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12 years old S. Sruuthi
& 8th Standard student of
No. 3/396, V.G.P. Prabha Nagar, Sholinganallur
Road, Perumbakkam, C...
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Authorised Dealer for : Exide, SF & Amaron
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8 SELAIYUR TIMES ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLY RNI. T.C. No. TNBIL04100/27/10/2014K.DIS. No. 2056/2014/A5
Owned, Published and Prin...
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Selaiyur times 04-10-2015


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Selaiyur times e-paper online 04-10-2015

Published in: News & Politics
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Selaiyur times 04-10-2015

  1. 1. SELAIYUR TIMES VOLUME: 1 ISSUE: 4 ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLY FREE DISTRIBUTION EVERY SUNDAY OCTOBER 4-10, 2015 READY TO OCCUPPY @ MEDAVAKKAM OPP. RAMCO RMC 2 BHK & 3 BHK Area : 800 to 900 Sqft. H Lift H Stilt Parking 98410 90850 / 044 - 2224 2320 ssssDAILY THIRUPATHI BALAJI & PADMAVATHI DHARSHANAM Rs. 1350/-Per Person Includes:ETicketRs.300/- 3Laddu+3Temples+Foods Balaji,Padmavathi&SaibabaTemples Pickup6.00AMDrop9.00PM SERVICES @ YOUR DOOR STEP A/C CAR INNOVA BREAK FAST, LUNCH HOTEL BHIMAS MEDAVAKKAM THIRUPATHI BALAJI TRAVELS 9791378780 / 7708445983 ThiruvengadaPerumaltempleworkinprogress Sri Krishna Jayanthi was celebratedinagrandmanner at the Vengadamangalam Thiruvengadaperumal temple on 15th September. Gopuja, special puja for Sri Krishna and Anna Dhanam was performed.Govinda Namavalli was performed till afternoon and this was followed by Anna Dhyana. The evening session started at 4pm with Vishnu Sahasranamavali Parayanam. After this, devotees performed Govida Gosham and children came dressed as Sri Krishna and Radha. The gopis were presented with gifts. Then, thulabharam prarthanai was conducted. Maha Deepaaradhana was done and this was followed by Anna Dhyana. Over 500 devotees visited the temple on that day. Every temple has a history, the sthalavaralaru and so does the Thiruvengada Perumal too. It all started with the visit of a devotee to meet Mr. Thiruvenkatam Ravi, panchayat leader of the village in 2012. The devotee is believed to have expressed a desire to build a temple for Lord Vishnu in the village since he had a vision of the Lord ordering him to do so. A meeting of the villagers was organised and they were informed. The villagers had, for a long time, wanted a temple for Lord Narayana. Hence the idea was agreed upon unanimously. It was subsequently learnt that 300 years back, the residents of Vengadamangalam village had allocated 5.5 acres of land with a pond for temple construction. A suitable place was located and they sought the guidance of spiritual guru, Parthasarathy Ramanujam for naming the deity. They decided to name the God as Thiruvengada Perumal and the Goddess was named Thiruvengada Lakshmi. It is on this land that the work for the temple is in progress. The temple is open from 6am to 9am and 4pm to 7pm everyday and daily pujas are performed everyday morning and evening. To reach the temple, one has to reach Kandigai on the Vandalur Kelambakkam highway and then take the Kandigai-Ponmar road. Drivefurtherforabouttwo kilometres to reach the temple. To reach the temple by bus you can take Route numbers J51 (T.Nagar to Medavakkam via Vengadamangalam), 55-C (Tambaram to Vengadamangalam), 555, 517, 566, 566-B (MTC), 115, 55K, 55T, 55V (Villipuram service), 51B, 51, 51T and 51J (MTC). Readers keen on donating money or other material for construction can contact Mr. Thiruvengadam Ravi, Panchayat President - Vengadamangalam Panchayat at 7299777454, Mr.Arjunan, Civil Engineer and president of the temple construction authority at 9382507161 and Mr. Naga Subramaniam, Archagar of the temple at 9444276186. Donations can be either made by cheque drawn in favour of ‘Thiruvengada Perumal Alaya Thirupani Sangam’ payable at Chennai or by money order to be sent to Thiruvengada Perumal Alaya Thirupani Sangam, 9, Vengadamangalam Main Road, Vengadamangalam, Melkottaiyur PO, Chennai-127. Payments can also be remitted in the Thiruvengada Perumal Alaya Thirupani Sangam bank accounts as per following details – INDIAN BANK – East Tambaram Branch – Account No.6101503542 – IFS code: IDIB000T004.
