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Summative Reflections


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Summative Reflections

  1. 1. Katie LockeMrs. Lester10th Literature/CompositionMay 5th, 2012 1.) In the content I researched I learned more about what PTSD is, and different ways you can treat PTSD. Also I learned the symptoms of the disease. PTSD is a mental illness and it causes you hyper vigilance, avoidance behavior and gives you flashbacks, nightmares, and etc. I learned that there is more than just therapy and medication. I learned that you can use exposure therapy which is like a simulation to the trauma that these veterans have already experienced and re-experience them to face their fears so that way the situation is less stressful. 2.) The challenges I encountered with this project in terms of finding information was that Adrienne and I had one main source of information and it was difficult to find enough information from other sources that would be useful enough in our text. Technology wise we could not get wordle to work for the longest time. There were problems there and we couldn’t get the CC license thing to go on the photo for my animoto video. 3.) What I found most difficult about the research project was that we chose to do a multi genera project and there was so much different things we needed to create and do. There was just repeated information and excessive amount of work that was unneeded. The most rewarding to me was filling out almost the entire shaping sheet myself and doing the research paper by myself because I’m usually very bad at that part of a project and because Adrienne didn’t have internet for a short time I was proud of myself for that. 4.) Before I did the research project about PTSD I knew only a few key aspects of the subject. I knew from the book our class read All Quiet on the Western Front of the struggles of war and we talked in our fishbowl discussions of what it might be like to have a mental illness and get PTSD in the war. We talked about how it would be traumatizing and how it might affect someone. It would make them not to function in normal life and not want to talk about what we did or saw, or even went through. Our families wouldnt understand and we wouldn’t really connect with anyone. We would probably avoid our loved ones and have flashbacks etc. I liked the idea of mental
  2. 2. illnesses and the brain and it intrigued me so I wanted to learn more because i was interested.5.) The impact that will stay with me most out of everything weve done this semester i think would be reading All Quiet on the Western Front. It was a good choice of a book and I enjoyed reading it. It gave us a first real look into the topic we were about to jump into. I liked having the fishbowl discussions even though we ran out of things to talk about it was nice to have that deep discussion and thinking going on. I also learned a lot from our main source the book and the symptoms and treatments that follow PTSD.6.) What I think I personally did well was the text. I honestly think I got sloppy towardsthe end and filling in the rest of the shaping sheet that was to be completed but I havejust been exhausted. Im also proud of the animoto I threw together. You cant get a lot ofinfo in but the music goes well with the pictures and text I put in there.7.) The most challenging for me was the amount of work there was, like the multi-generaproject just had so many different parts to do. It was overwhelming and we didnt chooseto procrastinate at the last minute either. Adrienne and I did well with our timemanagement and spaced everything out. There was just so much to do and I did a bigamount of it.8.)9.) I think the fact that we chose to do a multi-genera project was much more difficult butits a more exciting and entertaining project to grade and to listen/watch. I learned how toincorporate different elements into one presentation and I think it was interesting andsomething new Ive never done before and with that it was a good learning experience.10.) Symbaloo didnt really help us at all. Its a good tool I guess but we just didnt reallyuse it. We just went from the libguides or from easy bib. I would use it at home puttingmy favorite websites on it and go from there but I dont really use it at school.
  3. 3. 11.) If i were taking that class I think I would be much better at doing research projects.This class because of what Ive learned Ive been able to breeze along in projects forother classes because I already know how to do everything. I think that makes thingseasier for me and the teacher and were already prepared and a step ahead.