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The Future of the Commercial Sex Industry in 2030


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Published in: News & Politics, Education
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The Future of the Commercial Sex Industry in 2030

  1. 1. 07.10/2011The future of the [Commercial Sex Industry]. Emily Empel ©
  2. 2. “Wellness,” “dating,” “massage,” “escort,” and “dancing” replace hustling and streetwalking.Source: Sudhir Venkatesh ©
  3. 3. Tech Tools 25% Clients acquired through Facebook Other smartphone 11% iPhone 19% BlackBerry 70%Source: Sudhir Venkatesh ©
  4. 4. Commercial Sex Industry Global Commercial Sex Industry Services Goods Sex Contact Based Non-contact Based Pornography Toys Adult Prostitution Adult Entertainment Adult Film Print Strip clubs Upscale agency Self-employedStreetwalker “Blue collar” Sex Remote Professional agency Shows Amateur Sex Gonzo Hustle Show Social club club club ©
  5. 5. 5.39%Source: Jerry Ropelato annual growth
  6. 6. U.S. Sex Industry Revenue $13.3 billion* (2006) $46.9 billion (2030 projected)*Larger revenue than the NFL, MLB and NBA combined. Source: Jerry Ropelato
  7. 7. Global Pornography Revenue $97 billion* (2006) $340 billion (2030 projected)*Larger than the combined revenues of the top ten web techcompanies. Source: Jerry Ropelato
  8. 8. In favor of legalizing prostitution? 71% 65% 65% 51% 26% Canada Israel Britain New Zealand United StatesSource: Ronald John Weitzer ©
  9. 9. “The scale of prostitution has been enlarged to the extent where we can justifiably speak of a commercial sex sector that is integrated into the economic, social and political life of [Southeast Asian] countries.”Source: International Labor Organization ©
  10. 10. Trend 1: Client preferences dependent on worker region.“GF” experience Sex Tourism ©
  11. 11. The new sex requirements. ©
  12. 12. Trend 2: Legitimate organizations realize economic value of sex industry. 360,000 4,300 1991 1993 U.S. Phone Sex Calls to San TomeSource: Sheila Jeffreys ©
  13. 13. The GlobalFace of Sex Workers
  14. 14. Trend 3: Technologies expand the definition and influence of commercial sex. ©
  15. 15. Choose your relationship criteria. Technological Infidelity? Both Physical ©
  16. 16. ForecastAssumptions• Developed vs. developing world• Mainstream growth• Acceptance of sex technologies
  17. 17. Let’s talk about[the] sex [industry]. Lets talk about all the good things And the bad things that may be. ©
  18. 18. [reach out] @localrat [visit] for a taste of the cheddar.