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Purplle brings you a list of hand care products that provides completely natural solutions to beauty and skin care.

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Purplle picks

  1. 1. Purplle Picks: Best Hand Care ProductsAroma Magic Hand CreamAroma Magic has extracts of Rose, Orange, Aloe Vera, Wheat germ and Cocoa Butter, Neroli,Almond Oil and essential oils Carrot Seed and Jasmine. These essential oils purify andsmoothens damaged and chapped hands. The synergic mixture of vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5 andcocoa butter restores skin balance while moisturizing and fighting skin ageing. It’s a delicateemulsion to treat hands damaged by daily work, cold & atmospheric agents. Essential Oils purifyand smoothens rough chapped hands. The synergistic mixture of Vitamin E, pro Vitamin B5 &Cocoa butter restores skin balance while moisturizing and fighting skin aging. Purify &smoothen rough chapped hands.Purplle Take: Aroma Magic provides completely natural solutions to beauty and skin care. It isa wonderful product if you want to take care of your skin in a natural way. AHA boostsregeneration of skin cells and improves skin condition remarkably. It contains essential oilswhich smoothen and nourish skin effectively. All in all it’s a delicate emulsion to treat handsdamaged by daily work, cold and atmospheric agents.ASEPTA Vita citral Repairing Hand Gel ASEPTA Vita citral Repairing Hand Gel is a gel for damaged, sore and chapped hands.Softens the skin and reduces irritation, itching and redness. Active ingredients are Plant Glycerin,Aloe and Vitamin A that soften, soothe and comfort. Damaged, sore and chapped hands may becaused by several factors: a constant exposure in the open air (cold, wind, pollution…), a
  2. 2. frequent contact with aggressive household products or industry products and a geneticpredisposition to dry skin that doesn’t spare the hands. VITA CITRAL TR Care is a treatmentthat provides soothing and repairs in the hands.Purplle Take: It has hydrating power that gives again suppleness to the skin. It stimulates thecellular renewal that helps damaged hands to be repaired. Your hands regain softness andsuppleness and cracks and fissures disappear. It is best for dry damaged hands. Apply at leasttwice daily concentrating on damaged area as often as necessary.Sally Hansen 18 Hour Protective Hand CrèmeThis formula combines the effective anti-bacteria properties with Codium Tomentosum extractand 6 essential vitamins, making hands feel soft and smooth. It is alcohol-free and has variousfruity & flowery fragrances available. Soothing and protective Vitamin A, E, C, Grape Seed Oiland Shea Butter formula delivers fast relief, maximum moisture and incredibly soft skin for up to18 hours.
  3. 3. Purplle Take: Hand sanitizer kills up to 99.99 per cent of common bacteria and moisturizesyour hands. The best part about this cream is probably that your hands feel soft even if you haveexposed them to water more than once shortly after applying this cream. This product does a lotmore than what it claims to do.Sally Hansen Radiant Hand Nail & Cuticle CrèmeSally Hansen Radiant Hands, Nails & Cuticles Crème is a spa treatment that works to pamperrough hands, dry cuticles and weak nails. The cream contains vitamins A, C and E as well asgrape seed oil and chamomile. This is specially formulated with Vitamins A, C, E, grape seedoil, chamomile plus special light-weight moisturizers. Softens hands, smoothens cuticles, andstrengthens nails. Nails become shiny and more resistant to breaking. It absorbs instantly withoutthe grease.Purplle Take: Instant manicure at home! It’s very light, citrusy, and was an unexpected surprise.A spa treatment that moisturizes, pampers your hands and cuticles by giving you shinier nailsthat resist breaking. Specially formulated with vitamins A, C, E, grape seed oil and Chamomile,to soften and smooth skin while strengthening nails. The smell and moisturizing feel last for along time and you can feel it rinsing off your hands if you get them wet. If you have problemswith dry hands but you need motivation to use a hand cream, this is the product for you.Skintruth Replenishing Hand MaskIt is formulated to optimize sensitive skin by replenishing and smoothing the complexion. ItNourishes and revives the hands. Neroli provides uplifting and restorative benefits whilstRosemary moisturizes and protects. Leaves skin soft and smooth with Neroli and Rosemary.Nourishes and revives the hands. This rich mask restores and moisturizers leaving skin soft andsmooth & helps to sanitize and avoid infection. Hands feel restored and ready for the treatment.
  4. 4. Purplle Take: A regular facial is an ideal treatment to address any skin problems. Whatever theskin type of your client, there is a skin truth range to suit. This vitamin rich oil encouragesgrowth of strong healthy nails and can be used on polished or unpolished nails. Skin feelsrestored while the luxurious consistency moisturizes and protects. It promotes soft and suppleresults.Skintruth Soothing Marine Hand ScrubWith Seaweed and Natural Sea Salt, this is a smoothing marine hand scrub with sea algae andNatural Sea Salt. It Softens and rejuvenates your skin. Soothing Marine Hand Scrub with seaalgae and Natural Sea Salt exfoliates dead skin cells softening the skin. Vitamin E re-hydratesleaving hands rejuvenated and feeling softer.Purplle take: A fresh blend containing Dead Sea Salt and Rosemary to invigorate and exfoliatedull and lifeless skin cells. It helps to reduce the build-up of dry skin whilst improving
  5. 5. appearance and texture. This is a smoothing marine hand scrub with sea algae and Natural SeaSalt. Softens and rejuvenates skin. It provides extra special treatment to slough away rough anddry dead skin.Zuci Instant Hand Sanitizer – Citrus limeZuci Instant Hand Sanitizer offers antibacterial hand sanitizers. Zuci Instant Hand Sanitizerscontain Moisturizers and Vitamin E beads which dissolve upon contact to impart a soothing andrich feel to your skin. It’s refreshing & pleasant fragrances divulge a soothing effect on yourskin. It is absolutely safe and gentle enough to use several times a day. Zuci Instant HandSanitizer is packed in a trendy, spill proof travel friendly bottle; making it easy to carry in anoffice bag or in a child’s school bag.Purplle Take: Hand sanitizer kills up to 99.99 percent of common bacteria and moisturizes yourhands. It is enhanced with moisturizer to keep your hands soft and smooth. It is created for alltypes of skin. We love Citrus fragrances.