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*Fixed* Episode 1 submission for Lost zombie season writing cotest

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Everybody needs hugo v2

  1. 1. "EVERYBODY NEEDS HUGO" By LockeRedemption Jason Oleinik TV SHOW "LOST"
  2. 2. Lost Zombie Season Writing Contest: Episode 1 "Everybody Needs Hugo" INT. STATUE - NIGHT Lit torches line the room; The fire burns in the middle, with the open ceiling above; Jacob’s tapestry sits against a wall and his empty chair in the back. A black box with Egyptian hieroglyphs is shown. Someone’s hands open it. Inside is a board; on it, a drawn depiction of a small landmass can be seen on the left side, and what appears to be ocean covering the rest of the board. A miniature ship and small figurines of people sit on the right edge of the board. The hands pick up the figures, and then put them back down, before taking the boat miniature and moving it next to the Island. The person is revealed to be Hurley. He stares at the board intently, before turning around and looking out into the night sky through the open ceiling. Zoom out to see the entire statue foot, and a fire nearby, with two shadowy figures sitting behind it. FADE TO BLACK: REVEAL LOST LOGO EXT. ISLAND BEACH - DAY Ben and Desmond sit on a wooden log. Desmond is looking out to sea, while Ben stares at the ground. The Taweret statue foot can be seen in the background. BEN I’m sorry. Desmond continues to look out at the sea, seemingly oblivious to Ben. BEN What I did in Los Angeles...what I was going to do... Desmond turns to Ben. BEN Charles got my daughter killed. (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. DESMOND Charles? Charles Widmore? Ben nods quietly. Desmond turns back to the ocean. DESMOND So. You were there for Penny then. Ben looks down on the ground in shame. DESMOND Where is he now. BEN Dead. Desmond nods and brings his hand to his forehead to shield his eyes from the sun as he stares out onto the ocean. He suddenly jumps up and points to something in the distance. Ben opens his mouth to speak but Desmond interrupts him. DESMOND There it is! Ben stands up and looks out. Far out at the horizon, there is a blimp on the water in the shape of a boat. Ben turns to Desmond and smiles. BEN I’ll go get Hurley. Ben runs in the statue’s direction. INT. STATUE - DAY Hurley sleeps on the floor around the fire in the center of the room. Light strikes down on his face through the opening in the ceiling. BEN (0.S.) Hurley! Are you there? Hurley slowly moves and opens his eyes. He raises his hand to block out the light. HURLEY Dude...What time is it? BEN (0.S.) It’s here, Hurley. (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. HURLEY What? BEN (0.S.) The boat Hurley. The boat’s here. ---------BREAK-------- EXT. ISLAND BEACH - DAY Hurley, Ben and Desmond stand on the shore of the beach near the statue. The boat is visibly closer now. Ben looks over at Hurley with surprise. BEN How did you do it? HURLEY Dude... Desmond turns to Hurley and pats him on the shoulder with a smile. Hurley looks confused. Ben continues looking at the water. DESMOND (Enthusiastically) Oh you’ve got it in you brotha. HURLEY I thought it was just a game or something. Ben looks at Hurley with confusion. HURLEY I can show you if you want. Ben looks over at Desmond as if asking for permission. DESMOND You boys go on. I’ll wait right here. BEN Suit yourself. Desmond sits back down on the wooden log with a content smile. Hurley and Ben walk towards the statue.
  5. 5. 4. INT. STATUE - DAY Hurley walks inside the large room with the open ceiling. He stops and turns around. HURLEY Dude? BEN Yes Hugo. HURLEY So are you going to like...come in? BEN You have to give me permission. HURLEY Ugh...alright. You...ugh...you can come in. HURLEY It’s a bit messy but... Ben walks inside the room. He looks around at the familiar layout. Hurley watches Ben walk over to the fire. Ben stares into it. HURLEY Ben? Are you alright? Ben turns back to Hurley and nods silently. HURLEY There it is. Hurley points to the bench in the back of the room. A square black box sits on top. Ben walks over to it. Hurley follows. The box has Egyptian hieroglyphs on it. BEN May I? HURLEY Go ahead. Ben opens the the box. BEN Is this...what I think it is? (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. CONTINUED: 5. HURLEY I don’t know dude. BEN A lot simpler than I imagined. Ben picks up the figures and examines them. He then puts everything back and closes the box. BEN Well, thank you for showing me this, Hugo. It’s nice to finally...be in the loop. HURLEY Sure dude. DESMOND (O.S.) Hey, you better get down here! BEN (Yelling) What is it, Desmond? DESMOND (O.S.) You’re not going to believe this. Ben and Hurley stand deep in thought. FLASHBACK TO: EXT. LA DOCK - DAY Penelope Widmore leans against the railing on Desmond’s boat. She watches her son play with a toy airplane and smiles. Footsteps are heard near the boat; it is revealed to be Charles Widmore. Penelope’s expression instantly changes from happy to defensive. She whispers something in her son’s ear and he goes down inside the boat. CHARLES Oh Penny I’m not going to hurt anyone- PENELOPE Where is Desmond! CHARLES Desmond is perfectly safe. Please, just hear me out. (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6. PENELOPE You tell me where Desmond is right now, or I’m calling the police! Charles sighs. He walks onto the boat and stops in front of Penelope. CHARLES He’s back on the Island- PENELOPE What? Why? CHARLES It would take too much time to explain. All that you need to understand is...Desmond is very important. PENELOPE What are you talking about? You treat him like- CHARLES Penny, everything that I have done. All the pain I have brought to you...and Desmond. It was all to keep you and your son safe. You must understand. Penelope shakes her head in disbelief. She tries to hold back her tears. PENELOPE You’re insane. CHARLES With time perhaps, you will come to understand. But that’s not why I’m here. (Beat) Please Penny, if you want to see Desmond again, you have to follow my instructions. PENELOPE What? CHARLES I’ve bought you a plane ticket and a boat will be waiting for you. Everything is explained here. (CONTINUED)
  8. 8. CONTINUED: 7. Charles hands the confused Penelope a small journal and the plane ticket. She reluctantly takes it. CHARLES Now it is of the utmost importance that you take this plane on this exact day, and then proceed to sail to these exact coordinates. Do you understand? Penny reads through a page in the journal. She appears confused and shakes her head. PENELOPE But...this is in the middle of the ocean...How- CHARLES Jacob will get you the rest of the way. Please, Penny, just trust me. I mean you no harm. Penelope sits down. She puts the journal down and looks at her father. PENELOPE Why? Why are you doing this? CHARLES Because my time is over. I won’t be able to bring Desmond back. PENELOPE What do you mean? Charles looks at her silently. There is a hint of sadness in his eyes. PENELOPE Dad? CHARLES I’m sorry Penny, I have to go. Please just know that...I’ve always loved you. Charles awaits for a response from Penny. He gives her a silent nod and turns around. Penny runs up to him and they embrace. She cries. CHARLES It’s alright... Charles pats her on the head as he looks into the distance. (CONTINUED)
