LOD2 Plenary Vienna 2012: WP9A - LOD for a Distributed Marketplace for Public Sector Contracts


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State of Play presentation at the LOD2 Plenary Vienna 2012: WP9A - LOD for a Distributed Marketplace for Public Sector Contracts by Vojtěch Svátek (UEP)

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LOD2 Plenary Vienna 2012: WP9A - LOD for a Distributed Marketplace for Public Sector Contracts

  1. 1. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data WP9a – LOD2 for a Distributed Marketplace for Public Sector Contracts Plenary Meeting Vienna 21-23, March 2012 Vojtěch Svátek (UEP) Collaborative Project 2010-2014 in Information and Communication Technologies Project No. 257943 Start Date 01/09/2010 http://lod2.euEU-FP7 LOD2 WP10 – 22.-23.9.2011. 02.09.2010 . Page 1 http://lod2.eu
  2. 2. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataAgenda1. Overall goals and status2. Partners involved, tasks, deliverables and milestones3. Achievements in M13-M184. Future plansEU-FP7 LOD2 WP9a – 21.-23.3.2012. Page 2 http://lod2.eu
  3. 3. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataOverall goals and status• Explore and demonstrate the application of linked data principles for procuringcontracts in the public sector• Provide best practices and (substantial) proof of concept for building the distributeddata platform• Implement matchmaking and analysis services applicable on such a platform• The use case (and WP) only started in M13, within the LOD2 Enlargement project• Associated to WP9 in addressing government data • special focus • association to (linked) commerce dataEU-FP7 LOD2 WP9a – 21.-23.3.2012. Page 3 http://lod2.eu
  4. 4. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataPartners involved• UEP 35 PMs• I2G 5 PMs• ULEI 5 PMs• OKFN 3 PMsAlthough most realization activities depend on UEP (University of Economics,Prague), close collaboration with other partners is a must• Support for use of individual technological components of the LOD2 Stack (currently:Virtuoso, early experiments with OntoWiki and Silk)• Public Procurement as one of integration use cases in WP6• Participation in the linked data analytics – T9a.3, also related to WP10 (Linked DataMining Challenge)EU-FP7 LOD2 WP9a – 21.-23.3.2012. Page 4 http://lod2.eu
  5. 5. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataTasks• Task 9a.1: Creating linked data for public sector contracts • Started in M13, currently the main focus (data extraction and publishing)• Task 9a.2: Matching the demand of public sector bodies with linked commerce data • Starts in M25•Task 9a.3: Analytics of linked data for public sector contracts • Starts in M37EU-FP7 LOD2 WP9a – 21.-23.3.2012. Page 5 http://lod2.eu
  6. 6. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataDeliverables• Deliverable 9a.1.1 Framework for creating linked data in the domain of public sectorcontracts (originally due M16) • Scope of the deliverable was significantly extended, which caused a delay • Not only general framework and ontology+cookbook, but also data infrastructure implementation and data processing • Draft submitted to internal review in (early) M19• Deliverable 9a.1.2 Web application for filing public contracts (M24) • Presently starting the design of specifications – will be one of main topics of the WP break-out session• The remaining 4 deliverables (due M36+) are related to matchmaking and analyticalservicesEU-FP7 LOD2 WP9a – 21.-23.3.2012. Page 6 http://lod2.eu
  7. 7. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataCurrent Achievements• Public Contracts Ontology (PCO)• Data Processing Framework• Datasets Processed• Supply to Linked Open Data Mining Challenge• Case Study in Supplier-Side ModellingEU-FP7 LOD2 WP9a – 21.-23.3.2012. Page 7 http://lod2.eu
  8. 8. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataPublic Contracts OntologyEU-FP7 LOD2 WP9a – 21.-23.3.2012. Page 8 http://lod2.eu
  9. 9. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataPublic Contracts Ontology• Ontology design • Reuse of existing RDF and non-RDF schemas (TED, Good Relations, SKOS, …) • Mappings (Call for Anything, LOTED) • Modularity (EU, particular countries, …)• Comprehensive ‘cookbook’ for LD designers, covering all important constructs of thePCO• Started discussions with people involved in similar projects • WESO Oviedo, • LOTED • Euroalert.net• Possible future extensions • National modules • Modelling detailed award criteria, restrictions for suppliers (important for match-making)EU-FP7 LOD2 WP9a – 21.-23.3.2012. Page 9 http://lod2.eu
  10. 10. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataData Processing Framework• An instance of Virtuoso was deployed and is being filled with data extracted fromCzech and British PC resources• Currently being extended with focused extractors, cleaners, linkers (Silk), qualityassessment components, data aggregation and visualizationEU-FP7 LOD2 WP9a – 21.-23.3.2012. Page 10 http://lod2.eu
  11. 11. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataDatasets Processed• Public contracts, Business entities• Use: • Matchmaking • Data mining and analytical services• We have: • Snapshot of Czech national data (governmental portal, local portals – Prague, Universities etc.) Cca 60K contracts • British public contracts data (ContractsFinder) Cca 7K contracts• We need • More data from other EU countries and specific institutions TED (not all contracts, more in national portals, involvement of other partners desirable) • Data on companies from national business registers opencorporates.com• How can you help? • A little - Describe public contracts datasets in your country into CKAN – e.g. the Data Hub • A lot - Screen-scraping or structured extraction to RDF data according to PCOEU-FP7 LOD2 WP9a – 21.-23.3.2012. Page 11 http://lod2.eu
  12. 12. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataData Supply for Linked Data Mining Challenge (part of WP10)First, exploratory run of the Challenge• Spring 2012: data gathering and preparation; workshop submission to a conference • Public contracts data linkable to LOD and other LD resources• Late Spring 2012: data analyzed by participants• Autumn 2012: challenge workshop taking placeEU-FP7 LOD2 WP9a – 21.-23.3.2012. Page 12 http://lod2.eu
  13. 13. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataCase Study in Supplier-Side Modelling• As proof of concept of supplier-side modelling, a vertical ontology for the RenewableEnergy Products domain was designed • Collaborative design relying on a Protégé – OntoWiki pipeline• An initial experiment in matching PC data with potential supplier data in this domainwas carried out (using Silk)EU-FP7 LOD2 WP9a – 21.-23.3.2012. Page 13 http://lod2.eu
  14. 14. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataFuture Plans (in T9a.1)• Upon approval of the proposed framework we will more extensively publish andrefine public contracts data using the data infrastructure • A web-based application for public contracts filing will be developed (presumably, as an extension of OntoWiki) • D9a.1.2• Existing inventory of ontologies for describing the supplier side will be examined andnew additions proposed (following the example of Renewable Energy ProductsOntology)• Longer-term plans will be discussed at the break-out session on Friday• Especially what LOD2 Stack tools can be used and what datasets can be processed!EU-FP7 LOD2 WP9a – 21.-23.3.2012. Page 14 http://lod2.eu