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How to Create an iBeacon Project in Minutes with Locly Sandbox


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An introduction to creating content on Locly Sandbox, and associating it with an iBeacon device. You will see how to start a project on Locly Sandbox, create content cards by entering text and uploading images/audio/video and then publish it to a beacon. This document accompanies a more detailed tutorial video on YouTube:

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How to Create an iBeacon Project in Minutes with Locly Sandbox

  1. 1. Locly is a self-service platform for creating professional, 
 media-rich app content that can be linked to your iBeacon devices
  2. 2. The app content we’re going to create has 6 places that will be connected to 4 Locly iBeacon devices about the app this is the card cover this is the place avatar
  3. 3. You can login to Locly either online ( or via the iPad and iPhone app, which is free to download from the App Store. login to locly to begin
  4. 4. First you setup your devices on the Locly system. Just click on ‘Beacons’ at the top-left of the screen. Select the type of beacon and enter the major and minor numbers. Repeat this for all your beacons. setup your iBeacon devices
  5. 5. Next click on ‘Templates’ and select the ‘Famous Artists’ template. This automatically creates a project with 5 places and 3 beacons. create your content
  6. 6. Click on ‘Yes’ to automatically configure your beacons and then select 3 of the beacons you just setup from the dropdown list. link your beacons
  7. 7. Click on ‘Create Place’ and give your place a name. Then add an avatar for the place and click on ‘Create Card’ let’s create another place….
  8. 8. There are 10 templates to choose from. For this card we’re going to select the ‘Simple’ card type for an image and some text. …and create a card for that place
  9. 9. Upload a cover for that card and enter some text. Then upload some images. You can also upload video, audio and widget files. add some content for that card
  10. 10. At the top of the page click on ‘Preview’. This will bring up the Locly Simulator. You can see how your card will look in the various devices. preview your card
  11. 11. Go back to the ‘place’ screen and select 
 a beacon from the dropdown menu. assign the place to a beacon
  12. 12. Open the Locly app and login to your account. You will see a list of your projects so tap on the ‘Famous Artists’ project to preview. You can 
 long-press on a card to edit it, and add new places and cards too. preview your card content on your device
  13. 13. Don’t forget to switch them on! They are already connected to your project places so you just need to put them in situ. switch on your beacons
  14. 14. Place the beacons where you want them. Put them as high as you can, above 6 foot if possible, so that people don’t block the signal. place your beacons
  15. 15. Now you just need to walk past your beacons to test your content. The card for the nearest beacon will always be placed at the top. test with your device
  16. 16. If you want your content to de displayed in an app that has your logo and colours then click on ‘Organisation’ and then ‘App Builder’. 
 Select ‘Create Application’. create your own custom app
  17. 17. Watch the video on YouTube: