • Investments and Acquisitions • Responsibilities
  9. 9. 11www.innovationpitstop.com LODESTONE LOGIC SOLUTIONS: Strategic Planning • Immersive strategic planning process engaging key internal influential stakeholders that have unique perspectives, experiences, and insights. • Individual interviews create a foundation of knowledge about the organization and external factors – both threats and opportunities. • Facilitated sessions surface challenges and solutions and help to confirm organizational mission, vision, and tactical plans
  10. 10. 12www.innovationpitstop.com LODESTONE LOGIC SOLUTIONS: Project Execution • Expert project management leveraging the following tactics in close coordination with our clients to: • define the project goals and objectives • develop project plans accounting for risks and opportunities • recognize individual interests and motivations of team members • produce transparent, concise, and regular communications with the core and extended team members
  11. 11. 13www.innovationpitstop.com LODESTONE LOGIC SOLUTIONS: Social Media Bootcamp for Healthcare • Where are the MD and patient thought leaders? • Twitter – is it really worthy it? • Blogging 101 • Asking the Universe for their opinion • The “boundaries” of social media for pharma and biotech • 1. Compliance and privacy • 2. FDA - Pre-marketing, on-label vs off-label • 3. HIPAA
  12. 12. 14www.innovationpitstop.com LODESTONE LOGIC SOLUTIONS: The Innovation Pitstop • A uniquely designed 1.5-day immersive mini- conferences with 40 key innovators. • Meeting formats will include speakers, group discussions, formal and informal networking. • Challenges and solutions will be captured, shared, and disseminated through an interactive platform for videos and documents. • Virtual innovator communities will expand with each session.
  13. 13. 15www.innovationpitstop.com LODESTONE LOGIC SOLUTIONS: Conference Insights COMING SOON! • Data and analytical services to help businesses make strategic decisions • >100,000 points of data from conferences on digital health, health 2.0, eHealth, informatics, and health technology • Surfaces domain experts, competitive insights, customer insights, branding/marketing opportunities Conference Insights is in beta Ask us if you are interested in learning more!
  15. 15. 18www.innovationpitstop.com WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO • Share a fierce commitment to patients and a dedication to transforming healthcare. • Recognized as talented, passionate, accountable, do-what-it-takes innovators. • Affiliated with a wide range of organizations • Represent diverse roles in healthcare: physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners, hospital administrators, social workers, public health officials, entrepreneurs, technologists, pharmaceutical and academic researchers, informaticists and patient advocates • Driving for innovation within their organization or healthcare system.
  16. 16. 19www.innovationpitstop.com WWW.LODESTONELOGIC.COM
  17. 17. 20www.innovationpitstop.com BLOG WWW.LODESTONELOGIC.COM/BLOG/
  18. 18. 21www.innovationpitstop.com EVENTS WWW.LODESTONELOGIC.COM/EVENTS/
  19. 19. 22www.innovationpitstop.com @LODESTONELOGIC
  20. 20. 23www.innovationpitstop.com THE NAVIGATOR NEWSLETTER Ask us how to subscribe!
  21. 21. 25www.innovationpitstop.com ABOUT LODESTONE LOGIC • We are recognized for a unique combination of strategic insights and tactical capabilities. • Our expertise encompasses benchmarking analyses, strategic planning, innovation, product development, and new media technology platforms. • Clients include governments, universities, and commercial and healthcare entities. Tel +1.317.414.8158 contact@lodestonelogic.com www.lodestonelogic.com