  2. 2. OCTOBER 4-10, 20152 SELAIYUR TIMES ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLY "Hygenic drycleaning for your valuable cloth" SELAIYUR SERVICE CARE 24 HOURS WASHING MACHINE, REFRIGERATOR, AC & MICROWAVE OVEN QUICK & ON-SPOT COMPLETION 89395 35553 Readers are recommended to make appropriate enquires before enteringintodealingswithadvertiserswhoadvertiseinthispublication. The Editor and Publisher do not vouch any claims made by advertisers and hence shall not be held liable for any adverse consequences. SELAIYUR TIMES is not responsible for any unsolicited materials received at its office. TEAM Publisher N. ANANDAKRISHNAN Editor N. ANANDA KRISHNAN Design & Layout V. RAMACHANDRAN Reporter S. SHOBANA Circulation CHANDRASEKAR Read SELAIYUR TIMES Only @ Pallikaranai Ads Call: 80561 30030 Frozen shoulder or Adhesive capsulitis is a condition caused by thickening and tightening of the capsule/ tissue covering the shoulder joint resulting in pain and stiffness of shoulder joint. The condition sets in gradually, worsens over time and without proper treatment the pain and stiffness can last up to two to three years. Individuals affected with this condition often find it difficult to comb the hair, wash their back, wear a shirt and to reach things above head level. This condition is commonly seen in persons with diabetes, thyroid issue high cholesterol levels and tuberculosis. It is also common after any injury to shoulder or a major surgery like cardiac surgery or a stroke. The disease is characterised by three stages Stage 1 / Freezing stage: Gradualonsetofshoulderpain and the pain keeps increasing in severity with time. Any movement at shoulder will increase the pain and the affected person restricts his shoulder movements to avoid pain.. This stage lasts from 6 weeks to 9 months Stage 2 / Frozen stage: Pain diminishes in this stage but the shoulder is very stiff that most of the daily activities like combing hair, wearing shirt becomes difficult. This stage lasts for 6 months to 1 year. Stage 3 / Thawing stage: Movements return to an extent and individuals adapts their daily routine within the possible shoulder movements. The treatment for frozen shoulder depends on the stage the patient is in and aims to relieve pain and to restore movements of the shoulder joint. Treatment options include medications, joint injections, stretching program, manipulation under anaesthesia and in resistant cases key hole arthroscopic surgery to release the tight structures and adhesions to restore movement. Asian Joint reconstruction institute (AJRI), the orthopaedic institute at SIMS hospital Vadapalani offers comprehensive shoulder care by experts in this field. The institute has developed shoulder care program which is very effective in the management of frozen shoulder and one of its components include simple exercises that can be done at home without the need for any special equipment / tools. The therapists at the institute demonstrate and teach the program which can then be done at home by the affected individuals without need for repeated visits to hospital. This program eliminates the need for long term medications and need for surgery in majority