Leaf Community Vancouver 2010


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Leaf Community Vancouver 2010

  1. 1. LEAF Community: sustainability as core value “ Measuring means transforming data into values and awareness into behaviours. Changing our behaviours means starting to make the system and the approach to the environmental issue changing.”
  2. 2. Energy consumption reduced by 50% Water consumption reduced by 69% Heating need reduced from 100 kWh/ m 2 per year to 27 kWh/m 2 per year Cooling need reduced from 30 kWh/ m 2 per year to 20 kWh/m 2 per year CO 2 Avoided 34.000 kg Total Cost of the house – 30% LEAF House one year monitoring data
  3. 3. The LEAF House is a Net Zero Building composed of six apartments where real people live where the production of energy comes from a PV system , solar thermal panels , and a geothermal heat pump . It represents the concretization of different elements that integrate comfort and sustainability, with energy and economy.
  4. 4. Buildings and architecture have been thought for years as fixed, compact, heavy, material structures. They have always belonged in common perception to the solid field. Bricks, columns, roofs, concrete and iron are the elements that play the fundamental role when we think of a building. Changing the way of perceiving buildings Today a new concept of architecture dematerializes commercial and domestic buildings and foresees a brand new role for them. City spaces are no longer boxes defined by walls but theatres of human interaction. A link between man and environment. Buildings become sensitive entities with which to interact; objects that adapt to our way of utilising space, they become our second skin.
  5. 5. The dematerialized buildings reveal themselves to be fluid and composed of an array of streams which influence visitors and inhabitants alike. New concepts of comfort and sustainability, of energy and economy are made possible by the interaction between the different elements, along with the way they are utilised. New buildings are made of flows Flows of information Flows of data Flows of information Flows of electricity Flows of water Flows of person Flows of air Flows of water
  6. 6. The biological quality of the air , its perceived quality, the humidity , the CO 2 concentration , the definition of an ideal temperature to be set in every setting, have an extraordinary impact on the concept of comfort inside the buildings. In the LEAF House there are 1200 sensors. The internal air is treated by an air ventilation system activated by a CO 2 sensor , one of the measured parameters together with humidity and temperature. Measuring to create awareness Measuring to control and monitor
  7. 7. A new concept of sustainable buildings sees the integration of the architectura l and systems design with energy technologies aimed at reducing consumptions and producing energy from renewable sources. The LEAF House is an integration of: Architectural design - Exposition toward the sud - Attention to frames - Insulation Production of energy from renewable sources - PV System - Thermal Solar Collectors - Geothermal Heat Pump <ul><li>Energy Efficiency solutions </li></ul><ul><li>- Solar tubes </li></ul><ul><li>High efficient home appliances and lighting </li></ul><ul><li>Hydrogen Accumulation system </li></ul><ul><li>Comfort and awareness </li></ul><ul><li>Automatic ventilation system </li></ul><ul><li>Management of the parameters </li></ul><ul><li>Visualization of consumptions in real time </li></ul>
  8. 8. The LEAF House is part of a more integrated project: the LEAF Community , the first sustainable community in Italy where it is possible to live a net zero building, work in eco compatible buildings, bring children to a solar school . The energy in the community is produced by a micro hydroelectric plan. Looking at the future means sustainable buildings with the new industrial site designed by Thomas Herzog. A system approach to sustainability: the LEAF Community www.leafcommunity.com
  9. 9. Energy production in one year: 200 MWh Drop: 1.2 meter River Capacity: 4.000 l/s In the LEAF Community the energy is produced by a micro hydroelectric plant There is a solar school in the LEAF Community where a child can understand the importance of renewable sources since a young age.
  10. 10. Condesing Boilers – 40% on heating consumptions Geothermal Heat pump – 40% on conditioning consumptions Natural and artificial light system integrator – 30% conditioning consumptions Production of energy by a PV System A new industrial Net Zero building supplied by a biomass plant and a PV System and utilises natural light and ventilation. Loccioni’s buildings are equipped with energy efficiency solutions and production of energy from renewable sources
  11. 11. In the LEAF Community there is also a composter. Organic refusals are also re utilised to aliment out LEAF Garden where we grow products for Loccioni’s Group employees and for its guests
  12. 12. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Maddalena Spallacci + 39 0731 816369 [email_address]