  9. 9. CONTINUED: 8. FLASH BACK TO THE ISLAND: EXT. ISLAND BEACH - DAY Ben and Hurley run out of the statue towards Desmond. He stands knee-deep in the water, his attention focused on the boat which is now only a hundred meters away. DESMOND Penny! EXT. OCEAN - DAY Penelope is revealed standing on the boat with the wind blowing the sail towards the Island. She waves happily to Desmond. PENELOPE Des! DESMOND Penny! EXT. ISLAND BEACH - LATER The boat is just a few meters away from the beach. Desmond runs deeper and deeper into the water. Penelope jumps down. They embrace and kiss in neck-deep water. Ben looks over at Hurley, who smiles at the sight of the reunion. Ben is clearly agitated and uneasy. Penelope and Desmond talk as they finally walk out of the water. Penelope’s expression changes when she notices Ben. PENELOPE What is he doing here? Des? DESMOND He’s alright Penny. It’s alright. Don’t worry. He helped me. Penelope looks over at Ben and then back at Desmond. BEN I’m sorry Penelope- DESMOND It’s a long story, Pen. There is a short silence as everyone stands and comprehends the situation. (CONTINUED)
  10. 10. CONTINUED: 9. PENELOPE Desmond? Where is my father? Desmond looks over at Penelope and stops smiling. She is confused. DESMOND He’s- BEN He’s dead. Penelope brings her hand to her face. Desmond looks over at Ben and comforts Penelope. Ben remains emotionless. PENELOPE How... BEN I killed him. Everyone looks over at Ben with bewilderment. -------------------BREAK------------------------------- EXT. ISLAND BEACH - LATER Penelope cries in Desmond’s arms. Desmond looks over at Ben with a troubled expression. Hurley looks at Ben intently. PENELOPE Aren’t you going to do something? DESMOND No...Charles...he ugh... BEN He killed my daughter. I’m sorry Penelope. Penelope looks over at Ben with disgust. PENELOPE Let’s get out of here Desmond. Desmond tries to comfort Penelope but she breaks out of his arms and wipes away the tears. She walks back over to the boat. Desmond looks over at Ben and sighs, before he turns back towards Penelope. (CONTINUED)
  11. 11. CONTINUED: 10. HURLEY Dude, wait. Desmond turns around. HURLEY Can I ugh...can I come with you? BEN What? Hurley? Hurley looks over at Ben. Desmond is confused. HURLEY Somebody has to tell them...about Jack. Desmond stands in silence for a moment and then nods his head. DESMOND Of course Hurley. You’re free to- BEN Hugo, you can’t. (Beat) This island needs you. HURLEY They deserve to know dude. BEN Desmond can tell them. HURLEY But it wouldn’t- BEN Hurley, Jack believed in you. Your responsibility is here now. It’s what he would want. Hurley sighs and walks over to Desmond. They shake hands, and Desmond leans in for a hug. Ben walks over to Desmond and they reluctantly shake hands as well. Desmond gets on the boat with Penelope. They start to move way from the beach. Ben and Hurley stand together and watch the boat leave. Hurley waves.
  12. 12. 11. EXT. BOAT - DAY Desmond leans over the railing on the boat, looking back at the Island. His expression is both relieved and happy. Penelope comes next to him and embraces him from behind. They smile and kiss. EXT. ISLAND BEACH - LATER Hurley and Ben walk away from the beach and sit down on the wooden log. HURLEY So...what now dude. BEN Now Hugo, we need to bury the dead. Hurley looks at Ben with a disgusted expression. Ben looks back at him. BEN But first, you need to make me like Richard. Hurley looks at Ben with confusion. -------------------------BREAK------------------------------ EXT. ISLAND BEACH - LATER Hurley stands in front of Ben. He looks incredibly concentrated with closed eyes. Ben watches him from the wooden log. BEN Hurley, I don’t think- HURLEY Dude...just let me focus. Ben sighs and looks away. Hurley finally opens his eyes. HURLEY So...do you feel any different. BEN Not that I can tell. Hurley sighs. (CONTINUED)
  13. 13. CONTINUED: 12. HURLEY I’m sorry dude. I don’t know how. Ben is deep in thought. Hurley sits down in front of the fire, facing the ocean. HURLEY I’m not...I’m not meant for this...I’m not Jack. Hurley throws a stone into the ocean. Ben springs to his feet after Hurley’s words. He walks over to Hurley and sits down next to him. Hurley looks at Ben. BEN You don’t have to do it now, Hugo. We can’t expect you to learn everything in a week. Ben gives Hurley an enthusiastic smile. BEN Now come on, we have a job to do. Ben stands up. Hurley reluctantly follows him. EXT. JUNGLE - DAY Hurley follows Ben through the thick jungle. HURLEY (Panting) So...who are going to bury exactly? BEN The people Charles Widmore killed. HURLEY So those rockets he fired? BEN Not rockets. Mortar shells. HURLEY Alright dude, but you should know. (Beat) I’m not that good around...bodies. BEN It’s alright Hugo all we have to do is bury them. They continue walking.