of the people with shoulder problems. Are you suffering from... Shoulder pain Difficulty in reaching things overhead / combing hair / reaching your back Stiffness in shoulder / frozen shoulder • Difficulty sleeping on your shoulder • Weakness / difficulty in lifting your arm • Frequent shoulder dislocations Post shoulder injury problems Benefits from Comprehensive Shoulder Care Clinic! Free Ortho Consultation for shoulder issues by experts Free Shoulder Ultrasound Scan (if indicated) Free Physiotherapy session Free car transportation to hospital for Senior Citizens > 60 years / within 5 kms on preregistration Save our Shoulders - Awareness talk on Shoulder conditions & preventing them . Sunday, 11 October 2015 between 9 am to 1 pm For More Details Contact: SIMS Hopital: No.1, Jawaharlal Nehru Salai ,100 Feet Road, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026, 044 4921 1455, 96001 33000 ekJf; fy;tpj; Jiwapy; cs;s rPHNfLfisAk;> mjid fisf;Fk; top KiwfisAk; Rthurpakhf $Wk; glk; jhd; 'Mfk;". ,e;jg; glj;jpy; kiwe;j jpU mg;Jy; fyhkpd; Cf;fk; jUk; thHj;ijfisAk;> nrhw;nwhlHfisAk; ikakhff; nfhz;L ,aw;wg; gl;l ghly; xd;Wk; ,Uf;fpwJ. ,e;jg; ghliy gw;wp ,af;FdH =uhk; $Wk; NghJ 'rkPgkhf gyg; glq;fspy; fyhk; IahTf;F kupahij nrYj;Jk; tz;zk; ghly;fs; gjpthtij ehd; mwpNtd;. 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  3. 3. 3OCTOBER 4-10, 2015 SELAIYUR TIMES ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLY gpuk;k Qhd N[hjplk; kw;Wk; th];j;J epiyak; ne. 2> jpUNtq;flk; efh;> ehuhazGuk;> gs;spf;fuiz> nrd;id-100 (ghg;ghkhs; jpUkz epiyak; mUfpy;) N[hjpl Nkij =uh[h[p 73581 69677 / 90873 63508 ,tiug; ghh;j;jth;fs; ,d;W rpdpkh jahhpg;ghsh;fshfTk;> njhopy; mjpgh;fshfTk; MfpAs;sdh;. rfytpjkhd gpur;rid kw;Wk; rfy tpjkhd Njh q;fSk; epth;j;jp nra;ag;gLk;. th];j;J tiug;glk;> ePq;fs; vd;d njhopy; nra;jhy; kpf nghpa njhopy; mjpguhf KbAk; vd;gij cq;fs; [hjfj;ij itj;Nj $wptpLk; ty;yik ngw;wth;. kw;Wk; [hjfk; vOjp jug;gLk;. [hjfk; ghh;f;fg;gLk;. Head Office : No. 11/25, Thiruvallur Salai, Mugappair East, Chennai - 37 Contact: 044-4355 5373 / 90430 12456 Contact: 044-22271664 / 90430 12471 / 70921 02846 / 98849 16828 kf;fspd; NguhjuTld; Sri Vembu Chits-d; 3-tJ fpis 29.06.2015 md;W Kjy; jhk;guk; Nriya+hpy; njhlq;fp ntw;wpfukhf nray;gl;L tUfpd;wJ. Sri Vembu Chits-y; Nrkpg;ig njhlq;fp tho;it tskhf;Fq;fs; SRI VEMBU CHITS (P) LTD MONEY TO FULFILL YOUR NEEDS N.No. 959, O.No. 211-A, 2nd Floor, Sri Kowsigan Enclave, Velachery Main Road Selaiyur - Chennai - 73 vq;NfNah vijaNah Njb Njb miy miyaha; miye;J nfhz;bUf;Fk; kdpjdpd; kdk; jd;id jhNd NgZjypy; rw;W js;spjhd; epw;fpd;wJ ,jdhy; ehk; gy;NtW gpzpfl;fSf;F cl;gl;L nfhz;L ghpjtpf;fpd;Nwhk;. ngUk;ghyhd kdpjh; fSf;F %l;L typ ngUk; gpur;ridahfAs;sJ jdJ md;whl Ntiyfis $l nra;a Kbahky; mtjp AWfpd;wdh; mth;fSf;fhf epue;ju jPh;T jUfpNwhk; . %l;L vd;gJ ,uz;L vd;Gfs; NrUk; ,lj;jpid Fwpf;fpd;wJ ,t;tplj;jpy; FWj;njYk;Gfs; kw;Wk; FWj;njYk;G rt;T> jputk; cz;L. ,it %l;Lfis ghJfhg;gjw;nfd vw;gLj; jg;gl;l mikg;ghFk; ,tw;wpy; FWj;njYk;G rt;tpy; Ruf;Fk; jputk; FiwT Vw;gLk; nghOJ FWj;njOk;Gfs; xd;W ld; xd;W cuha;e;J typapid Az;lhf;Fk;. rpy rkak; NtW rpy jputq;fs; Rue;J %l;Lfis mirf;f Kbahky; typ tPf;fk; Mfpatw;iw vw;gLj;jp Jd;gj;jpid