Towards the Linked Data Web, Sören Auer, 26.1.2011, Brussels, Belgium


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This presentation has been the 2nd presentation at the LOD2 ( Meetup in Brussels, Belgium on 26.01.2011 at the fedict ( office.
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Towards the Linked Data Web, Sören Auer, 26.1.2011, Brussels, Belgium

  1. 1. Towards the Linked Data Web Sören Auer<br />
  2. 2. Problem: Try to search for these things on the current Web:<br />Apartments near German-Russian bilingual childcare in Leipzig.<br />ERP service providers with offices in Vienna and London.<br />Researchers working on multimedia topics in Eastern Europe.<br />Informationis available on the Web, but opaque to current Web search.<br />Why Linked Open Data?<br />Solution: complement text on Web pages with structured linked open data & intelligently combine/integrate such structured information from different sources:<br />Search engine<br />HTML<br />HTML<br />RDF<br />RDF<br />Web server<br />Web server<br />Web server<br />Web server<br /><br />Has everything about childcare in Berlin.<br /><br />Knows all about real estate offers in Germany<br />DB<br />DB<br />
  3. 3. The emerging Web of Data<br />interlink<br />2009<br />2007<br />SILK<br />DXX Engine<br />fuse<br />create <br />2008<br />poolparty<br />SemMF<br />OntoWiki<br />2008<br />Sigma<br />WiQA<br />2008<br />2008<br />ORE<br />repair<br />classify<br />Virtouso<br />2009<br />DL-Learner<br />MonetDB<br />Sindice<br />enrich<br />
  4. 4. LOD achievements and challenges<br /><ul><li>Web - a global, distributed platform for data, information and knowledge integration
  5. 5. exposing, sharing, and connecting pieces of data, information, and knowledge on the Semantic Web using URIs and RDF (W3C Standards)</li></ul>Achievements<br />Extension of the Web with a data commons (25B facts<br />vibrant, global RTD community<br />Industrial uptake begins (e.g. BBC, Thomson Reuters, Eli Lilly) <br />Emerging governmental adoption in sight<br />Establishing Linked Data as a deployment path for the Semantic Web.<br /><ul><li>Challenges</li></ul>Coherence: Relatively few, expensively maintained links<br />Quality: partly low quality data and inconsistencies<br />Performance: Still substantial penalties comparedto relational <br />Data consumption: large-scale processing, schema mapping and data fusion still in its infancy<br />Usability: Missing direct end-user tools and network effect<br />These issues are closely related and should ultimately lead to an ecosystem of interlinked knowledge!<br />April 2008<br />July 2007<br />September 2008<br />July 2009<br />
  6. 6. Linked DataLifecycle<br />Challenges<br />
  7. 7. UK School Map App<br /><br />
  8. 8. UK School Map .<br />App<br />Wrapper<br /><br />
  9. 9. German Federal Budget App<br />26.01.2011<br /><br />
  10. 10. German Federal Budget<br />App<br />Wrapper<br /><br />
  11. 11. Use case: Stuttgart 21<br />Controversial infrastructure project in southern Germany<br />Aim: convert terminus into a through station located underground<br />Budget estimates: 4,5 1 – 7 2 – 10 2 Milliards Euro <br />1<br />2,1518,718813-2,00.html<br />
  12. 12. My Dream<br />26.01.2011<br />Services<br />Apps<br />Integration<br />Economic<br />stats<br />Wrappers<br />Attitude<br />survey<br />Protected<br />sites<br />Passenger numbers<br />Data<br />Budget K21<br />(competing)<br />Budget S21<br />(official)<br />Route<br />
  13. 13. Some Benefits of Linked Open Gov’t Data<br />Enables applications that allow for<br />getting a 360 ° view on an issue<br />rapid fact-checking<br />cross-referencing and checking of statistical claims (“how to lie with statistics”)<br />increased transparency in public debate<br />release of the creative potential of “the crowd” <br />Help citizens in their daily life<br />to understand their governments better<br />find good places to live (little pollution, good schools, close to protected natural sites…)<br />locate public services (administrative offices, public toilets…)<br />Brings citizens and government closer together<br />
  14. 14. Thanksforyourattention!<br />Sören Auer<br /> | |<br /><br />
  15. 15. Make the Web a Linked Data Washing Machine<br />
  16. 16. LOD2 in a Nutshell<br />15<br />Research focus<br /><ul><li>Very large RDF datamanagement
  17. 17. Enrichment &Interlinking
  18. 18. Fusion & InformationQuality
  19. 19. Adaptive UI interfaces</li></ul>Use Cases<br /><ul><li>Media & Publishing
  20. 20. Enterprise Data Webs
  21. 21. Open Gov Data</li></ul>Partners<br />Uni Leipzig, DERI Galway, FU Berlin, Semantic Web Company, OpenLink, Tenforce, Exalead, WoltersKluwer, OKFN<br />
  22. 22. Linked Enterprise Intra Data Webs can fill the gap between Intra-/Extranets and EIS/ERP<br />Facilitates data integration along value-chains within and across enterprises<br />The pragmatic, incremental, vocabulary based Linked Data approach reduces data integration costs significantly<br />The wealth of knowledge available as Linked Open Data can be leveraged as background knowledge for Enterprise applications<br />Linked Enterprise Data<br />