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8 SELAIYUR TIMES ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLY RNI. T.C. No. TNBIL04100/27/10/2014K.DIS. No. 2056/2014/A5
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Selaiyur times 20 09 2015


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Selaiyur Times e-paper - Circulated to the residents of selaiyur at free cost every week

Published in: News & Politics
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Selaiyur times 20 09 2015

  1. 1. SELAIYUR TIMES VOLUME: 1 ISSUE: 2 ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLY FREE DISTRIBUTION EVERY SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 20-26, 2015 "Why go to City for Lights, When We now have CITY LITES in Tambaram" SREE AISHWARIYA MARRIAGE SERVICE & CONSULTANT Good Quality and Good Service No. 1/45, Pillayar Kovil Street Nanmangalam, Chennai-129 Email: Web: Ph: 98418 14067 / 93821 83321 During rituals homams and important festivals, Navadaniyam are offered to Hindu Gods. Nava means nine, Daniyam means grains. According Hindu Mythology, the Hindus worship the nine planets. The nine planets are as follows: The Sun (suriya), The MOON (chandra) Mars (Sevvai), Mercury (Budan), Jupiter (Guru), Venus (sukaran), Saturn (sani), Raghu and Kethu are called Chaya grhas. The significance of offering grains is to please the nine planets and to invoke their blessings. Each Navadaniya represents the following Navagrahas: They are as follows. Wheat denotes the sun (surya) Paddy the moon (chandra) Toor dhal the Maars (sevvai) Moong dhal the mercury (budan) Chana (konda kdalai) the Jupiter (Guru) Karmani the Venus (sukran) Seasame seeds (ellu) for the Saturn (sani) Urad dha (black gram SIGNIFICANCE OF NAVADANIYANGAL IN HINDU FESTIVALS dhal) for Raghu Horse gram (Kollu) for Kethu Scintifically telling that the cereals like the rice and wheat contains starch and they are the staple food for Indians. Lentils or pulses like - the green gram, horse gram etc; are rich in proteins which are used in our daily cookings. Nowadays people grow the grains in pots and arrange them in a decorative manner in front of Gods like Ganesha during festival times. During Navarathri festival the pulses are cooked and made in to Sundal forms, are offered to Gods and Goddesses and distributed to invitees.