Vw;gLj;Jk;. nghJthf %l;L typ vd;gJ Koq;fhy; %l;Lfis ePl;b klf;f elf;f cl;fhu rpukj;Jld; rpwpJ Jhuk; ele;jhYk; khbgbfl;L vwp ,wq;fpdhYk; typapidAk; tPf;fj;jpidAk; Vw;gLj;Jk; jd;ikAilaJ NkYk; ,J %l;Lfis Klf;fp ePh; Nfhh;j;jJ Nghd;w tPf;fj;jpidAk; Fj;JtJ Nghd;w typapidAk; cz;lhf;fp gLf;ifapNy fplj;Jk; jd;ikAilaJ. ,J Kjpath;fisAk; ngz;fisAk; mjpfsT jhf;Ffpd;wJ. ,stajpid cilatiuAk; tpl;L itg;g jpy;iy. midtUk; %l;L typ Neha; tho;tpy; ngUk; %l;Lfl;ilahf jilGhpe;J tUfpd;wJ. ,j;jilapid ePf;fp epiyahd ,d;gk; ngw;wpl ,iwaUs; ngw;w %ypifapid nfhz;L jPh;tpid jUfpd;Nwhk; %l;L typ Neha;fspy; gy tifAz;L: tspfPy;thA:  %l;Lfs; rPte;J tPq;Fjy;  tpf;fj;jpy; Fj;jy; Filr;ry; cz;lhjy;  %l;Lfis klf;f Kbahik Nghd;w Fwp Fzq;fis Vw;gLj;Jk; moy;fPy;thA:  %l;Lfspy; tPf;fk; fhDjy;  %l;Lfs; mirAk; Nghnjy;yhk; fYf; fYf; vd;w xypAz;lhjy; Ia fPy;thA  cliy ehSf;F ehs; ,isf;f nra;Ak;  %l;Lfspy; Fj;jy; Filr;rypid cz;lhf; Fk;  ,Uky; ,iug;G Vw;gLk; tspfPy;thA  cz;l czTf;F Nghjpa ciog;G ,d;ik apdhy; Vw;gLfpd;wJ.  nrhpahik Gspj;Njg;gk; kyf;fl;L Nghd;w FwpFzj;Jld;  Koq;fhy; fDf;fhy; kzpf;fl;L ,Lg;G Mfpa ,lq;fs; rpte;J vhpr;riyAz;lhf;Fk; tspIa fPy;thA  cly; td;ikf;F kPwp ciog;gjpdhYk;  k d f ; f t i y a p d h Y k ; Vw;gLfpd;wJ  %l;Lfspy; ePh; Nfhh;j;J tPq;Fk;  Jhq;f Kbahj typ  Fj;jy; Filjy; -Mfpa FwpFzk; njd;gLk; moy;tsp fPy;thA  fZf;fhy; rpte;J klf;fTk; epl;lTk; KbahJ moy; Ia fPy;thA  %l;Lfs; tPf;fk; fz;L %l;Lfis ePl;b klf;f Kbahky; Fj;jp File;J nfhz;Nl ,Uf;Fk; Ia tsp fPy;thA  %l;Lfspy; ePh; Nfhh;j;Jf; nfhz;Lk; tPq;Fk;  typ ehSf;F ehs; mjpfhpj;J nfhz;Nl NghFk; Ia jp fPy;thA  clk;ngy;yhk; typ %l;Lfs; Fj;jy; typ  njhz;il fl;ly; ,Uky; the;jp Ruk; vd FwpFzaq;fis fhl;Lk; Kf;Fw;w fPy;thA  %l;Lfspy; rPo; Nfhh;j;J tPf;fkhdJ ehSf;F ehs; ngUf;Fk; %l;L typf;F KbT fl;lyhk; thq;f  gj;jpa Kiwapy;iy  gf;ftpisTfs; ,y;iy  Kg;gNj ehspy; %l;L typAk; ,y;iy %l;L typapypUe;J jg;g jtph;fZk; ghUq;f  Gsp kw;Wk; Gspg;G RitAila czTfis jtph;f Ntz;Lk;  kJ fs; Nghd;w Nghij jUk; nghUl;fis jtph;f Ntz;Lk;  t h i o f ; f h a ; cUisfpoq;F Nghd;w fpoq;F tifapid jtph;f;f Ntz;Lk;  Fsph;rpahd czT nghUl;fis jtph;f;fTk;  k i y g p u N j r q ; f s p y ; jq;Fjiy jtph;f;fTk;  mirt czTfs; vz;nzapy; nghhpj;j czTfis jtph;f;fTk; %l;LtypapypUe;J jg;g Nrh;fZk; ghUq;f  ntz;ilfha; thuk; KZ Kiw NrUq;f  ghjk;gUg;G xd;D jpdk; vLq;f  cztpy; cSe;J thuk; ,U Kiw jtwkh ghj;Jnfhs;Sq;fs;  Klf;j;jhd; fPiu %Z ehSf;F xU Kiw vLj;J nfhs;Sq;fs; v];.vd;.vk;.%ypif kUj;Jt ika;ak; vz;:14 lhf;lh; ehah; NuhL Kjy; jsk;> rp.rp. tshfk;> ghz;b grhh;> jp.efh; nrd;id-17> miy Ngrp - 76679 05999> 72001 65153 b.vd;.gp.v];.rp NjHT vOJgtHfs; jq;fsJ tptuq;fis gjpT nra;a Gjpa jpl;lk; mwpKfg;gLj;jg;gl;Ls;sJ. ,J Fwpj;J jkpo;ehL muRg;gzpahsH NjH thiza jiytH (nghWg;G) rp.ghyRg;gpukzpad; New;W epUgHfsplk; $wpajhtJ: b . v d ; . g p . v ] ; . r p . a p y ; NjHT vOJNthH jdJ tptuq;fis gjpT nra;a Gjpa jpl;lj;ij mwpKfg;gLj;jp cs;Nshk;. me;j jpl;lg;gb Kjy; Kjyhf efuikg;G kw;Wk; Cuikg;G Jiwapy; Muha;r;rp cjtpahsH gjtpf;F Ml;fis NjHT nra;a tpz;zg;gk; Nfhug;gl cs;sJ. ,jw;fhd mwptpg;G mf;NlhgH 5-e; Njjp ntspaplg;gLk;. ,e;j NjHT brk;gH 13-e; Njjp eilngw cs;sJ. 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  4. 4. 