Trends Analysis Planning


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Analysing trends to inform priority areas

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Trends Analysis Planning

  1. 1. Trends Analysis Analysing trends to inform priority areas CRITERIA FOR ANALYSIS
  2. 2. Outcomes Enable stakeholders to use analysis to understand & plan Provide criteria to help prioritise what trends to analyse Provide framework to prioritise technology areas for R&D Help focus what trends to investigate & how to analyse them Provide analysis to help understand trends Analyse
  3. 3. Activities Disseminate trends analysis to stakeholders Produce criteria for analysis Use trends analysis to prioritise R&D work Review business, ICT & customer research Analyse trends based on criteria Analyse
  4. 4. Outputs Trends Presentation & Workshop Criteria for Analysis R&D Plan Research Overview Trends Analysis Analyse
  5. 5. CRITERIA FOR ANALYSIS Enterprise trends Consumer trends Capability required to deploy Capacity to meet future demand and opportunities Delivery capability Future demand Strategic fit with customer needs Strategic roadmap Customer needs Fit with strategic roadmap Technology maturity Readiness of technology to be adopted in KCC
  6. 6. RESOURCES REQUIRED Directorate business plans and roadmaps Understanding of future direction Resource assessment Review of trends Customer insight research Strategic roadmap requirements KCC Strategy Bold Steps for Kent Strategic Architecture
  7. 7. Research Overview EA Roadmap Technology Trends Customer Use of ICT Business Directions Mapping business directions, customer use of ICT, technology trends & strategic roadmap 2013 2014 2015 2016
  8. 8. Technology Maturity Stage at which technology is likely to be mature to be adopted by KCC 2013 Q1 Q2 Q3 2014 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 2015 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 2016 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
  9. 9. Trends Analysis Analysis of how well technologies analysed can meet future demand, identifying target customer groups and services to engage Technology Area A B C Type of future demand Support independence for people with dementia Target Customer Groups K&M A Target Services Enablement Team, Strategic Comimissioning