  2. 2. Readers are recommended to make appropriate enquires before enteringintodealingswithadvertiserswhoadvertiseinthispublication. The Editor and Publisher do not vouch any claims made by advertisers and hence shall not be held liable for any adverse consequences. SELAIYUR TIMES is not responsible for any unsolicited materials received at its office. SEPTEMBER 20-26, 20152 TEAM Publisher N. ANANDAKRISHNAN Editor N. ANANDA KRISHNAN Design & Layout V. RAMACHANDRAN Reporter S. SHOBANA Circulation CHANDRASEKAR Read SELAIYUR TIMES SELAIYUR TIMES ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLY "Hygenic drycleaning for your valuable cloth" SELAIYUR SERVICE CARE 24 HOURS WASHING MACHINE, REFRIGERATOR, AC & MICROWAVE OVEN QUICK & ON-SPOT COMPLETION 89395 35553 Please send your articles and local area news to selaiyurtimesarticle@ selaiyurtimesadvt@ Please send your advt. to Global Medical Education and Research Foundation aims at providing and supporting Education, training and research activities in pursuit of bridging the critical shortage of skilled human resources in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical emphasizing the multidisciplinary approach in solving the challenges involved in combating the human suffering. Global Medical Education & Research Foundation in association with Global Hospitals for the benefit of science graduates announces the launch of a 2-year advanced PG Diploma Courses in Healthcare Technology to train them for employment in healthcare sector. “The courses that would be offered include Dialysis Technology, Physician Assistant, Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics for the benefit of graduates in life sciences, nursing and pharmacy, with a view to train them for employment in the healthcare sector,” Dr. K. S. Ratnakar, Chairman, Global Medical Education and Research Foundation stated. The last date for receipt of completed applications is October 10th, 2015. Selection will be based on merit in qualifying examination and interview. Only 6 students will be admitted per batch in each discipline as the course involves intense clinical training. For information visit www. Global Medical Education & Research Foundation Introduces Advanced PG Diploma Courses in Healthcare Technology nrd;idapy; &. 605 Nfhbapy; Gjpa FbapUg;Gfs; nrd;idapy; mk;gj;J}H> ghbFg;gk;> tpy;ypthf;fk; Mfpa ,lq;fspy; Fiwe;j tUtha;g; gpupT kf;fs;> muR CopaHfs; gad;ngWk; tifapy; mLf;Fkhbf; FbapUg;Gfs; fl;lg;gLk; vd;W Kjy;tH n[ayypjh mwptpj;jhH. ,e;j ,U jpl;lq;fSk; &. 605 Nfhbapy; Nkw;nfhs;sg;gLk; vd;W mtH njuptpj;jhH. rl;lg; Nguitapy; tpjp 110-d; fPo;> Kjy;tH n[ayypjh nrt;tha;f;fpoik ntspapl;l mwptpg;G: nrd;idapy; Fiwe;j tUtha;g; gpupT kf;fs; thq;ff; $ba tpiyapyhd tPl;L trjpia Nkk;gLj;Jk; Nehf;fpy;> mk;gj;J}upy; midj;J trjpfSld; $ba 2>300 FbapUg;Gfs; &. 