4 SELAIYUR TIMES ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLY OCTOBER 4-10, 2015 SUNDAY OPENING 12 years old S. Sruuthi & 8th Standard student of PSBB T. Nagar was Honoured with a “cheque presentation” by PUJYASRI MATHIOLI SARASWATHY AVL for and on behalf of Kartik Fine Arts at the conclusion of the Tamil Stage Play “Sri Kanchi Kamakshi Amman” on Thursday 01st October 2015 at Mylapore Fine Arts Club in appreciation of her superb acting skills in her earlier play titled “Vydhiyar Maapillai” staged by Kartik Fine Arts on 23rd April 2015 at Naradha Ghana Sabha for elaborating on 96 Udal Thathuvangal and presently as “Bala Thiripurasundari” for spelling out Amman’s 108 names being named and used by various people across the world to Pandaasuran. In photo the secretary of Kartik Fine Arts Mr. Rajagopal Sekar. Sri Kanchi Kamakshi Amman Tamil Stage Play Read Selaiyur Times
  5. 5. 5SELAIYUR TIMES ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLYOCTOBER 4-10, 2015 No. 3/396, V.G.P. Prabha Nagar, Sholinganallur Road, Perumbakkam, Chennai-600 100 Phone : 96772 66067 FREE Home Delivery t Ample Car Parking t Easy Check Out t Exclusive Cosmetic Counter t Free Home Delivery
  6. 6. 6 SELAIYUR TIMES ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLY Random Thoughts R BATTERY PLAZA Authorised Dealer for : Exide, SF & Amaron Industrial Batteries, Invertor Batteries & Automotive Batteries No. 46/49, Velachery Main Road, Mahalakshmi Nagar, Chennai - 73 E-mail Ph: 22270346 / 9380295834 Wanted Marketing Executives call : 80561 30030 OCTOBER 4-10, 2015 Every one wants to have a sound mind in a sound body. For a healthy living, we need nutritious balanced diet for eating, fresh air for breathing and fresh water for drinking. Physical exercises, yogasanas and meditation are needed for keeping fit. Hearing a good classical music also nourishes our mind. What is Music? Sounds that are arranged in a way that is pleasant or exciting to listen to. People good at music are good musicians or artists who can sing well or can play on musical instruments. The recent finding by the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi asking the people to listen to music to stay calm, control one's B.P. is not a new invention or a discovery. our Indian classical music with its 72 Melakartha ragas do have classical qualities which are unique in their way to heal ailments and give immense mental solace. Ragas of Hindustani and Carnatic music are considered as healers. In musical therapy, ragas of classical music have been used to initiate treatment even for terminally ill people. Music can provide a great source of solace to the mind. "The music of Verdi along with the slow movements of Ludwig Beethovae's ninth symphony and the arias in Giacomo puccinis opera Turandot could control rhythm of the cardiovascular system", says Professor peter Sleight of Oxford University. In our classical music the raga Darbari kanara is found to ease tension and provide relaxation. The other raga Chandrakarins is used to treat heart ailment and diabetes. Neural research proves how the 72 Melakartha Ragas control the 72 nerves in a human body. It is true that when a raga is performed with purity in pitch and is bound to its specifications an ailing patient gets