  14. 14. 13. EXT. ISLAND BEACH - DAY Ben and Hurley walk out of the jungle onto a beach. There is a pillar of faint black smoke rising just ahead, beyond some trees. Ben turns to Hurley. BEN We’re almost there. EXT. ISLAND BEACH - LATER Ben and Hurley walk past the trees and the mortar attack site is revealed. There are a number of black patches on the ground with smoke rising from them, but no bodies. Ben runs over to the site and looks around. Hurley follows. HURLEY Um dude, aren’t there supposed to be bodies...and stuff. BEN I...don’t understand. HURLEY Maybe somebody already buried them. Ben looks at Hurley. BEN I suppose that it’s possible that some of them survived, but...I don’t see any graves. (Beat) And I doubt they would carry them all the way back to the Temple. HURLEY Only one way to find out. Ben nods at Hurley. HURLEY We’re going to the Temple. ---------------------BREAK----------------------------
  15. 15. 14. EXT. JUNGLE - DAY Hurley and Ben are back in the jungle, but this time Hurley leads the way. BEN You sure you’re going the right way? Hurley stops and turns around to Ben. HURLEY Well, I AM the protector of the Island, aren’t I? BEN Sorry. The men continue walking. There is a silence for a moment. HURLEY So um...I was wondering. (Beat) Will I ever be able to...you know. Go off the Island. BEN Of course Hugo. Just...not now. HURLEY Yeah dude it’s just that...you know my mom...and my dad- BEN Stop. HURLEY What? BEN Be quiet. Both men stop. Ben listens intently. There is a sudden noise of footsteps over leaves. Ben steps in front of Hurley and motions him to be quiet. The noise gets louder and louder as it gets closer. It is revealed to be a pale corpse with a chopped off arm and torn clothing. Ben and Hurley both stare in awe and fear. The corpse examines them before making a growling noise. HURLEY Dude...is that like- (CONTINUED)
  16. 16. CONTINUED: 15. BEN Run. HURLEY OK. Hurley and Ben race through the jungle, followed by the corpse. As they run they hear more similar growls from all around them. More corpses reveal themselves from the bushes. Hurley and Ben continue running, chased by the slowly advancing corpses. The Temple is finally in sight, but another corpse stands between the two men and the gates. Ben and Hurley stop. HURLEY Dude. I got this. BEN Hugo just don’t do anything- HURLEY Just trust me on this. Hurley holds Ben back and charges into the corpse, which only has time to react with a confused face before Hurley tackles it out of the way. Hurley turns around to the bewildered Ben. HURLEY This is like, Land of the Dead dude. Ben follows Hurley. He pounds loudly on the Temple gates. Hurley watches him silently for a moment before joining. HURLEY Hey let us in, we’re alive! Hurley looks behind himself; the corpses are fast approaching. HURLEY Ugh dude, we don’t have much time. BEN This is Benjamin Linus and Hugo Rayes, let us inside! OTHER #1 What lies in the shadow of the statue? Ben thinks for a moment. (CONTINUED)
  17. 17. CONTINUED: 16. BEN He who will save us all. The gates quickly open and a number of arms shove Hurley and Ben inside. INT. TEMPLE COMPOUND - DAY A group of Others quickly inspects them. HURLEY Dude. Do I look like one of those zombies to you? BEN This is ridiculous he is Jacob’s replacement- OTHER #1 They’re clear. The man that appears to be in charge nods. LEADER Look I don’t know who you think you are but you obviously know the code. So you can either help us fortify this place or try your chances outside. BEN (Frustrated) This is Hugo Rayes, he was passed on the leadership of this Island from Jacob. Now if you just- LEADER I don’t have time for this. If you want to prove he is in Jacob’s place... The leader looks at Hurley. LEADER ...Then perhaps he can help with the wounded in the pool room. The leader looks at Ben. LEADER You on the other hand will have to- (CONTINUED)
