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QR Codes Quick Intro for Businesses - Local SEO Ranking Services


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Guide on what QR codes are, and how other businesses have used them. May give you an idea on how you can use them to build your business as well.

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QR Codes Quick Intro for Businesses - Local SEO Ranking Services

  1. 1. QR CODESQuick Intro For Businesses
  2. 2. What Are QR Codes• QR Codes are two dimensional (2D) barcodes,that can store and hold data, which then canbe scanned with smartphones/ or ipad styledevices.• QR codes store data inside the code itself,which, when scanned can send the user to awebsite, or prompt them to purchase an item,etc
  3. 3. What Kind Of Businesses Use QR Codes?• Realtors• Restaurants• Supermarket Chains• Lawyers• Social Media/Internet Marketers• Advertising Agencies• Website Owners
  4. 4. An example of a basic QR code!
  5. 5. On What Items Could I Place A QRCode?• Websites• Food Labels• Product Label• Business Card• You tube Video/Facebook Page• Coupons• Posters• On The Exterior Of A Building
  6. 6. QR Code on a Business card
  7. 7. Where Can I Make My QR Code?• Visit these websites to create your free qrcode.••••••
  8. 8. Some QR Code Stats• 14 Million mobile phone owners, used QRCodes, which is nearly 6.2 % of the total USmobile phone market• Males use QR Codes more than females. With60.5% of all users being male and 39.5% ofusers being female.• The age group which uses QR Codes the mostare 18-34 year olds who hold a 53.4% of shareof all users
  9. 9. QR Code Stats• The 2ndlargest group of QR code users are the 35-44year old’s who hold a 19.6% share• And in 3rdposition are the 45-54 year olds who hold a12.4% share.• The most common location when a user scans a QRcode, is the home with 57.4% of all users being athome when they use a QR code• The 2ndmost common place of QR Code usage is theworkplace, with a 22.6% share.• And in 3rdspot for the location of most common QRcode usage is outside/or on public transport, with a20% share
  10. 10. QR Code Stats – Where the QR CodeWas Located• 49.40 % of all QR Codes scanned came from aprinted magazine or newspaper.• In 2ndwith 35.30% was QR Codes on productpackaging• In 3rdposition was, QR Codes located on awebsite• In 4thspot were QR Codes printed on aposter/flyer/kiosk
  11. 11. QR Code Stats – Mobile Phone &Country Data• 28.29% of all QR Code scans were made using aApple iPhone.• 24.92% of all QR Code scans were made with aGoogle Android Phone.• A whopping 56.74% of all QR Codes in the worldwere made in the United States.• The 2ndmost common country for QR Code scans,was Canada, which was far behind with a 8.57%share.• And in 3rdposition for worldwide QR Code scans wasthe United Kingdom, which held a 5.04% share.
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