380 Nfhbapy; fl;lg;gLk;. tPl;L trjp thupaj;jhy; fl;lg;gLk; FbapUg;Gfspy;> xd;wpd; tpiy &. 20 yl;rj;Jf;Ff; Fiwthf epHzak; nra;ag;gLk;. muR CopaHfspy; rp- b gpupitr; NrHe;jtHfSf;F> nrd;id ghbFg;gk;> tpy;ypthf;fk; gFjpapy; 500 gd;dLf;Ff; FbapUg;Gfs; fl;lg;gLk;. xU FbapUg;gpd; gug;G Vwf;Fiwa 700 rJu mbahf ,Uf;Fk;. jpl;lj;jpd; cj;Njr kjpg;G &. 225 Nfhb. ,e;jf; FbapUg;GfSf;fhd fl;Lkhdk; epfo; epjpahz;bNyNa njhlq;fg;gLk;. vz;Z}H Nghf;Ftuj;J: vz;Z}H JiwKfj;jpy; EioAk;- ntspNaWk; ruf;Fe;J thfdq;fshy; Nghf;Ftuj;J neupry; Vw;gLfpwJ. mijf; Fiwf;Fk; tifapy;> vHzht+H fpuhkj;jpy; vz;Z}H JiwKfj;Jf;F mUfpy; jkpo;ehL tPl;L trjp thupaj;Jf;Fr; nrhe;jkhd 29 Vf;fH epyg; gug;gpy; &. 100 Nfhbapy; ruf;Fe;J thfdk; epWj;Jkplk; fl;lg;gLk;. ,e;jj; jpl;lj;jpd; %yk;> xNu Neuj;jpy; 900 ruf;Fe;J thfdq;fis epWj;j top Vw;gLk; vd;W Kjy;tH n[ayypjh mwptpj;jhH. mnkupf;f mjpgH mYty fkhd nts;is khspif rhHgpy;> rKjhaj;Jf;F rpwg; ghd Nrit GupgtHfSf;F ~rhk;gpad;]; Mg; NrQ;r;| vd;w tpUJ toq;fg;gl;L tUfpwJ. ,J> kpfTk; ngUikf;Fupa tpUjhFk;. ,e;j tpUJf;F mnkhpf;ftho; ,e;jpa khztp ];Ntjh gpughfud; NjHT nra;ag;gl;Ls;shH. tpUJ ngWk; 11 ,sk; ngz;fspy; mtUk; xU tH MthH. mtUf;F taJ 15. mnkupf;fhtpy;> jhk]; n[gHrd; caHepiyg; gs;spapy; gbj;J tUfpwhH. ];Ntjh gpughfudpd; g+HtPfk; jpUney;Ntyp MFk;. mtUila je;ij ngaH gpughfud; KUifah. 1998- k; Mz;by;> mtH> jd; kidtpAld; mnkupf;fhtpy; FbNawpdhH. mq;F ~nlf;ngl;r;.fhk;| vd;w epWtdj;jpd; jiyik nray; mjpfhupahf ,Ue;J tUfpwhH. ntH[pdpah khfh zj;jpy; cs;s m;gHdpy; trpj;J tUfpwhH. mnkupf;fhtpy;> ,z;b ahdh NghyP]; efupy;jhd; ];Ntjh gpwe;jhH. jw;NghJ mtH ~vt;upgb Nfhl; et;| vd;w yhg Nehf;fpy;yhj mikg;ig elj;jp tUfp whH. me;j mikg;G rhH gpy;> E}w;Wf;fzf;fhd khz tHfSf;F ,d;lHnel; gapw;rp mspf;fg;gl;Ls;sJ. 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  3. 3. 3SEPTEMBER 20-26, 2015 SELAIYUR TIMES ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLY R BATTERY PLAZA Authorised Dealer for : Exide, SF & Amaron Industrial Batteries, Invertor Batteries & Automotive Batteries No. 46/49, Velachery Main Road, Mahalakshmi Nagar, Chennai - 73 E-mail Ph: 22270346 / 9380295834 tpehafH rJHj;jpia Kd;dpl;L> ghuk;gupa fspkz; tpehafH rpiy fs; tpw;gidf;fhf ntsp CHfspy; ,Ue;J nrd;idf;F Mapuf; fzf;fpy; nfhz;L tug; gl;Ls;sd. nrd;id kapyhg;g+H khl tPjpfs;> mNahj;jpa kz;lgk;> jpUty;ypf;Nfzp cs;spl;l gpujhd gFjpfspy; ghuk;gupa fspkz; tpehafH rpiyfs; tupirahf ghuk;gupa fspkz; tpehafH rpiyfs;: nrd;idapy; mNkhf tpw;gid jfty; njhopy; El;g Jiwapy; Kd;dzp tfpf;Fk; nghUl;L &. 3 Mapuk; Nfhb kjpg;gPl;by; kj;jpa murpd; gq;fspg;Gld; jkpo;ehL iggHnel; fhHg;gNud; vd;w xU jdp mikg;G cUthf;fg;gl;L ,jd; %yk; Fiwe;j fl;lzj;jpy; tPL NjhWk; ,izajs Nrit toq;fg;gLk; vd rl;lg;Nguitapy; Kjy;tH n[ayypjh ,d;W mwptpj;jhH. ,J Fwpj;J Kjy;tupd; mwpf;ifapy;> midj;J khepyq;fspYk; cs;s fpuhk Cuhl;rpfis Mg;bf;fy; /igngH %ykhf ,izj;J murpd; Nritfis ,izak; %ykhf nghJkf;fs; ngw;W gad; ngUk; tifapy; 'ghuj;nel;" vd;w jpl;lj;ij kjpa muR mwptpj;Js;sJ. ,j;jpl;lk; jkpofj;jpy; jkpo;ehL murpd; %ykhf jhd; nray;gLj;j Ntz;Lk; vd ehd; typAWj;jpajd; mbg;gilapy; kj;jpa muR ,j;jpl;lj;jpid jkpofj;jpy; jkpo;ehL muNr nray;gLj;j xg;Gjy; mspj;Js;sJ. ,jd;gb> jkpo;ehl;by; cs;s 12>524 fpuhk Cuhl;rpfSk; Mg;bf;fy; /igngH %yk; jkpof murpd; gy;NtW Nritfis nghJkf;fs;> jq;fs; fpuhkq;fspy; ,Ue;Nj ,izak; %ykhf ngw;W gadilAk; tifapy; ,j;jpl;lk; epiwNtw;wgLk;. & 3000 Nfhb nrytpy; kj;jpa muR gq;fspg;Gld; jkpof muNr nray;gLj;Jk; ,j;jpl;lj;jpid nray; gLj;Jtjw;nfd 'jkpo;ehL /igngHnel; fhHgNurd;" vd;w xU jdp mikg;G cUthf;fg;gLk; vd;whH. jkpo;ehL muR Nfgps; ,y;ye;NjhWk; ,d;lHnel; trjp Kjy;tH n[ayypjh mwptpg;G btp epWtdk; Vw;fdNt ngw;Ws;s Internet Service Provider cupkj; jpid gad;gLj;jp> ',y;ye; NjhWk; ,izak;" vd;w nfhs;ifapd; mbg; gilapy; midj;J ,y;yq;fSf;Fk; Fiwe;j nrytpy; jukhd ,iza ,izg;Gfis toq;fpLk;. 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Mdhy; mjpy; jz;zPH gLk;NghJ gpur; rpid ngupJjhd;. gyH til> g[;[p Nghd;w vz;nza; gyfhuq;fspy; cs;s vz;nzia Fiwf;f nra;jpj;jhs;fis gad;gLj;JfpwhHfs;. ,J mijtpl kpfg; ngupa Mgj;J. nra;jpj;jhspy; cs;s fhuPak; Neubahf czTf; Foha;f;Fs; nry;y ,J toptif nra;fpwJ. ,e;j fhuPak; clYf;Fs; nrd;W rpWePufk;> fy;yPuy;> vYk;G tsHr;rp> jir tsHr;rp vd;W vy;yhtw;iwAk; ghjpf;fpd;wd. ,t;thW tapw;Wf;Fs; nry;Yk; fhupak; fopthf $l ntspNaWtJ ,y;iy cs;NsNa NrHe;J nfhz;L ,Uf;Fk; vd Ma;thsHfs; vr;rupf;fpd;wdH. ,e;j fhupak; clYf;Fs; rpwpjsT nrd;why; $l Mgj;J jhd;> ,jdhy; jhd; rkPgj;jpy; Nkfp E}Ly;]py; fhupak; ,Ug;gjhy; mjw;F vjpHg;Gk;> jil tpjpj;jJk; Fwpg;gplj;jf;fJ. H Siddha, the ancient Indian Tamil system of medicine was founded by immortal Siddha Purushargal. They are considered the Nnational Scientists. This system of curing diseases using Herbal drugs along with yoga and meditation has been scientifically proved useful. In our East Tambaram area Dr. Kolappa Pillai has been providing health care services to ailing patients. After diagnosing the causes of the sick, the patients are given safe and economical Siddha drugs. Dr. Kolappa Pillai is holding a B.S.M.S degree from Government Siddha Medical college at Palayamkottai in Tirunelveli. He initially practiced at Dr. Mahadevan clinic at Narayanapuram of Tirunelveli. Later he worked as a Siddha Physician at GK hospital, perambur, Ezil Hospital at Saidapet