cured on hearing. Rendering the ragas with correct swara, shrudhi and lakshanas, bring wonderful results in treating ailing people. There is no doubt by saying that music is the universal non-parallel agent for mental solace. Even babies and toddlers by listening to good lullabies become calm and sleep well. When Raga Karharapriya is sung perfectly, it invokes Karuna rasam in the minds of the listeners. Ranjani raga pleases the mind with its scale if handled properly by the singers. When late Barath Rathna Smt. M.S. Subbalaksmi performed on stage, her voice induced Bhakthi even in an atheist's mind. The melodious voices of Smt. M.S, Smt.MLV, Smt. Vasanthakokilam and the concerts of Sri. Madurai mani Iyer, Sri. Ariyakudi ramanuja Iyengar, Sri. Semmankudi Srinivasan,, Sri.Sembai Vaidyanathan and Sri. Maharajapuram Santhanam and other old artists invoked Bakthi , happiness, calmness in the minds of the audience who were present to hearr the concerts. In the present era the legendry singer Sri. Yesudoss stands second to none in bringing music close to the soul of the listeners by his melodious voice. Classical music of the Western and the indian have been classified as the music of intelligence. Listening to these classical music will have lasting effect on one's brain. The recent study reveals that the music of Mozart and Beethoven which are considered as old and even ancient calm the listeners' minds. People in our country get inspired even when they hear Bhajans. We see people, young or old are moved by Bhajan songs when they hear them sung. The entire crowd, including children, adolescents join singing and repeating the Bhajan songs. A lay man gets inspired to sing while hearing Bhajans. The music makes them sing and dance. They clap their hands to suit the beats of the songs rendered by the Bhajan singers. Music seems to be a tool for brain power. In the early mornings, the cucukoos' melodious voices wake up us all from our sleep during summer. It is pleasant to hear the voice of the humming birds. Pop, Rock and Roll, Rap, Rock, Jazz are types of music with strong rhythms . In Rap, words are spoken fast and not sung. Rock music is a sound form of music with strong with strong beats played on electric guitars and drums. In jazz, the players improvise the music as they are playing. The youths of today have craze for these music types. These singers make a rush of blood to the heads of the youths. The outcome of these types of music is the loud cheers. infact this creates noise pollution for the elderly people. True music is the one which induces calmness in the minds of the listeners. Melody of even folk songs or lullabies have soothing effects and they create pathos and happiness in the listeners' minds. Anyway all kinds of music feed into each other. Classical music tops the lists of different kinds of modern music, hence it is suitable it is suitable for treating ailing patients. The melodies embed themselves in our heads. All should acknowledge that,' good books and good music are true companions of a human-being'. All should learn or should atleast listen to classical music. Innisai should not be made into noise polluting osai. The true