Future of Shopping


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Emily Empel and Heather Schlegel's presentation on The Future of Shopping at The World Future Society Conference 2012.

The retail landscape is morphing into one of whimsy, fluidity, and customization. Each transaction equates to a unique experience. The buyer-seller market is focused on value in addition to profits. Tablet computing and open APIs (application programming interfaces) give merchants the ability to innovate solutions. Rotiquing — rotating boutique retailing (pop-up and mobile retail spaces) — uses integrating technologies, creative materials, and new forms of payment to create an ever-shifting mobile retail bazaar, wholly engaging consumers during their shopping experience.

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Future of Shopping

  1. 1. The Future of Shopping: #WFS12 #fos Retailing TransactionsEmily Empel I @localrat Heather Schlegel I @Heathervescent
  2. 2. Q: What is the Future of Shopping? A: The guy who made the Kickstarter-backed iPod Nano watchband, who raised almost $1 million and guaranteed himself success, can keep making it until it isn’t hot anymore and then just do something else. Bermuda, here he comes.-The Temporary Pop-up Corporation Jeff Jarvis
  3. 3. Let’s talk shop. 1. Research 2. Immersion 3. Beyond
  4. 4. Trends are Design causing ourCustomization DIY Gov’t Mistrust Digital Curation values to shift.
  5. 5. Trend Menu  Currencies  Technologies  Economies
  6. 6. Values Currencies Community Gaming Bitcoin  WoW Ven  Linden  FacebookInformation Ratings Corporations Recommendations Influence  Frequent Flyer  Rewards Points
  7. 7. Bitcoin Geeks & Gold DiggersImage credit: Wired
  8. 8. Technologies
  9. 9. Credit Card Innovations NFC. Multiple cards in one. Single charge authorization. Pin-code confirmation. PayPal Account “Credit Card”. Crowdsourced Barclays Card. Cred: Movenbank
  10. 10. Technology can enable interoperability b/t soft economies like:Gift. Barter.Collaborative. Favor.Swap. Reputation.Data.
  11. 11. Community Currencies
  12. 12. Sell - Craigslist Money Buy Couch Use Swap or Trade Give - Freecycler Shared Value Community Share - Couchsurfing @heathervescent | 12Images: rotokirby
  13. 13. Concerns Flipside  Security  Small Businesses  Reliability  Reduce Costs  Convenience  Have trust  Privacy  ExperimentImage credit: New School
  14. 14. Concerns Flipside  Security  Small Businesses  Reliability  Reduce Costs  Convenience  Have trust  Privacy  ExperimentImage credit: SF Girl by the Bay
  15. 15. Technology is empowering retailers and consumers.
  16. 16. Number of Google Hits: Keyword "Food Trucks" 28,200,000 83,000 2008-2009 2011-2012Source: Small Biz Labs
  17. 17. Is the retail space obsolete?
  18. 18. In the future everything will be acoffee shop. -Stephen Gordon
  19. 19. ro•tique / ro’tēkNoun: 1. An actively changing retail outlet that sells goods or services in a bazaar-like environment. 2. A rotating boutique.
  20. 20. How? Trucks. Vending machines. Tents. Pop-up shops.Dedicated aisles. QR stores. Installations.
  21. 21. Amazon ReportedlyPlans To Open Retail Store In Seattle
  22. 22. Spend.Rent the RunwayEbay Selling StoreGap/Pantone Styleliner: luxury treasure chest on wheelsThe Shops by TargetH&M
  23. 23. A retail space that has the pointof view of a magazine, changeslike a gallery and sells thingslike a store.
  24. 24. Eat. cupcakes & fish
  25. 25. Spend. QR shops
  26. 26. Play.Park Here: indoor pop-up park
  27. 27. Learn.Pop-up libraries
  28. 28. Retail promotes community health
  29. 29. Decentralization ofexisting systems accelerates rotique landscape.
  30. 30. Shop ‘til you drop.
  31. 31. The PlayersRotiquers. Shoppers.Wildcard.
  32. 32. The Goals Buy 10 things. Sell your stuff.
  33. 33. Directions Retailers  Set up Shop  Sell your products  Rewards Card / Request Recommendations  Track transactions on directions card Shoppers  Buy things  Rewards Cards / Write Recommendations  Swap / Barter Items  Track transactions on directions card Positive Wildcards  Reward Pack Pick-up for Retailer (after 10 transactions)  Kickstarter Campaign  Currency Exchange
  34. 34. GroupstormingRelevant questions.So what happened?What was different/surprising from your usual shoppingexperience?What is possible in this environment?How does shopping/society change by encouraging thisstyle of shopping?Where can this evolve? Go? What will this evolve into?What is beyond this shopping?
  35. 35. Retailing TransactionsEmily Empel I @localrat Heather Schlegel I @Heathervescent Catch us during Best of Houston Futures, Sunday at 9:00 a.m.