and at Mudichur. He created awareness of Siddha medicines and has been regulating the way of life of his patients who have chronic illness. A well maintained pharmacy is attached to his clinic, where more than 500 drug combinations from standard, G.M.P. I.S.O certified manufacturers are available. Dr. Kolappa Pillai serves the society by conducting free medical camps very often. He used to write articles about Siddha research to magazines. He gives lectures on Siddha medicines at many institutions. He gives interviews to TV channels on usefulness of Siddha medicines. Dr.MGR Medical university awarded the title ' Best Doctor'. He was also awarded by Akilaulaga Kalai ilakiya mandram of Nagercoil. The title Kala Seva Rathna was conferred by Sri. Veda Vysa Tapovanam. The Governor of Tamil Nadu also awarded him for his service. He holds the post of Director of Dr. Kolappa Pillai's clinic. He is the President of Saptha Rishi Mandali of Veda Vysa Tapovanam. He serves as an honorary Correspondent of Sri. Badal Chand Sugankaru Vivekananda Vidyala of Mudichur. He is the founder president of Siddhar manthram of Chennai. He is the Editor of Siddha Digest magazine. His services to the society is praise worthy. The people of Tambaram feel happy to have such a eminent Siddha Doctor of their area. He may be contacted at Siddha clinic, No. 2, Kalidasar street, East Tambaram, Chennai 600059. Phone numbers are 044/22394384, 76679 19334, 9003256670. Email: mkolappan@ itf;fg;gl;Ls;sd. NkYk;> cldbahf mr;Rg; gps; isahH cUthf;fpj; jUk; tifapy; fspkz; Ftpay;fSk; tpw;gidf;F itf;fg;gl;Ls;sJ. Guir thf;fk; jhdh njU> jq;f rhiy gFjpfspy; tl ,e;jpa khjpupfspy; jiyg;ghif mzpe;J fz;izf; ftUk; rpiyfs; tpw;gidf;F itf;fg;gl;Ls;sd. gz;Ul;b itahGup gl;bdj;jpy; ,Ue;J fsp kz; rpiyfs;> RLkz; rpiyfs;> Ngg;gH $ohy; cUthd rpiyfs; vd miu mbapy; ,Ue;J 3 mb cauk; tiuapyhd rpiyfis tpw;gidf;F nfhz;L te;Js;Nsd;. fspkz; rpiyfs; miu mbapypUe;J ,uz;liu mb tiu &.50 Kjy; &.500 tiuapYk;> RLkz;> Ngg;gH $ohy; cUthd rpiyfs; miu mb Kjy; 3 mb tiu cs;sit &.100-ypUe;J &.1>500 tiuapYk; tpiy epHzapj;Js;Nsd;. ,e;jr; rpiyfSf;F kf;fsplk; ey;y tuNtw;G cs;sJ vd;whH. Filfs; &.10 Kjy; &. 500 tiuapYk;> mHr;ridf;F gad;gLk; gj;jpu g+ fl;L &.10> vUf;f khiy &.10> khtpiy nfhj;J> gid FUj;Jf;fSk;> goq;fSk;> g+ tiffSk; tpw;gidf;F itf;fg;gl;Ls;sd. Neighbourhood VIP Dr. M . Kolappa Pillai
  5. 5. 5SEPTEMBER 20-26, 2015 SELAIYUR TIMES ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLY New Outlet open at Medavakkam New outlet open at Perumbakkam Main Road, Medavakkam All Fruits and Vegetables available at Wholesale and Retail Price.