  18. 18. CONTINUED: 17. BEN Fine fine I’ll help, but first tell us what the hell that is out there. The leader crosses his arms and sighs. LEADER Your guess is as good as mine. It certainly looks like His work- BEN But he’s dead. LEADER Yes. The group of men stand silent for a moment. BEN Alright Hugo, you go on and help with the wounded and I’ll do my best here. HURLEY Dude, I don’t think I can do that yet- BEN Hugo we don’t have time. Please, just try. Ben follows a man to the wall surrounding the Temple compound. Two others start heading to the Pool Room and stop halfway, looking at Hurley with expectation. He finally follows. INT. TEMPLE POOL ROOM - DAY Hurley and the two others walk into the pool room. The water in the pool appears to be quite dark. A number of injured others lie on the stone floor around the pool. Another man appears to be caring for them, as he replaces a bandage on a gashing wound. HURLEY Dude, he’s not gonna make it. OTHER #1 Come on, get him in the pool. Hurley watches the two men that accompanied him grab the dying man and walk down the steps into the water. They look at Hurley. (CONTINUED)
  19. 19. CONTINUED: 18. OTHER #1 Well come on now, are you going to help him or not? HURLEY Ugh... Hurley quickly runs over to the steps and descends into the water. The two men pass the injured other into his arms as he floats carelessly on the water. HURLEY So ugh, what do I do now? (Beat) Guys? The two men quickly run out of the water and back outside. The other tending to the sick ignores Hurley and continues to help the injured. Hurley holds the man as he floats in the water and gazes around as if looking for advice. He finally puts his hand over the wound and closes his eyes, concentrating. He opens his eyes after a moment, but the wound is still present. The man appears to be dead. Hurley checks his pulse to verify. He finally lets go of the body and it flows to the center of the pool. Hurley walks backwards and crashes on the steps. HURLEY No, no no...Damn it! OTHER #2 Did it work? Hurley gets up and wipes his bloody hands on his shirt. He quickly runs up the steps and out of the room. OTHER #2 Hey, he’s dead! Where are you going? (Beat) Hey I’m talking to you! INT. TEMPLE COMPOUND - DAY Hurley quickly walks towards the gates. The man follows him out of the pool room. OTHER #2 Hey, stop him! (CONTINUED)
  20. 20. CONTINUED: 19. Hurley quickens his pace. He gets to the gate and pushes an unsuspecting other aside to open it. Ben notices the commotion from atop the wall. BEN Hurley? What are you doing? Hurley looks over at Ben with a sad expression. HURLEY This isn’t for me dude. BEN Wait- Hurley runs out of the gates. EXT. TEMPLE COMPOUND - DAY Ben yells of the wall. Hurley continues to quickly walk away. INT. TEMPLE COMPOUND - DAY Ben rushes down the ladder from the wall. He walks over to the 2ND other. BEN What did you do to him? OTHER #2 I didn’t do anything, he just ran out! BEN Why? OTHER #2 He tried to heal one of the men...but it didn’t work. BEN Are you sure? OTHER #2 Go look for yourself. The two men rush over to the pool room.
