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The 6 step highway to SEO heaven


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Follow these 6 steps to promote your business within your local area.

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The 6 step highway to SEO heaven

  1. 1. The 6 Step Highway to SEO Heaven Do your homework to find the very best SEO Brighton experts to ensure the best possible results for your campaign.
  2. 2. Step. 1 - Website Assessment If you have an existing website and intend to continue using it, you will need to assess its current SEO status before you can move forward with any new SEO marketing campaigns. Use FREE tools such as seo/free-report/ & to help assess the current status of your website.
  3. 3. Step. 2 - Website Optimisation Google is basically just a very powerful word search machine; so if you type in ‘book shops‘ Google will search through the trillions of words on billions of websites to find what appears to be the best results for your search and your location.
  4. 4. Step. 3 - Local listings, directories and citations In addition to having a fast, well written and laid out website with your name, address and phone number, it is also very important for Local SEO to be consistently listed on a number of good quality directories.
  5. 5. Step. 4 - Customer reviews Customer reviews are therefore extremely important for your business and Local SEO We bet the last time you bought something on Amazon, one of the main things you looked at was the customer’s reviews to find out other peoples opinion on the product and customer service? A product at the right price online with lots of positive reviews is a very compelling proposition
  6. 6. Step. 5 - Getting links • Links are like gold dust for SEO (if done correctly) • Links are hugely important to SEO, especially for competitive terms. • Links are one of the primary factors that will help your website to rank above your competitors. Very simplistically, if your competitors have 10 links, you will need 15 to rank better than them - you just need more than your competitors.
  7. 7. For more information relating to SEO, please visit the following article - optimization
  8. 8. Step. 6 - Report and Goal Tracking (Google Analytics) A wise chap once said “if you can’t measure it you cannot improve it!” Measuring your progress is a key part of Local SEO, for you HAVE to know whether or not the work you are doing is having a positive effect, for if not why not? For more information relating to SEO services, please return to our homepage.