  6. 6. SEPTEMBER 20-26, 20156 SELAIYUR TIMES ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLY The recent Indian Science congress which has been held in Mumbai has claims of advanced science and technology of our ancient Mother land based on references from Hindu Sanskrit scriptures. Several Nobel laureates and scholars who have deep knowledge of Sanskrit scriptures presented papers on Science in the Vedic period. This triggered controversies and the so called modernists made big hue and cry. When Germans recognise Sanskrit as the language of Science, our own people disown Sanskrit and the genuine scriptures. The achievements of our Rishis are found in our scriptures as stories. When we read them with interest with Sanskrit knowledge, we could understand that inventions and discoveries of science have been already found in our great Sanskrit verses of our Epics and Puranas. We should not brush aside the truths. When an Ewe named Dolly was produced from the somatic cells in the year 1996, the scientists Ian wilmont and his colleagues knew the techniques and the news appeared in the news papers. Even today, we all come to know what is happening in the scientific fields through daily news papers and scientific magazines. The cloning of an Ewe is a scientific wonder but when the story of Venan, the great grandson of King Dhruva, who was made the pole star, give us references of cloning and stem cells. The notorious Venan was killed by the Rishis and from the preserved body of Venan, a dwarf Nishad and Prithu were produced. Is it not the proof of cloning? The story of Vena is found in Vyasa's Bagavatham. From the dead body of Nimi which was preserved in aromatic oils and herbs, Janaka, an ancestor of Sita's father Janaka was born. This was done by the Rishis' efforts of cloning. In Mahabarat, the birth of Dhuruyodhana, his 99 brothers and his sister Dhushala were born using in vitro fertilization method. Is it not a wonder? Now-a-days, test tube babies are born using in vitro fertilization. Bagavatham tells about the birth of Balarama, elder brother of Sri Krishna. The zygote from Devaki's womb had been transferred to Rohini's womb and Rohini delivered Balarama. Is not Rohini, a surrogate mother? Goddess Parvathy made Lord Ganesha, a male boy ( a clone ) from her skin tissues. Dhronacharya was born from an artificial womb. In modern world, various organs are made to grow in laboratories. Why can't our modernists accept all these? Fixing of an elephant head on the cloned male Lord Vigneshwar is an evidence of transplant surgery. Transplanting of the heart, liver, kidneys, brain, eyes etc; have become a reality. Brushing aside the stories of scriptures is not good. By going deep into the events and stories to find out the truths found in the literary works of our great science we could appreciate our Rishi's knowledge. The asthras and weapons used in the warfare of Khrushetra and the war between Godess Durga and the demons in Devi Mahathmiyam, speak about the knowledge of science. The Epic Ramayana talks about ' Pushpaka Vimanam'. Even before Wright Brothers made the aeroplane in1903, this was made to fly in our scripture. Rishi Barathwaja's book on 'Vimana Samhitha' explains about aeronautical engineering, Captain Boda's paper about this, explains how our Rishis excelled in the field of aircraft, radar and alloys used in manufacturing the aircrafts. Scholars who worked on our ancient systems, come forward to take pride of our ancient scholars. Ayurveda has Random Thoughts Scripture are proof of Science been vividly discussed in our scriptures. It is a wide spread medicinal field of science. Susrutha, the pioneer of performing operations on human body used instruments shows his deep knowledge which we are to be proud of. Our younger generation is to be made to understand how, ancient scholars contributed much to science. Pavishya Purana's sloka on Sun God tells volumes about solar energy. The sostra on 'Ashwatha virksham' ( the Peepal tree ) speaks about how enormous Prana Sakthi (oxygen) evolved from it triggers the brain cells and the gonads. The story of Shikandini who got transformed into a male is a proof of how modern technology of science can make a female into a male and vice versa. In sulbha sutra written in 800 BC, Baudhayan wrote the geometric formula (the Pythagoras theorem) before Pythagoras, the great Greek mathematician. It is the claim of Gauri Mahulikar, a professor. An exhibition show casing Sanskrit books was put up at the