companion, the classical music with its soothing nature brings calmness to the minds. There is no doubt about it. Shobana sivakumar Music a True Companion Swamy Dayananda Saraswathi Swamy Dayananda Saraswathi, the great Guru, was a contemporary teacher of Vedanta, a scholar in Sanskrit in the tradition of Sankara, endowed with unparalleled intellectual skill and unlimited knowledge of Vedanta attained Maha Samadhi. Our Nation has lost a patriot saint. His principle of respecting and accepting other people's faith was widely accepted by world religious leaders in Amsterdam on December 10, 2008 on the 60th anniversary of the UN Human Rights declaration. He said there should be no conversion by force or by inducement. A true disciple of Swamy Chinmayananda, a great exponent of Upanishads, Bagavad Gita, Vedas and Brahma Sutras, a multi linguist promoted Sanathana Dharma all over the world. According to our Prime Minster, the Spiritual Guru was a Powerhouse of knowledge, Spirituality and Service. Shobana
  7. 7. 7SELAIYUR TIMES ENGLISH/TAMIL WEEKLY gQ;rkfh GU Nahfq; fspy;> Rf;fpu gfthdhy; cz;lhFk; khst;a Nahfj;ijg; gw;wp ,g;NghJ ghHg;Nghk;. ehd; Vw;fdNt ,e;j njhlH fl;Liuapd; Muk;gj;jpy;> 've;j xU Nahfkhf ,Ue;jhYk; midj;J yf;dq;fSf;Fk; gyd; juhJ" vd;gij njspthfr; nrhy;ypapUf;fpNwd;. Mdhy; N[hjplj;jpy; tpjp vd;w xd;W ,Ue;jhy; mjw;F tpyf;F vd;w xd;W ,Ue;Nj jPUk;. mjd;gb Rf;fpudhy; ngwg;gLk; ~khst;a Nahfk;| kl;Lk; gdpnuz;L yf;dq;fSf;Fk; fpilf;fg; ngWk;. ,jd; cz;ikahd mHj;jk; vd;dntdpy;...... gQ;rg+jf; fpufq;fshd FU> Rf;fpud;> Gjd;> nrt;tha;> rdp MfpNahupy; Rf;fpud; xUtH kl;LNk vy;yh yf;dq;fSf;Fk; Nfe;jpuq;fspy; Ml;rpNah> cr;rNkh ngWthH. FU cl;gl kw;w ehd;F fpufq;fSk;... Vd;? #upa re;jpuHfs; cs; spl;l MW fpufq;fSk; rpy yf;dq;fSf;F kl; LNk Nfe;jpuq;fspy; tYg; ngWthHfs;. vy;yh yf;dq;fSf;Fk; ,tHfs; Nfe;jpuq;fspy; typikailtJ ,y;iy. uhF>NfJf;fspd; Ml;rp> cr;r tPLfspy; fUj;J Ntw;Wikfs; cs;sd. MapDk;> mtHfSf;Fk; ,J nghUe;Jk;. 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OCTOBER 4-10, 2015 MinistryofWaterResources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, Government of India is conducting Painting Competition every year for 6th, 7th and 8th standard students at School, State and National levels, likewise during the current year 2015 painting competition is being conducted for 6th ,7th and 8thstandard students (CBSE / State / Matriculation / Aided/ Unaided etc.,). The themes for School Level Painting Competition are given below: Themes Contamination of Groundwater with Arsenic and other Contamination issues Nirmal Nadi Stop River Pollution At first, school level painting competition is to be conducted by the Schools and should be completed by 25.10.15. Three best paintings are to be selected by the concerned and sent to this office along with details of total number Name of the Student Father’s/Mother’s Name Tel/Mobile No. of Parents Standard Roll No E-mail ID of Student (if any) School Name & Address School Located in Urban/Rural School Tel No /Mob. No./Email State/UT Signature of the School Principal School level Painting Competition-2015-16 of participants (name list). From that, 50 students will be selected by this office for the State Level Competition