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Get perfect location and sites for your upcoming film or video at very affordable price.

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  1. 1. L O C A T I O N C A R O L I N A Film
  2. 2. About Us  How many times have I heard them say, “I want to move here !” Sharing and seeing the surprise of my clients when they begin to understand the bio diversity and multiple looks of nature here is great fun. Think about it. Charleston is where temperate and subtropical are blended to give the look of many regions of the country in once place. As I tell my friends, “I cannot seem to quit” ! I’m Arthur Howe and my company is called Location Carolina.
  3. 3. Film  It is very challenging part to get best location for film or videos so, contact us we will help you in same. We are dealing in providing the overall solutions to the film industry and shooting.
  4. 4. South Carolina  This has had probably the best year ever for my small production services company headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina so, visit our website at location Carolina.
  5. 5. Contact Us  Share Your Vision – We Know The Territory – Let’s Make It Happen  Arthur Howe, Location Carolina owner.  843.224.0691   Skype: arthurgh2