congress venue. They tell us about medical, chemical, physical, botanical, surgical, atmospheric science of our ancient Rishis. This is an exhibition of models of instruments and tools described in our Vedic scripturtes. Non believers should understand the history of science and our contribution to mathematics, medicine, aviation technology etc; Sir C.V. Raman, Sri. Ramanujam, Sri. Jagadish Chandra Bose were all Indians, we should be proud of. Modernists should not criticise our ancient Rishi's achievements in the scientific field. Let the young people understand and feel proud and get inspired by the events and stories in our Hindu Scriptures. For this, they ought to develop their knowledge of Sanskrit language to study our scriptures which are the proof of science. From: Shobana sivakumar E-mail: cssk46@gmail. com and cell number 9176910517. You have gained good growth with some bad growth as well and it is your excessive fat. This can be tackled easily. Lets see few serious problems associated with this bad growth. A person’s weight is directly related to their emotional well being and also has the risk of Coronary Heart Diseases, reproductive disorders, development of osteoarthritis of the hand, hip, back, and knees, Diabetes (type 2) — which has rapidly become a global epidemic and major cause of liver diseases. Acupuncture weight loss sessions can be safe and effective in helping people achieve reasonable weight loss goals Acupuncture and traditional foods are powerful tools for healthy weight loss, by itself or as a supportive treatment in conjunction with other weight management programs. In the struggle to eat less and expend more energy, you may find that acupuncture is just what was needed to overcome cravings, boost energy, enhance your metabolism, and increase your willpower to succeed Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine, sterile needles at specific body points or "energy pathways." The inserted needles act to stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural "feel good" hormones. This can create a calming, relaxing effect, which counteracts the need for excessive eating brought about by increased stress, frustration or anxiety. In this respect, acupuncture can calm those so afflicted and help them lose weight without resorting to drugs. The beauty of acupuncture is that each treatment is catered to the needs of the individual patient. Acupuncture points on the body will be chosen for overall well being with the objective of increasing circulation of the blood and Qi (stimulating the metabolism) and calming the nervous system. Generally treatments are scheduled 3 to 4 days a week for 6 weeks or until the goal weight has been reached. The treatments include a combination of auricular (ear) and body acupuncture, ear tacks or pellets to leave on in-between treatments, abdominal massage, and traditional foods and lifestyle recommendations, regulate elimination, control overeating, suppress the appetite, and reduce anxiety. All of which can help to energize the body, maximize the absorption of nutrients Acupuncture Points for Weight Loss Dr. Kavitha V S – Ph.D(DMS), M.D(Acu) LAc New Meee Weight loss and Acupuncture Clinic Contact : 9940644411, 044-43530411 Website: www. You are not fat. You have fat INCOME TAX FILING AT LOW COST Ct: Muthu - 9841 27 25 87 l INCOME TAX PLANNING l ACCOUNTING SERVICES l SERVICE TAX REG / FILING l SALES TAX REG / FILING l COMPANY REGISTRATION l PAN, TAN, E-TDS l STATUTORY AUDIT l INCOME TAX E-TDS RETURN FILING
  7. 7. 7SEPTEMBER 20-26, 2015 Wanted Marketing Executives contact : 80561 30030 SELAIYUR TIMES ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLY e t f ; f p u f q ; f s p y ; epoy;fpufq;fshd uhF NfJf;fs; kw;Wk; xspf; fpufq;fshd #upa re;jpuHfisj; jtpHj;j gQ;rg+jf; fpufq;fshd FU> Rf;fpud;> Gjd;> nrt;tha;> rdp Mfpa Ie;J fpufq;fshYk; fpilf;fg; ngWgit ,e;j gQ;rk`h GU Nahfq;fs;. N[hjpl %yE}y;fs; midj;Jk; gQ;rk`h GU Nahfq;fisg; gw;wp kpfr;rpwg;ghff; Fwpg;gpLd;wd. Nkw;fz;l Ie;J fpufq;fSk; xU [hjfupd; yf;dj;jpw;F Nfe;jpuq;fshd 1>4>7>10 Mfpa ,lq;fspy; mkHe;J Ml;rpgyNkh> cr;rgyNkh ngw;why; ,e;j Nahfq;fs; cUthfpd;wd. ,e;j Nahfq;fspy; VNjDk; xd;W [hjfUf;F ey;ytpjkhf Rggyj;Jld; mike;jpUe;J me;j fpufj;jpd; jirAk; rupahd tajpy; eilngWkhdhy; [hjfH tho;f;ifapd; cr;rj;jpw;Fg; NghthH vd;gJ cWjp. gpd;tUk; Ie;J Nahfq;fSk; gQ;rkfh GU Nahfq;fs; vd;W miof;fg;gLfpd;wd. 1. FUtpdhy; cz;lhFk; `k;r Nahfk; 2. Rf;fpudhy; cz;lhFk; khst;a Nahfk;. 3. 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