to be held at Chennai during mid November 2015. In this connection, the school level painting competition is to be completed by25.10.2015. The paintings of first a, second and third prize winners of the schools level paintings competitions along with the list of participants name wise may please be sent in the prescribed format to the address given below for the purpose of issuance of participation certificates; The Regional Director Central Ground Water Board South Eastern Coastal Region E1, C –Block, Rajaji Bhawan Besant Nagar, Chennai -600090. Phone 044-24914334 (telefax), 24914494 and 24912941. Email : Nodal officer Dr.S.Subramanian, Senior Hydrogeologist , CGWB, SECR, Mobile 9600152202 The painting competition will be held among the students of 6th, 7th and 8th standard across the country in three stages, namely, School, State and National Level. The State level winners and National level winners will be awarded cash prizes. School Level Competition 1. The school level competition for the students of 6th, 7th, and 8th standards is to be initiated in all the States/UT’s. 2. School Principals are requested to organize painting competition of 2 hours duration at their schools. 3. Drawing materials for the school level would be provided by the schools/ students and no expenditure in this regard would be borne by the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation /Central Ground Water Board. 4. Paintings may be made preferably on A4/A3 size paper, though there is no restriction on type/size of paper, paints, crayons, water colour, etc. 5 The theme for the painting competition are a. Stop River Pollution b. Nirmal Nadi c. Contamination of Ground water with Arsenic and other contamination issues. 6. All paintings must contain the following details at the back of the drawing sheet – Name of student, class, section, school, full school address, father/mothers name, telephone number of school and parents, mobile number of school and parents, E mail ID, if any and signature of Principal in the following format. 7. Paintings not signed by the school Principal or sent directly by student/parent to the Nodal Officer will not be accepted. 8. The Regional Director/ Head of Office/Officer- in- charge/ of the Regional Offices/Sate Unit Offices of CGWB are Nodal Officers for the painting competition for the State/UT’s under their jurisdiction. 9. Three (3) best paintings are to be selected from each school and the same are to be forwarded to the concerned Nodal Officer of CGWB. The selection of the three best paintings from each school is to be done by the respective school authorities. 10.The School Level Painting Competition is to be concluded by 25th October, 2015. 11.Each school will submit list of participants to the concerned State Nodal Officer. 12.Use of collage/patchwork will not be permitted in the paintings. The Regional Director Central Ground Water Board South Eastern Coastal Region E1, C –Block, Rajaji Bhawan Besant Nagar, Chennai -600090. Phone 044-24914334 (telefax), 24914494 and 24912941. Email : Nodal officer Dr.S.Subramanian, Senior Hydrogeologist , CGWB, SECR, Mobile 9600152202
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