  21. 21. 20. INT.TEMPLE POOL ROOM - DAY Ben spots the body floating in the pool and quickly jumps inside. He inspects the man for injuries, but doesn’t find any. He notices a scar on his stomach. BEN He’s dead. OTHER #2 I know. BEN But his wound is healed. The other quickly runs down the steps into the water, and looks at the healed wound. All that remains is a sizable scar. OTHER #2 But...I don’t understand. The only person with the healing power is- BEN Yes. Jacob’s dead. (Beat) And Hurley is his replacement. The other looks at Ben with surprise. -------------------------BREAK---------------------------- EXT. JUNGLE - DAY Hurley continues trumping through the jungle without much care for making noise. He looks forward and sees a large bamboo forest ahead. He slows down his pace, grabbing the bamboo for support as he walks deeper and deeper inside. He sees a thin wooden pole sticking out of the ground and breathes a sigh of relief. He walks in front of it; it is a makeshift grave. He sits down on the ground in front of it with a saddened expression. HURLEY I’m sorry dude. I failed you. (Beat) I’m not a great man Jack. I can’t take your place. Hurley starts to sob. He suddenly hears something shuffle in the leaves behind him and turns around with a fearful expression. It’s an extremely pale JACK. His skin has a (CONTINUED)
  22. 22. CONTINUED: 21. bluish tone to it, and a large red spot stands out on his lower abdomen, dripping with blood all the way down to his jeans. His neck is also bleeding from a sizable wound. JACK Hey Hurley. You didn’t think you got rid of me that easy, did you? Hurley is astonished. Jack smiles at him. FADE TO BLACK: REVEAL CLOSING LOST LOGO. Summary The episode takes place after the Lost finale. Hurley sits inside the statue room. He is examining an old board game with miniature figures and a boat. He decides to move the boatfrom the ocean part of the board, to the island portion. ------Opening Lost Logo------------ In the next scene, Ben and Desmond sit around a fire not far from the statue, looking out at the ocean. Ben apologizes to Desmond for shooting him in LA and trying to hurt Penny. He explains that Charles Widmore forced his hand by killing Alex. Before he can tell Desmond that he killed Charles, Desmond spots a boat far off the coast. Ben goes to the statue to let Hurley know. Hurley, Ben and Desmond wait for the boat to arrive at the beach. Ben inquires as to how Hurley brought the boat here, and Hurley explains that it’s easier to show him. They leave Desmond, and Hurley shows Ben the board game. They are interrupted by Desmond’s cries. The next scene is a flashback to Penny in LA. She is visited by her father, Charles Widmore. Penny refuses to speak to him until he explains where Desmond is. Charles explains that Desmond is very important and everything that Charles has done to Desmond was for Penny’s own good. She refuses to believe him. He finally explains the reason for his visit; he gives Penny a plane ticket and instructions on how she will find Desmond again. When Penny inquires why Charles is doing this, he tells her that "his time is over". They embrace. Back on the Island, the boat is revealed to be Penny’s. Desmond and Penny have an emotional reunion, which is however interrupted by Ben’s presence. Penny asks what Ben is doing here, but Desmond is quick to defend him. She then asks about Charles, only to have Ben inform everyone that he (CONTINUED)
  23. 23. CONTINUED: 22. has killed him. Hurley and Desmond have a mixed reaction, while Penelope begins to cry and asks Desmond why he doesn’t do something about Ben. He tries to calm her down by she goes back to the boat. Hurley asks to come with Desmond, in order to inform Kate, Sawyer, and everyone else who left, of Jack’s death, but is stopped by Ben who reminds him of his role on the Island.The three men say their goodbyes, and Desmond gets on the boat and leaves. After Desmond’s departure, Ben informs Hurley that their current task is to "bury the dead", but first Hurley must make Ben ageless like Richard. Hurley is frustrated by his inability to know what to do. Ben reassures him that it will come with time, and they set out to bury the graves of the Others killed in Widmore’s mortar attack. When Ben and Hugo arrive at the site, they cannot find any bodies, so they come to the conclusion that the survivors must have buried them, even though they cannot find any graves nearby. Hugo decides that they should go to the Temple to investigate. When heading to the Temple, however, they are attacked by zombies, seemingly the same Others that died in the mortar attack, but they manage to escape and get inside the Temple walls. Inside the Temple compound, Ben talks to the current leader of the Others. He tells him that Hurley is the next Jacob, and the leader asks for proof by letting Hurley heal the wounded in the pool room (the same one Dogen put Sayid in). Ben agrees and goes on to help the Others with fortifying the Temple walls, while Hugo goes to the pool room. Unfortunately, Hurley fails to heal a man and he dies from a major wound. Sad, disturbed, and angry, Hurley rushes out of the Temple compound before anyone can stop him. Ben inquires why Hurley left, only to find that the man he attempted to heal is indeed dead, BUT his wound was in fact healed by Hurley. The scene switches back to Hurley who walks into the bamboo forest and sits in front of Jack’s grave. He believes that he is not worthy of his role. Suddenly, he hears Jack’s voice behind him. He turns around, and a zombie Jack is revealed. He asks Hurley "You didn’t think you got rid of me that easy, did you?" ------------Closing Lost Logo------------